The 10 Most Beautiful Towns In Nebraska

If you live here, you’re already well aware of the 10 most beautiful towns in Nebraska. But, for people who like to travel or are looking for beautiful places they can move to, this state is a dream come true. Every state has something to offer. But they rarely have this many! If you really like Nebraska and its wonderful places, you can rely on Best Cross Country Movers to help you find professionals who will relocate you there. In the meantime, let’s see the most beautiful cities in this state and what each of them has to offer to both tourists and locals.

Welcome to Nebraska

Located where the Midwest encounters the Great Plains in the heart of America is the incredible state of Nebraska. Delivering higher payments, affordable housing costs, a great employment market, and overall elevated quality of life. The Cornhusker State has evolved into one of the finest areas to live in the United States. And to be honest it’s not that surprising. There are many beautiful towns in Nebraska to choose from. All are surrounded by beautiful nature and filled with warm people. No matter where you come from, and the reason for you coming here.

A city street
All towns have their unique story and charm. So finding the perfect one can sometimes take time.

Whether you are a traveler looking for nice destinations, or someone interested in hiring moving companies in order to move here. There will be things to look forward to here. Famous for its large open areas and gorgeous windmills, as well as large grasslands it’s not surprising that this state is home to a number of nice communities.

Nebraska City

Nebraska City is one of the most beautiful towns in Nebraska. It’s a very small city in the state of Nebraska. Or to be more precise it is found in the county of Otoe. Nebraska City hasn’t noticed a lot of change in the number of citizens over the past 5 years. But it kept a small constant quantity of new residents rolling into the small town with the help of the best cross country moving companies in Nebraska. The resident number has reached 7263. That means that its population has grown 0.2% in the previous year and 0.6% in the previous 5 years. Living in Nebraska City has a slightly suburban feeling. This is perfect for households in search of more freedom than they get in enormous densely filled cities and a good place to raise children.

  • Livability – The general livability is past average.
  • Cost of Living –The cost of living in Nebraska City is 83, which means it is 17% lower than the national norm. The median house value is $120000, meaning it is 48% lower than the national average. While the average income remained at $56947, making it 16% lower than the nationwide average.
  • Education – Education is quite good here. A high school diploma is a basic requirement for most jobs, and only 90% of grown-ups have a high school diploma.
Woman counting money
Sometimes the most important thing for people when moving, are the moving costs, and the costs of living in the new city.


Another one of the most beautiful towns in Nebraska that we need to mention is the beautiful McCook. This small town is located in Red Willow County and is home to 7,425 residents. Although small this city has a big history. Along with that it also offers a nice tight-knit community perfect for raising a family. Of course, how can that be all? There are plenty of parks and family own businesses, as well as opportunities for other types of outdoor activities. If you take into consideration the nice weather as well as the low chances of natural disasters, this is definitely one of the safest places to live in.

  • Livability – In general livability here is average
  • Costs of living – The living costs here are quite affordable. Actually, after moving here you will notice that the most expensive part is the housing. The median home value in McCook is $99,800. And that’s a lot less than the national average as well! So it is not surprising that many people own their homes. But if you still wish to rent, you should expect to pay $611 a month.
  • Education – One of the best parts of this beautiful town is the great education it offers to its residents.
Dice on a table
One thing that parents will look for when moving, is good education opportunities for their children.


Lincoln is a place in Nebraska known for the quality of life it offers to its residents. And during the years there were many residential as well as commercial moves in this area done by the best interstate movers in Lincoln. The city is actually one of the best places to live in the whole nation. And that is to be expected when looking at all of the opportunities it offers to its residents. And we are not talking about the numerous restaurants, galleries, and other places for indoor and outdoor activities.

  • Cost of living – Living here means you will have some of the most affordable costs of living in the whole country! Lincoln is among the few places that have costs under the national average. For example, the cost of a home on average is around $180,000(one of the lowest in the nation).
  • Education – As if low costs were not enough, here you will find some of the best education. Not only are elementary, middle and highschool’s here great but Lincoln is also home to the University of Nebraska.
  • Job opportunities – Sometimes people are scared to move and jeopardize their jobs. But that won’t is the case here. Actually, there are many Tech startups here! As well as other types of jobs. Meaning that this is probably the best area for young adults to come and work on their future.
Woman looking for the Most Beautiful Towns In Nebraska
Beautiful towns in Nebraska are almost at every corner, so do some research and find the one that suits your preferences the most.

