The complete list of moving supplies for an easy move

When it comes to packing for the move, you are going to need a ton of different packing tools and materials. A complete list of moving supplies that you need depends on several different factors. However, there are a few key moving supplies for an easy move. In this article, we are going to take a look at the essential moving supplies. The packing process and the overall relocation can be quite challenging therefore it is always a good idea to have trusted movers such as Best Cross Country Movers for a long-distance move.

Before buying moving supplies, take a good look at your inventory

When it comes to the process of relocation, there is no doubt that the packing process is the most difficult task. Each move is different. Therefore, when it comes to your upcoming move, you might need some specific tools and materials for the needs of your own inventory. So, it is essential to take a good look at your inventory first. The size, as well as the type of your inventory, will play a huge role in determining which kind of items and materials you need for the packing process.

An efficient way of figuring out what you have to pack for your move is to create a simple yet effective inventory checklist. Make sure you prepare for the packing process well in advance of your relocation date. This will give you enough time to create this checklist and get a good idea of what kind of items you have for the packing process. Furthermore, ensure you have more than enough time to do research and look for reliable cross-country movers California for your upcoming relocation. Let’s now take a look at some of the essential items that you should always get for an easy move.

A list to figure out what moving supplies for an easy move you need.
Take a look at your inventory checklist to figure out what kind of moving supplies for an easy move you need exactly.

High-quality cardboard boxes in different sizes

The very basic and most common packing materials during a relocation are cardboard boxes. However, there are all sorts of different cardboard boxes out there. It is essential to get high-quality cardboard boxes for your packing process. This is particularly important if you plan on moving long-distance. Get different sizes and types of boxes to make your packing easier. Furthermore, try to obtain more cardboard boxes than you might need. This is important as you do not want to stuff each box to the max. You will want to let your packed items breathe while inside boxes.

Also, boxes that have dividers are excellent for packing sensitive items such as dishware for example. Small boxes that are sturdy can be used for books. So, it is obviously very important that you factor in that you will need a variety of sizes, including small, medium, large, and extra large. Plastic bins can also be used. Remember that if you plan on moving long-distance from Texas, you should always have reliable cross-country movers Texas by your side.

Cushioning and other protective materials

When packing your items, your number one priority is going to be their safety during the relocation process. A long-distance move can take quite a while to finish. While your items are in transit, you will want to provide maximum protection for them. The best way to do this is to have the right protective materials and provide a crushing effect for all of your packed items. Protecting your fragile items such as glassware might be a bit challenging if you do not have these protective materials Moving and packing for a long-distance move can be difficult Ensure you have trustworthy cross-country movers Colorado by your side when doing so. What exactly falls under this category? Well, you should always get the following:

  • Plastic wrap: a sturdy plastic wrap that you can use to wrap around certain items can be very helpful when trying to protect your items from outside damage.
  • Bubble wrap: bubble wrap can provide an excellent cushioning effect.
  • Packing tape: get high-quality packing tape and wrap several layers of it around each of your packed cardboard boxes. This means that there is no chance for your boxes to accidentally open during the move.
  • Packing foam: similar to bubble wrap, packing foam is also excellent to fill up any empty space between the box and items in your cardboard boxes.
  • Packing paper and old newspapers: packing paper and old newspapers are particularly useful when you are relocating on a budget. These can also be used to fill in the gaps and overall provide a nice cushioning effect for many items that are sensitive.
Packing items.
Wrap and cushion all of your packed items.

Where to find all of the packing materials and tools?

Finding the right packing tools and materials can be challenging. However, the majority of these essential packing materials are relatively easy to obtain. This goes for cardboard boxes mentioned above as well. Many stores and online websites offer numerous discounts on boxes of various sizes. Furthermore, if you do your research, you can also find free moving boxes. Make sure you also do a lot of research when it comes to hiring movers. Always have professional cross-country movers New York to assist you.

Labeling materials

Once packed and ready to go, it is important to mark each box for its contents. Marking and labeling your boxes will help you keep track of all of your items. More importantly, it helps your mover figure out which items need to be handled with extra care. Furthermore, you will have an easier time with the unpacking process later on. When it comes to labeling materials, it is entirely up to you. Just make sure that it is visible and clearly marks what has been packed inside the boxes. If you are moving sensitive items that are easily breakable, mark their boxes from each side. Contact professional cross-country movers Kansas to help you out with your Kansas relocation process.

