Reasons why people are moving out of Florida

Florida is a beautiful place for vacations. However, living there is not for everyone. The truth is that Florida offers a lot of opportunities and benefits. And, most people are attracted by its warm and sunny weather. Its beaches are so lovely. And the residents are friendly and welcoming. However, living there also has some cons. And, they are usually the reason why people are moving out of Florida after some time. Therefore, the Best Cross Country Movers advise that you check all cons before moving to Florida. Knowing what to expect, you will not get disappointed. By understanding the challenges you will be able to make the right decision. And thus, you will spare the family and yourself many troubles.

Why are people moving out of Florida?

Reasons for moving out of Florida are various. However, some of them are common for many outbound movers. Among those reasons are:

  • joining the family in some other state
  • moving due to a great job offer
  • health issues caused by high humidity (such as rheumatism, asthma, etc.)
  • natural calamities (hurricanes and sinkholes)
  • wild animals
  • high state taxes
  • unstable real estate market (median rent and home prices rising)
  • lower wages (compared to the same profession in other countries)
  • heavy traffic (causing increased commuting time and costs)
  • too many tourists

So, you may decide to move out of Florida due to one of those reasons. However, in many cases, several reasons could combine. For example, you could stand the humidity. And, in case you were living in a big city, you will not be too annoyed with traffic. But the combination of low wages and increasing housing prices could easily become too much for you. And, that is a point when people call Florida interstate movers.

A baby American Alligator rests on a wooden log in the Florida marsh - Why are People Moving out of Florida?
Wild animals are one of the reasons why people are moving out of Florida.

Before making a decision, check some of Florida’s stats

Before you decide to move to Florida, check the fact about the state. And learn about the city you are moving to. For example, in some cities, the median home price is lower.  Or, some places have better job markets than others. Also, your commuting time will depend on your place of residence. Having all this sorted before giving a call to cross-country movers in Miami, you won’t get disappointed after some time.

People moving in and out of Florida

Although we are primarily discussing the reasons for people moving out of Florida, it is also good to have an overall insight into migration trends. The fact is that for years, Florida is having high net migration. That means that annually more people are moving in than going away. For example, in 2021 we had the following situation regarding Florida moving:

  • 62.3% of inbound moves
  • 37.7% of outbound moves

As we can see, the percentage of inbound movers is rather high. And the best cross-country moving companies in Tallahassee have confirmed the figures.

Living in the Sunshine State is not so cheap

Living in some cities in Florida is more affordable. However, it is true for the other states as well. So, let us see a bit about living costs in Florida.

Median home prices and rents

During the pandemic crises, in 2020 and 2021, Florida had a high number of inbound moves. At that time, the real median home price was $317,500. However, in 2022, it went up to $410,400. The median home price in 2021 was $1,340. In 2022, it went up to over $1,760.

Once again, we have to keep in mind that this is the average increase in median home prices and rents. This further means that the rise is not the same in all areas. For example, in inland Florida, prices rose by about 20%. But, in the southeast, the prices increased by 57%. And, the highest increase was noted in Miami, Orlando, and Tampa.

White Single-story Houses Beside Body of Water.
Median home prices and rents have increased in 2022.

Household income vs rental prices

The real estate experts consider rents affordable at no more than 30% of pre-tax income. However, in 2022 there was a surge in rental prices. And, the wages remain the same. So, here is a short illustration to show how housing affordability suddenly changed in 2022. And, we chose to show it on the example of three Florida towns.

  • Miami – rent takes up 60% of a household’s median income
  • Tampa – you have to give 45% of median household income for rent
  • Orlando – rent will take up to 37% of your median household income

Luckily, the situation is not so serious in many other cities. The truth is also that housing prices are rising in all other states. However, according to, Florida is presently among the least affordable places in the US. Also, the experts are predicting that the real estate market is already stabilizing. And that the prices will start to decrease soon. Those who are not ready to wait are using the services of cross-country movers in Tampa.

State taxes

Many times you can hear that Florida is one among nine US states not charging the individual income tax. Well, that is true. And, many people are deciding to move to Florida due to this. But, they sometimes fail to check the other taxes. Such taxes are:

  • corporate income tax (in case you are a business owner) – 5,5%
  • state sales tax – 6%
  • local sales tax – 1.05

Unrealistic expectations can make a lot of people turn their back on Florida

Think of Florida,  what first comes to mind is partying and having fun. Many singles and young professionals are attracted by Florida’s rich nightlife. Families are usually attracted by the possibility of spending time on beautiful beaches. However, many of them forget the responsibilities that come with life.

