The 5 Best Cheap Neighborhoods To Live In NYC

The bare idea of living in NYC, a city of opportunities and diversity, sounds amazing. However, there’s one thing that you can’t deny. The expensive way of life in NYC. Let’s be realistic. You really need to earn a huge amount of money to ensure a decent life in this lovely metropolis. Nevertheless, be aware that not everywhere is the same situation. Believe it or not, some cheap neighborhoods to live in NYC do exist. You just need to find those. After deciding on your move, you can contact a professional moving company to handle your relocation in the best way possible.

What are cheap neighborhoods to live in NYC?

First of all, you are surely aware that the costs of living are extremely high in NYC. This especially relates to the housing costs. For instance, the median home cost is around $680,000. Hence, this presumes your earnings must be high enough for you to afford everything you need. Be that as it may, the smartest solution would be to opt for a neighborhood in NYC with lower costs of living. Thus, with our help, you’ll get familiar with several neighborhoods. Who knows? You may like them enough to book the best cross country movers NYC to handle your relocation till you reach one of the destinations we suggest.

As for the boroughs, expect to find the cheapest neighborhoods in the Bronx, Queens, and Staten Island. We are to suggest 5 neighborhoods where the median sales prices are under $300,000. Therefore, you can be quite satisfied with this fact knowing the overall situation in NYC. Hence, consider these 5 neighborhoods.

  1. Parkchester, Bronx
  2. Bedford Park, Bronx
  3. Lindenwood, Queens
  4. Briarwood, Queens
  5. Port Ivory, Staten Island.

Parkchester is one of the most affordable neighborhoods in NYC

Coming to this wonderful part of the Bronx will have a positive impact on your budget. This is a rare neighborhood with median sales prices below 200,000. Here you can rent a studio for $975, a one-bedroom apartment for $1,240, a two-bedroom apartment for $1,595, or a three-bedroom apartment for $1,890. Thus, compared to the average costs of renting in the Bronx and another more expensive borough in NYC the rent in Parkchester is quite reasonable. Besides the prices, NY interstate movers will transport your possessions to a neighborhood with a family atmosphere. About 41,000 Hispanics, African Americans, and South Asians find life here satisfactory. In most cases, middle-class families live here. With this in mind, we can state the main reasons are reasonable house prices.

rail station in the Bronx
The cheap neighborhoods to live in NYC are easy to find. Transportation links are excellent wherever you are.

Its residents mainly enjoy the heart of Parkchester, The former Metropolitan Oval. Wherever your home is, excellent supermarkets, restaurants, clothing stores, banks, hair salons, and post offices are at your service. Moreover, your children will enjoy numerous playgrounds, a baseball field, basketball, and handball courts. You’ll be living in NYC while at the same time won’t feel the financial stress most New Yorkers are exposed to.

Bedford Park deserves the second place

The median sales price is 225,000 which makes Bedford Park one of the neighborhoods with reasonable prices in NYC. Thus, start thinking of hiring NYC movers on time. This neighborhood welcomes working-class families and features quiet and peaceful life, beautiful parks, excellent transportation, and affordable housing options. As a result, neighbors really have a chance to get to know each other.

red houses lined on a flat surface as a sign you can afford finding cheap neighborhoods to live in NYC
With a small effort, you’ll find a home suitable for your needs.

As for the prices of renting, it all depends on the location and conditions of the building. Thus, the average rent for a one-bedroom apartment runs from $500 to $700. On the other hand, you can get a two-bedroom apartment from $700 to $950. Moreover, people will find this to be an amazing place to raise kids. A lot of parklands and open spaces are perfect for the children. The Mosholu Parkway is one of the favorite places for families where kids can enjoy playing with balls and riding bikes. However, one of the concerns is the quality of public schools. Hence, pay attention to the choice of schools.

Enjoy Lindenwood, one of the most convenient neighborhoods

With a population of 12,731, Lindenwood will welcome you open-handed. The affordability is definitely one of the reasons people are eager to live in this part of NYC. After all, the overall costs of living are 12% higher than the national average. Having in mind we are talking about NYC, this is not truly high. The median sales price is around 280,000, which is quite satisfactory. Moreover, expect the average rent of a studio apartment at the price of $1,525. Or else, a one-bedroom apartment at the price of $2,015. Furthermore, we must warn you of the high walkability score, which means you have no nearby amenities in great number.

Astoria in Queens
Enjoy the amazing borough of Queens where one of the most affordable neighborhoods welcome everyone.

Opting for Briarwood will be a success

In case you work in Manhattan, this neighborhood with a population of 30,190 is your right choice. Affordable housing makes it one of the best places to reside in. The average rent ranges from $925 for a one-bedroom apartment to $1,400 for a two-bedroom. While you don’t have so many things to do here, the public transportation is excellent. Thus, you’ll access any area without trouble.

Port Ivory is an excellent solution for everyone

The neighborhood with a population of  27,164 is a neighborhood where most people own their homes. The overall costs of living are 28% higher than the national average. In certain cases, it is considered to be the third most affordable place to live in NYC. The average rent is around $1,500. Whatever your choice turns out to be, Port Ivory will be a delightful option for the entire family.

Surprisingly or not, you can live quite decently in NYC

All in all, when relocating to NYC make sure to determine which are the cheap neighborhoods to live in NYC. After all, each sum of money you save is very significant. Of course, there’s no need to even think you may feel worse conditions in these neighborhoods. Each of them is quite affordable, with amazing opportunities. Hence, choose according to your preferences, amenities, and expenses.

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