The best Austin neighborhoods in 2022

From state to state, from city to city, you can see so many differences. The differences are most obvious in the very way of life, culture, clothing, customs, etc. People live differently, somewhere the settlements are calmer, and somewhere life is more urban. Often, choosing a new place to live comes down to living conditions, finances, and business opportunities, which also differ in each city or neighborhood. But when we talk about Austin, we can see that every neighborhood has its own story. So, if you have decided to look for a new place to live, somewhere in the heart of Texas, be sure to consider whether Austin can be your choice. Also, Best Cross Country movers are here to help you when you decide to move. But now, let’s see what are the best Austin neighborhoods in 2022 to live in.

Austin – Place in the heart of Texas

Austin is one of the cities located in the central part of the state of Texas, and this city can be said to be the heart of Texas. The city is in a very convenient location and is located in the circle between the 4 big cities of Forth Worth, Dallas, Houston, and San Antonio. Its geographical position itself is very favorable, and also, Austin is only about 3.5 hours drive away from the sea and major ports, more precisely, about 170 miles. That would mean that if you want to enjoy one of the most beautiful beaches in Texas, you are only three hours away by car. Some of the most beautiful beaches are Boca Chica, Padre Island National Seashore, South Padre Island, Mustang Island, Rockport Beach, and Crystal Beach.

Austin TX
Austin is one of the best cities that can offer everything you need for a comfortable life.

What makes Austin the best place to live in Texas are the warm weather, various business opportunities, favorable living conditions, low crime rate, strong economy, and much more. Like any other place on the planet, Austin has its pros and cons. Which you will be able to find out in the rest of this text. Also, good entertainment is one of the main characteristics of this city. So, if you decide to move to Austin you need to choose one of the best places to live in Austin. Also, there are many people who decide to come to Texas from other USA states, so if you are one of them, seek help from the best interstate moving companies in Texas. We guarantee you a successful move with them!

How to choose one of the best Austin neighborhoods?

Austin is one of the fastest-growing cities in America. Only the labor market in this city experienced a boom at the moment when well-known companies decided to plant their roots in this city. Some of them are Apple, Google, Facebook, and Tesla. They chose Austin as their new home. So, are you thinking about it too? Best long distance movers in Austin are at your disposal if you decide to take this step. So, think about this possibility. Also, we will reveal to you how to choose one of the best neighborhoods in Austin.

We said that every country, every city, and every neighborhood are different from each other. Such is the case with the neighborhoods in Austin. When choosing your new place to live, you have to see all the differences, pros and cons, and be guided by your needs and wishes. In order to help you make your important decision, we decided to single out the best neighborhoods in Austin, for you. But before that, pay attention to a few things that you must consider when choosing a new place to move in.

  • Living costs
  • Business opportunities
  • Real estate market
  • Entertainment
  • Livability
  • Crime rate
  • Education
  • Health care
a man reading newspapers
This city can offer great business opportunities for everyone.

These are some of the important things you must look for when choosing your new place to live. Some places fulfill all the criteria, and some partially. So, based on your needs and possibilities, make a smart choice.

Pros & Cons of living in Austin neighborhoods

So, we’ve said that Austin, like any other place on this planet, has its pros and cons. So, let’s see:


  • Beautiful nature. Austin is the greenest city in Texas. 15% of the area of ​​this city is made up of parks and other green areas. Austin is home to several lakes, such as Lady Bird Lake, Lake Austin, and Lake Travis. Also, in Austin, you can find many interesting outdoor activities.
  • Kind people are all around you. No matter which part of Austin you move to, you will have friendly neighbors everywhere. Smiling and kind faces will be all around you. Simply, positive energy rules this city.
  • No state income tax. This is one of the reasons why people from high-tax countries move to Texas. So, the best interstate movers in California can confirm that for you. Because California is the state with the highest state income tax, at 13.5%.
  • Great job market. Companies that have decided to make Austin the home of their business have increased the job market by 47% in the past 10 years.


  • Traffic jams. A large percentage of people use their cars, which creates big traffic jams.
  • Hot summer days. The temperature during the summer exceeds 100°F. So, we advise you not to make any big plans these days.

One of the biggest benefits of living in Austin is that this city can offer you great business opportunities, not only in the already mentioned companies but also advancement in your own business. Commercial movers in Texas have moved a large number of small businesses across the USA states. Among the people from Minnesota, Maine, and Wyoming, most decide to move their businesses to Texas and provide their businesses with great opportunities for progress.

What are the best Austin neighborhoods for you?

After you decide on your priorities, you can start your search for the best neighborhoods in Austin. As we promised, we will present you with the top 5 best neighborhoods where you can start your new life. Also, we can connect you with the best movers from any part of the USA state or cities in Texas you moving from.

Austin neighborhoods
When choosing the best Austin neighborhoods to live in, be guided by your wants and needs.