Labeling boxes.
Label each cardboard box for its content when relocating.

Additional moving supplies for an easy move

We have mentioned already that each move is different. Your move is also specific and might require some additional packing tools and materials. For example, if you are moving quite a lot of large furniture pieces, you will want to make sure it is easy to get them safely onto a moving truck. Therefore, we have provided a list of other, additional moving supplies for an easy move that you may find useful for your upcoming relocation.

Toolset and stretch wrap

Moving larger items can be particularly challenging. It is best to do it with the assistance of reliable cross-country movers Idaho for your state Idaho move. However, if you are doing it on your own, you might want to make it easier by disassembling what you can. To do this you will need a basic toolset. Easily disassemble your table or any other piece of furniture with a handy toolset. After that, larger items should still be covered in some sort of protection. Stretch wrap can be used as protection for furniture, especially one made out of wood. Dressers, nightstands, and similar items can all be wrapped with a stretch wrap.

A toolset.
Obtain an essential toolset to disassemble some of your larger items such as pieces of furniture.

Furniture pads

Speaking of furniture and protection for it, big furniture items can be properly protected with the use of furniture pads. You can also speak with your movers and rent pads from them. Furniture pads are not that expensive, but they are really good at keeping your furniture neat and clean during the moving process. Contact your reliable cross-country movers North Carolina to assist you with your packing process.

Cargo straps and rope

Cargo straps or rope stop items from shifting around. Unsecured items can cause a lot of damage and potential injuries. Using cargo straps or a rope helps you secure your items when loaded on a moving truck. If you do plan on packing and moving all of your items on your own, take your time and learn how to properly construct moving boxes to avoid damaging your inventory.

Dollies and hand trucks as moving supplies for an easy move

Moving heavy furniture pieces is never easy. No matter how much help you have, the risk of an injury increases if you are trying to heavy-lift certain items. Therefore, it is best to get handy furniture dollies and hand trucks that can help you easily and efficiently move packed items, boxes, furniture pieces, etc. onto a moving truck. Rather than purchasing these, you can also try to rent them from your moving company. Enlist the help of trusted cross-country movers New Jersey to help you move all of your inventory safely and successfully.

Moving dollies.
Dollies and hand trucks can be particularly useful when trying to get multiple, heavy items loaded on a moving truck.

Rental truck

In case you do not plan on hiring movers, there is one more important moving tool which is the rental truck. Getting all of your household inventory from one location to another in only your car is going to be nearly impossible. Luckily, you also have the option of renting a moving truck. Of course, once again, you need to ensure that you choose the right size moving truck for the needs of your inventory. This is another instance in which your inventory checklist will come in quite handy.

Get quotes from a few different rental companies to find the one that fits your relocation budget the best. However, when moving cross country, it is highly advisable to enlist the help of professional and reliable movers. Relocating on your own is possible but it is going to be significantly more challenging. Hire experienced cross-country movers Nebraska to help you out with your move properly.

Hire reliable and professional movers to help you complete your upcoming cross-country move safely and stress-free

The moving process is challenging and there is no doubt about that. The complexity of relocation also increases with the distance of the move. So, if you are about to relocate over long distances, you best be ready and prepared for it properly. Aside from covering some of the most essential moving supplies for an easy move that you need to get, we should also stress the importance of having reliable and experienced cross-country movers by your side. Finding the right movers takes time but it is well worth the effort. Experienced movers know how to approach each relocation regardless of its distance or inventory size. They will be able to provide you with quality moving services as well.

Pro movers.
Move successfully and efficiently with the assistance of professional cross-country movers by your side.

In addition to this, the safety of your inventory will be one of your top priorities during a cross-country move. Therefore, to ensure all of your items get to your desired location on time and in one piece, enlist the help of trusted cross-country movers Montana. Moving should be fun and exciting and not stressful. So, take your time, and give yourself at least 3 months before your relocation date to prepare and find the right packing materials. Focus on getting the exact packing tools and materials you need for your own inventory. Remember to make an inventory checklist to make this process easier! Finally, with the help of reliable cross-country moving professionals by your side, your relocation journey is going to be fun and stress-free!

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