Bellevue is also one of the most beautiful towns in Nebraska

Located in the county of Sarpy is the mid-size city of Bellevue! At first, it may seem like any other city in Nebraska. But if you look carefully you will notice that it is actually one of the most beautiful towns in Nebraska. And why is that? Its architecture and surroundings do play a huge role. But overall it is the beauty of the people living here, as well as the living conditions it provides. Currently, there are around 53225 residents in Bellevue. This will show that even though there was never a time when a huge amount of people moved here at once, there is a steady number of people contacting cross country moving companies in Bellevue and moving here throughout the year.

  • Livability – Bellevue’s general livability rating is above average.
  • Costs of living – Living costs here when compared to the national average as well as with other cities in the state are a lot lower. That means that living here is quite affordable. The average home price here is around $143,900
  • Education – Even though education is not the best, it is still rated as average.
Aerial view of one of the most beautiful towns in Nebraska
The best thing about beautiful towns in Nebraska is the bond between their residents.

Grand Island

Columbus is located in Hall county. This is a city that has grown its population over the years with a constant steady stream of new residents. Of course, that was one of the main reasons why today there are 51187 citizens living in it. This area offers bigger yards and homes to those that are sick of big city life. And is also perfect for young adults looking to start a family or a job venture. There are many ways you can move here, and many blogs with advice that will help you contact the best interstate moving companies in Grand Island. So the only things you should know are:

  • Livability – The general livability rating in Grand Island is above average.
  • Living costs – In comparison to most of the cities in the state, Grand Island has affordable living expenses. Although some things can be a little more costly when everything is added together it is still under the national average. If you want to be a homeowner here you will need at least $140,500(the average home value).
  • Education – When it comes to education you will be presented with a wide range of options. Most schools here have above-average education. Meaning that no matter what you pick the future of your child will be quite bright.


Although we are talking about the most beautiful towns in Nebraska, simply not mentioning Omaha would be a shame. This may not be a town, but this beautiful city is one of the most gorgeous places in the whole state. The number of people that look for packing services, and cross country movers in Omaha just so they can come here is also shockingly big.  Omaha, Nebraska, is a big metropolis famous for its mixed cuisine, welcoming citizens, and thriving economy. The city is on the boundary of evolving into a major metropolis. Even though it has a population of about half a million individuals, somehow it has successfully retained its small-town charm.

  • Costs of living – If you’re expecting to live in a big city without having to pay huge costs of living, then Omaha might just be the location for you. With an index of 89.8, the costs of living here are 4% lower than the nationwide average. The usual rent you can expect is $805, and the average home price is $270450. But with further city developments, the real estate market is getting more and more competitive.
  • Traffick – Omaha is not as crowded as some of the major cities. So citizens spend less time trapped in traffic. Meaning that they have more time to enjoy life. It will take you about 20 minutes to drive from one side of the city to the other. This is also good when hiring moving companies, as you won’t need to worry about your things being stuck in traffic.
  • People – Moving to Omaha also has the honor of introducing you to a mixed and welcoming community. The city is home to pleasant, easygoing, and accepting individuals. So it’s actually not a big deal if you just moved there. If you’re the sociable type that can approach foreigners while still being courteous and outgoing, you can expand your circle of friends fast.
Buildings in Omaha
Omaha is one of the best places in Nebraska.


We are once again on the topic of smaller cities and towns. And among them, one very beautiful small city stands out. And that would be Beatrice. Located in the county of Gage this small city is home to 12307 residents. Although it is a city it is still small. It gives its residents the feel of a suburb while still providing them with many big city privileges. And we are not the only ones that appreciate the beauty of this city. Looking at the constant number of residents moving here, using local movers, storage services, and many other types of services, you will notice that the potential it has is huge.

  • Livability – The livability here is above average
  • Living costs – If you want to be a homeowner in Beatrice, you will need at least $105,000. With that being the average home price, you can see that the real estate prices here are quite low compared to the national average. And that also stands for other living expenses. Overall all living expenses are affordable, and one of the lowest in the state.
  • Education – Education is highly rated.

The Cornhusker State is filled with amazing places, and all of them will leave you in awe

When looking at the state in general and the cities it offers, you probably already see a pattern. There are many beautiful towns in Nebraska! And all of them have living costs that are under the national average. In general, the State of Nebraska offers some of the most affordable places to live. But the towns being affordable doesn’t mean they are missing something. On the contrary! They are beautiful, with nice people, good educations, and many opportunities for activities. The only thing you need to do is find the one that matches you the best. One good idea to do that is to take a short trip across the county and explore all of the nice cities and towns it can offer.

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