States With the Lowest Tax Burdens

Income tax is a tax imposed on almost all individuals and businesses in the USA. Income tax was set in 1862. and today is used for funding public services and developing our society. It is usually calculated annually or taken out of salaries automatically. Today, income tax is present in almost any country, with only a few exceptions. Those include some states and cities in the USA as well. If you were planning and coordinating a relocation with a tight budget, moving to one of the states with the lowest tax burdens can help you get on your feet in the financial sense. If you want to move to one of the states with no income tax, Best Cross Country Movers are here to help you out! We lead you in on all vital information surrounding no-income tax states!

Texas- a no-income state

Texas is South-central American state with more than 30 million residents. Therefore, it’s the second largest and most popular state in America. Other than its capital- Austin, the biggest cities in Texas include Houston, Dallas, San Antonio, Fort Worth, El Paso, Arlington, Corpus Christi, Plano, Laredo, etc. Texas is one of the states with no income taxes. That is a great piece of information for those considering hiring the best cross country movers Texas and moving here! The median house income in Texas is $63,826, a couple of hundred dollars less than the national average. However, due to no income tax, residents in Texas will receive more money. The average individual income is 32 000$, which is very close to the national average. The statistic shows that Texas residents can be divided into a few income groups:

  • <$25k- 18% of residents
  • $25-$44k- 17% of residents
  • $45-$74k – 21% of residents
  • $75-$149k- 28% of residents
  • $150k+- 15% of residents

Regarding demographics, only 4.5% of residents are unemployed, and only 14% are below the poverty line. Those numbers a reasonable, considering that Texas is the 2nd largest American state. Most residents live in bigger cities, although many newcomers move to smaller, more suburban areas. Most residents work in agriculture, hospitality, medical industries, mining, retail, wholesale, banking and insurance, and construction industries.

Colorado- one of the States With No Income Tax
Choosing from a variety of states with no taxable income will be easier once you consult professionals.

Consider choosing Wyoming as your new home

Wyoming is one of the states many do not consider when deciding where to move. That is a big mistake since Wyoming offers plenty of possibilities for its newcomers who relocate here with the help of interstate movers Cheyenne. Wyoming is a state in the Western part of America and also the least populated American state. It has circa 580 000 residents, which is 15 000 more than in 2018. Its capital is Cheyenne, a city with circa 70 000 residents. Other more significant cities include Casper, Laramie, Gillette, Rock Springs, Sheridan, Green River, and Evanston. Wyoming has no income tax. Therefore, it is one of the states with the lowest tax burdens. The median house income in Wyoming is $65,304, while individual income is $33,031. More than 54% of Wyoming residents earn between $15-$64k per year, and only 24% earn less than 15k.

However, living in Wyoming is more than affordable, and a lower income does not automatically mean finding yourself under the poverty line. Living in Wyoming is quite affordable, especially in housing, transportation, and utilities. A three-bedroom house goes from circa 350 000$, which is unimaginable in some states. Utilities and groceries are also more affordable than in the rest of the USA. The unemployment rate is only 2,8%, while the poverty rate is a bit higher, circa 10%. Most Wyoming residents work in the mineral extraction industry, tourism, agriculture, food, accommodation, etc. If affordable livability, no income tax, and beautiful nature make you want to move here, hiring the best cross country movers in Wyoming should be your next step!

Florida is one of the few states with no tax income

Florida is one of the states in the Southeastern region of the USA. It is one of the smallest but also one of the most populous USA states. It is currently the 3rd most populous state, with more than 22 million residents. Although its capital is Tallahassee, other bigger cities include Jacksonville, Miami, Tampa, Orlando, St. Petersburg, Hialeah, Port St. Lucie, Cape Coral, and Fort Lauderdale. Florida also has no income tax. The average home income is $57,703, which is at least 6k less than the national average. Moreover, 29,159$ is the average individual income, which is also lower than the national average. Its residents are divided into financial groups:

  • <$15k- 26% of residents
  • $15-$34k- 32% of residents
  • $35-$64k- 24% of residents
  • $65k+- 18% of residents
A bunch of pennies
A low-income tax is present in more than 10 American states.

Regarding unemployment and livability, Florida is one of the more expensive states, especially due to its warm climate, beautiful beaches, and great job opportunities. Housing, transportation, and groceries are some of the most expensive things, with housing prices doubling or tripling the average prices. When it comes to unemployment, Florida has low unemployment of 3,2%. Most Floridians work in tourism, construction, banking, biomedical and life sciences, healthcare research, food and accommodation, retail, etc. If you long for beautiful beaches and hot weather and do not mind paying a bit more for a nice house or apartment, moving to Florida with the help of the best interstate movers Florida might be your best move!