The best neighborhoods in Austin are:

  • Downtown Austin
  • Allandale
  • Cherry Wood
  • Barton Hill
  • Old West Austin

When we talk about neighborhoods in Austin, we can say that here you can find everything, more precisely, something for everyone’s taste. This city is located in Travis County and has about 980,000 inhabitants. Also, we can freely say that this city is the choice of all generations. And when we talk about the population, we can say that the largest percentage of the population is made up of young people aged 18 to 35, in the amount of 55%, followed by older people, aged 35 to 54, in the amount of 28%, while the other 17% of the population are children up to the age of 18, as well as seniors 60+.

Young professionals most often choose this city because of the numerous opportunities it offers. So, the best cross country movers in Florida said that many people who live in Florida decide to move to Texas. Texas is a shade cheaper than Florida, but affordability and business opportunities are crucial.

Downtown Austin

When we ask Austin residents what their favorite part of Austin is, 80% say it’s Downtown Austin. And in most cases, it’s a younger population. So, Downtown Austin is one of the thriving business districts. But also, many entertainment opportunities await you in this neighborhood, such as nightlife, parties, live music, popular cafes, and restaurants. When we ask young people what their favorite thing is, most say that it’s partying until dawn.

The beautiful nature of these neighborhoods will leave you breathless.

Also, Downtown Austin is one of the more luxurious neighborhoods in Austin, and the average house price ranges up to 500,000 dollars. And by that, we can conclude that this is a very expensive place to live. Also, there are people who move from Dallas to this part of Austin. Best long distance movers Dallas can confirm that. Also, if you are thinking about moving from Dallas to Austin, you can count on the help of these professionals. And it’s necessary for you because it’s a long distance moving that is about 216 miles.


Allendale is a small village, ideal for family life. It’s located near Downtown Austin. The beauty of this place is the houses from the 20th century, which make this neighborhood different from other places. This place has everything you need for peaceful family life. Here you can enjoy the local swimming pool and feed the ducks on the small pond. The shopping street of Burnett Road offers you some entertainment in the local cafes and restaurants. Tacos are the main specialty of this place, so you must try them.

A large number of families from big cities like Houston decide to move to this part of Austin, in search of a quieter environment and a safer place to live. As well as a healthy environment for their children to grow up. Best long distance movers in Houston, have moved a large number of families so far. If you also want it, we can help you find the best moving option for you.

Cherry Wood

What makes this place unique and different from the others are the old ranches of the Middle Ages, on which, believe it or not, people still live today. But also, this place keeps up with modern times, so in front of these beautiful ranches, you can find newly built buildings and modern bungalows that you can rent at a very reasonable price. Cherry Wood is a place that is a frequent choice for singles. This place is located not far from the medical center of St. David, as well as from Dell Children’s Medical Center, and for this reason, a large number of immigrants are actually health care workers.

Austin ranches
In some of the Austin neighborhoods, you can find a large number of backpackers, which can be an ideal place to escape from the crowd.

Also, people who want to live and work as backpackers and get away from the big crowd that reigns in Fort Worth are moving to this part of Austin. A large number of them decide to pack their things and move to one of these places. If you are thinking about it, the best long distance movers in Fort Worth are at your disposal. With their help, you will have a quick move, with many possibilities.

Barton Hill

A peaceful place, surrounded by rich nature, that’s exactly what Barton Hill is. The main characteristic of this town is the quiet streets, where you can walk even in the middle of the night, as well as the beautiful little houses. This neighborhood has a friendly atmosphere and all the people you meet will offer to help you and show you around this part of Austin. And suggest to you many interesting things to do. Also, in Barton Hills, the styles of the houses vary greatly, and there are many older buildings, which cost up to $750,000.

People from both urban and fast cities decide to move to this small place. Most people come from San Antonio, which is about 90 miles away. Regardless of the short distance, best long distance movers in San Antonio say that a large number of seniors decide to move to this neighborhood in Austin. Also, one of the main advantages of this small place in Barton Hills is that the annual income is at a satisfactory level and amounts to about 87,000 dollars.

Old West Austin

This suburban location is one of the best places to live in Austin. Old West Austin can offer you everything you need for a comfortable life, regardless of age. Old West Hills can offer you a large selection of old and modern newly built houses, as well as apartments. Also, families decide on the ranch that is in this place. A large number of people decide to escape from the crowd. So, residential movers Texas are at your disposal at any time if you also want to pack your things and enjoy one of the ranches in Old West Austin, while at the same time being close to the city center.

quiet neighborhood
You can find urban but also quiet places ideal for family life.

So, if we want to single out one of the best Austin neighborhoods for all generations, that could be any of the ones we listed. Each place is special in its own way and differs in many ways. And what is most important of all is that they always choose based on your wishes, needs, and possibilities. Good luck!

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