Like in any other place, you’ll have to maintain your home. Kids will have to attend school. Also, you will have to spend time at work. And, many residents are spending a lot of time commuting. Also, you will have to complete many daily errands, like cleaning, cooking, etc. So, living in paradise doesn’t mean that you will constantly enjoy it. The point is that you have to move to Florida with realistic expectations. 

Family eating together after reunion - a reason Why are People Moving out of Florida?
A family reunion is one of the reasons why people are moving out of Florida.

Family is one of the reasons why people move out of Florida

Studies show that being close to family is one of the main reasons why people are moving. So, it’s not a surprise that people are moving to join their families in other states. The trend has considerably increased after the Covid-19 pandemic. Some residents of Florida are moving to their places of origin. But, cross-country movers in Jacksonville could witness the opposite situation. Namely, people are also moving from other states to Florida, to join their family members. 

The weather is sunny and great but it isn’t good for everyone

In Florida, you can expect the sun to be shining almost always. However, people forget that there are other factors to consider when it comes to weather. One of them is heat. And, that is a reason why having an air conditioner in your Florida home is a must. Besides, such heat is causing very high humidity in many parts of Florida. 

Many people will still enjoy such weather. But, for some people, the heat and humidity may be unbearable. For those suffering from rheumatism, and asthma humidity will increase the symptoms. And, strong heat means that body has to work harder, in order to keep its core temperature at normal levels. So, that means an extra strain on your heart, lungs, and kidneys. A lot of people are moving out of Florida just for this reason. And, they looking for milder options when it comes to weather.

Summer is usually the only season in Florida

The majority of people love summer. And if you’re one of them, Florida is the perfect place for you. However, there are certain times when you can’t handle having summer during the whole year. Of course, there are some changes in the weather here and there. But usually, the majority of people in Florida will tell you that there’s only one season in the state- summer. And if you are originally coming from a place with a milder climate, this will be an even bigger problem. For that reason, many people decide to use the services of the best cross-country movers in Orlando. And, they leave Florida for a state or area where they will have all four seasons available. 

Ocean Waves Crashing on the Concrete Wall.
Living in Florida, you have to be prepared for hurricanes.

Natural calamities

Living in Florida, you have to be prepared for hurricanes and sinkholes. Florida is close to the tropical area. That is making it reachable for westerly winds, that blow off the African coasts. Blowing over the heated equatorial waters, the wind is moving a big quantity of evaporated ocean water. And, what usually starts as a tropical storm over the ocean, can easily hit Florida as a hurricane. 

Sinkholes are quite common all around Florida. However, some parts of the country are more prone to them than others. The main reasons are:

  • the rock below the land surface is limestone
  • carbonate rock
  • salt bed

Such rock foundations can be easily dissolved by water circulating through them. Also, there are many underground caves and caverns.

Wild animals

Living in Florida, you can easily come across snakes and crocodiles. And, not only in the wild, but they can also sneak into your house or yard. And, cockroaches seem to be everywhere. So, this is one of the serious reasons for many to book the best cross-country moving companies to leave Florida.

Florida has many tourists and it can be really crowded when you want to get around

There’s no denying that Florida has a lot of tourists. Sometimes it can be a bit too much for the people living there. However, they were probably also tourists before moving to Florida. There are so many things to see and experience in Florida. So, no wonder tourists are visiting it all over the year. But, becoming residents, they can feel that they don’t have enough privacy. So, if you don’t like living surrounded by the crowd, don’t put Florida on top of your moving lists.

Car Side Mirror Showing Heavy Traffic.
One of the biggest challenges you’ll face after moving to Florida is the traffic.

People living in Florida often mention the traffic as one of the reasons

One of the biggest challenges you’ll face after moving to Florida is the traffic. And, that is especially if you are coming from smaller towns. In case you are coming from NYC or California, you will be already used to it. So, spending a long time in traffic jams will not be a novelty to you.

However, many people don’t like so heavy traffic. And, they are not happy with the long commuting time. Such are usually deciding to leave Florida. And to find a new home in some more peaceful areas.

Misconception about Florida taxes and affordability

Moving, people are usually looking for more affordable places for living. Besides being surrounded by beautiful scenery, they expect good living conditions as well. The reason being is that Florida is known as a country not charging personal income taxes. However, people usually forget to inform themselves about Florida state taxes. And, that can easily become one of the reasons why are people moving out of Florida. So, whenever you move, check as many facts about the new state as possible. And, that includes the job market, various insurances that you will need in that particular state, and state tax policy.

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