Colorado might be a suitable option

Colorado is a mountain state in the Western part of the United States. Although it is one of the bigger states, it is not as populated. Colorado only has circa 5 million residents, with most of them living in bigger cities such as Denver, Aurora, Fort Collins, Lakewood, Thornton, Pueblo, etc. Colorado is one of the states with the lowest tax burdens. The income tax is only 4.5%, which is lower compared to other states, such as California, which has an income tax of 14%. Colorado also has a higher median household and average individual income than most other states. The median personal income is circa 40 000$. The median income is around $75,231. According to statistics, the median household income in Colorado varies:

  • $25k- 14% residents
  • $25-$44k- 15% residents
  • $45-$74k- 21% of residents
  • $75-$149k- 32% of residents
  • $150k+ – 18% of residents

Colorado is a state with a lower unemployment rate. Around 3% of residents are unemployed, and the poverty rate is only 9,5%. Most of its residents work in scientific research, high-technology industries, the food and accommodation industry, agriculture, finance, construction, etc. Also, in the last couple of years, tourism has been blooming. Lastly, livability in Colorado depends on the city you choose. However, most rural places are more affordable when it comes to housing. Nevertheless, living in Colorado is affordable, especially considering quite a low-income tax. If you wish to move to Colorado, hiring any of our best cross country movers in Colorado will be a great decision.

A flag if Texas- one of the States With No Income Tax
Texas, Wyoming, and Alaska are one of the few states with no income tax.

Indiana is one of the states with the lowest tax burdens

Indiana is a great choice for those looking for states with the lowest tax burdens. It is in the Midwestern United States. Indiana is one of the smallest states but ranked the 17th most populous American state. Indiana has around 6 500 000 residents, most of whom live in bigger cities such as Indianapolis, Fort Wayne, Evansville, South Bend, Carmel, and Fishers. Its income tax rate is only 3.23%. Although its median household and individual incomes are lower than average in the USA, its liability and affordability contribute to an affordable lifestyle. A median Household Income is $58,230, while the median individual income is $30,902. When it comes to average annual salaries, residents of Indiana usually earn:

  • <$25k- 19% residents
  • $25-$44k- 19% of residents
  • $45-$74k- 23% of residents
  • $75-$149k- 28% of residents
  • $150k+ – 10% of residents

Unemployment in Indiana is only 3.2%, with a bit higher percentage of homeless, around 13%. Most residents in Indiana work in heavy manufacturing, food, and accommodation, agriculture, pharmaceutical and medical industry, education, etc. Generally, Indiana is known for exporting medical and optical equipment and heavy machinery. Although a smaller state, it offers a huge number of opportunities for those who decide to relocate there with the help of the best cross country movers Indiana.

Consider relocating to North Dakota

North Dakota is a state most might not think of when choosing a new home, but it’s one of the most affordable states to live in. North Dakota is an upper Midwest state with circa 770 000 residents. It’s the 3rd least populated state in the USA, but with lots of potentials. North Dakota’s two biggest cities are its capital Bismarck and Fargo. North Dakota has an income tax of 2.9%.

This state has a high median household income of $65,315, which is more than the national average. Individual income is 36 000$, which is almost 4000$ higher than the national average. More than 50% of its residents earn between $45k and $149k, and only 18% live with less than 25k per year. North Dakota also has a low unemployment rate of 2%, which is one of the reasons you might want to relocate here with the help of the best interstate movers Bismarck has to offer.

A man using sticky notes
Living in states with the lowest tax burdens might help you save a couple of hundred dollars yearly.

The homelessness rate is a bit higher- it’s circa 10%. North Dakota is one of the most affordable states to live in. Housing prices are more than affordable. Moreover, you can find a 4-bedroom house for 250 000$. Excellent living conditions, great job offers, and low-income tax are reasons moving to North Dakota has become a trend in the last few years. Most newcomers get employed in agriculture, food processing, mining, food and accommodations, energy development, and construction. If you work in any of the following industries and are looking for a new home, moving to North Dakota with the help of our interstate movers North Dakota should be your next step!

Which state to choose?

Choosing one specific state before moving might not be an easy task. You might have one specific that suits you the most, but most people usually have 2 or 3 favorites. What can help you determine the right choice? Your needs and wishes! If you prefer cold weather, moving to Alaska with the help of our residential movers is more than advisable. However, if you like hot weather, Texas and Florida are your best choices! As you can tell, each of these states is different in its way. From demographics, topography, and history to livability and laws.

Those are all the information to consider before opting for a final choice. Look into livability, safety, neighborhoods, topography, climate, if they are prone to natural disasters, unemployment, poverty rate, job offer, etc. If you are moving with your children, looking into safety, transportation, and the educational system is more than vital. If all of those factors align with your needs and requirements, check out the reviews of people who lived there, or are currently living in that state. That can give you a better insight into living in a specific city, province, or state.

A moving truck and three moving workers
When choosing where to move, ensure the state you choose fulfills all or most of your needs.

Moving to states with no income tax

All in all, moving to any of the states with the lowest tax burdens will greatly benefit your wallet. Alaska, Texas, Florida, North Dakota, Wyoming, and many more are all great options. Most of these states are more than affordable to live in, except the state of Florida and some cities in Texas. Moreover, most of these states have affordable housing prices, which are usually lower than the national average. With moving to another place come advantages and disadvantages. When moving to a smaller, less populous state or city, you might need to pay more for transportation and might not have as many job-related opportunities. However, they are usually perfect for those looking for peace,

On the other hand, moving to a bigger city or state usually come with competitiveness, especially when searching for a job. One of the obvious disadvantages is pollution, traffic jams, and less affordable liability. However, living in a larger place gives you better job opportunities. Before you opt for any of the states, do a bit of research or even visit them to get the best possible information source. You might even fall in love with the place as soon as you see it! Good luck, and we sig you the best of luck!

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