The best neighborhoods in Boston for young families

You’ve probably heard that young families usually decide to move and settle down in Boston, Massachusetts. There are great reasons behind their decision, from affordability, education, a growing job market, a plethora of outdoor activities to endless life opportunities. And, if Boston is on your moving list, and if you don’t know which neighborhood to choose, you are in the right place at the right time. Best Cross Country Movers will take you on tour through this amazing city nicknamed Beantown and provide you with the best neighborhoods in Boston for young families. So, enjoy the tour and choose the neighborhood that suits your needs best.

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It is very challenging to choose the best neighborhoods in Boston for young families

Explore Boston: the city of innovation

The City of Boston, also known as Beantown city, is the capital and the most populous city in Massachusetts. It is best known for being a center of scientific research and home to leading educational institutions. Also, it’s a leader in the fields of law, medicine, engineering, IT, business, and finance. Besides, Boston is considered to be a pioneer in entrepreneurship and innovation. Its innovation mirrors in several factors. They include culture, education, transportation, startups, and many more. The abundance of innovation makes Boston so attractive to live in. And, it’s no wonder that Boston is called a city of healthy hearts and minds. What adds to the health is both green and blue space. You can enjoy The Rose Kennedy Greenway public park in the heart of Boston, the Charles River waterfront, the urban wild of Back Bay Fens, and Boston Common park.

Why do families move to Boston?

There are many reasons why families love living in Boston. Its diversity is what makes it so appealing. However, the main reasons are employment and education. The job market is highly competitive, and you can easily find a job in some of the most prolific industries, such as technology and finance. The School system in Boston is among the best in the USA. Boston is a college town and the academic hub, where you can enroll in the most renowned Boston University. However, work and education are not the only reasons families move here. Boston has got world-class healthcare with top-rated hospitals. Besides, Boston is popular due to its walkability and green space. So, if you’ve thought about moving here, Best Cross Country Movers can help you find the right movers Boston. There’s always something to do here, from visiting sports and cultural events, concerts, festivals to enjoying natural surroundings.

What are the neighborhoods in Boston for young families?

If you are looking for a place to settle down in Boston, you may find it difficult to choose one since Boston offers a plethora of equally good neighborhoods. Luckily, cross country movers Massachusetts are here to help you decide. We’ve carefully chosen the three best neighborhoods in Boston for young families. Here’s our choice.

  1. Charlestown
  2. Hyde Park
  3. Roslindale
areal view of the Best neighborhoods in Boston for young families
Boston offers a lot of family-friendly neighborhoods

Most popular Boston neighborhood – Charlestown

Charlestown is one of the oldest neighborhoods in Boston. However, it’s still the most popular one. It’s located north of downtown on the banks of Boston Harbor and the Mystic River. Even though it has historical roots, Charlestown has turned into a busy modern neighborhood. It’s heaven for young professionals who want to raise a family since it offers very affordable housing options, from townhouses to modern apartments. The median home price is about $450,000, while monthly rent is about $1,500. Besides housing options, Charlestown offers some of the most prominent schools, such as Charlestown High School and Clarence R. Edwards Middle School. So, if you want to move to this safe, friendly, and welcoming neighborhood with a close-knit suburban feel, choose best interstate movers in Boston to help you perform the relocation. And besides being a family-friendly neighborhood, it’s also pet-friendly. Perfect for young families.

Hyde Park: a peaceful neighborhood perfect for raising a family

If you opt to live in a quiet neighborhood, then Hyde Park is what you are looking for. Its name perfectly describes its main characteristic – many local parks that offer plenty of outdoor activities. Hyde Park is perfect for families. It’s mostly known for Stony Brook Reservation, a huge park spreading over 12 miles of trails. So, take your family on a hike through it and enjoy amazing areas such as sports fields, golf courses, picnic, and fishing areas. And now let’s check its living conditions. Homes in this area are more affordable compared to the ones close to the city center. The home price is about $325,000, while the monthly rent is about $850. And, since it’s a quiet neighborhood, the crime rates are very low, which is a huge factor when choosing a place to raise a family.

Roslindale: a residential and commercial neighborhood

If you’re seeking a career in Boston and still lead a peaceful family life, then Roslindale is the neighborhood for you. The commercial heart of Roslindale is Roslindale Village, also called Roslindale Square. It’s perfect for independent businesses. What adds to business is walkability to the area. Besides, it’s a neighborhood safer than other Boston neighborhoods. Roslindale is worth moving to since there are a lot of things to do here. You go to Franklin Zoo Park or visit Roslindale Village Farmer’s Market. Besides, the neighborhood offers a lot of restaurants where you can try diverse food such as tacos, Italian cuisine, and many other specialties.

Happy people relocating
Have a happy, safe, and stress-free relocation and choose the best movers in Boston

Move to the best neighborhoods in Boston with the right movers by your side

Relocation is not an easy decision. A lot of things are to be considered, and choosing the right place to settle down is life-changing. So, choose smartly. When moving to Boston, choose Charlestown, Hyde Park, or Roslindale, the three best neighborhoods in Boston for young families. And for a safe relocation, hire the best moving companies in Boston. Check out our moving companies database and choose a company that suits your needs best. We offer a strong network of movers, and whichever company you choose, you won’t regret your decision. Enjoy an easy, smooth, and stress-free move.

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