Pros and cons of moving to the East Coast in 2022

East Coast has several cities where you can find affordable neighborhoods. So, by moving there, you will not sacrifice the quality of your life. Moreover, you can even improve it. You just need to find the place that is right for you. And to do so, you have to define what is your reason for moving to the East Coast in 2022. Answer to this question will help you in your search. For example, maybe you are looking for better job opportunities. For this reason, you will concentrate on cities with a rich job market. Or, in case you retire, you can hire Best Cross Country Movers to help you relocate to a city with large retirement communities.  

Understanding relocation reasons

Undoubtedly, moving to the East Coast in 2022 will depend on your aspirations. As an example, you are looking for a different lifestyle. But, what does a different lifestyle means to you? Are you looking for a relaxed and laid-back living? Or you are looking for a place that will bring more excitement to your life? Also, you have to keep in mind that the East Coast is diverse. So, you will have to choose between seaside places and modern urban centers. Or between the inland, peaceful Southern cities, and famous tourist destinations.  

Therefore, to propose the right cities for you, we would need to understand your reasons for relocation. However, we can offer a general list of the cities on the East Coast. We can introduce you to some pros and cons of moving there. And inform you about the general situation. In the end, the final choice will have to be yours. 

Tree and Road next to Sea - moving to the East Coast in 2022.
When moving to the East Coast in 2022, consider carefully all pros and cons.

Choice of the best East Coast city for relocation largely depends on the age

Are you a Millennial, or belong to a Z-generation? If so, you might look for places that can bring progress into your career. Also, you may be in search of places with rich nightlife. As an established professional, you will look for more comfort. And that usually includes easier commuting possibilities. And, in case of having a family, you will want your kids to live in a secure neighborhood. Also, the city should have good schooling opportunities. And, you will be looking for bigger living quarters at affordable prices. 

The older people will be happy to move closer to their families. Or, to the places where they will have peaceful surroundings. For some of them, their hobbies will be a priority. Say, you love fishing. And you couldn’t make time for it before. So, naturally, you will look for a place where you can enjoy your hobby in peace. In such a case, hiring the best interstate movers in Florida could be the right solution for you.

Moving to the East Coast in 2022

Moving is not an easy job. You will have to go through a demanding period of preparation. This means decluttering, packing, cleaning, selling your old property, and myriad other moving things. And you will have a lot of jobs to complete when searching for responsible moving companies. Therefore, you shouldn’t take moving to the East Coast in 2022 lightly. Making a wrong choice will inevitably end in dissatisfaction. And probably with a new move in a very short time.

So, choosing the right place for yourself, consider all pros and cons carefully. And, in case you have a family, take their needs into consideration too. Finally, our hope is that this presentation of the East Coast cities will help you bring a wise decision. 

Elderly Man in a Blue Jacket Holding a Fishing Rod.
Elderly people will choose places where they can enjoy their hobbies.

Where would you like to live?

Here, we present our choice of East Coast cities. Besides general information, you will also find the pros and cons of moving to them.

Portland, Maine

General housing/income information:

Metro population: 536,314
Median home price: $310,300
Average annual salary: $55,790

Pros of living in Portland, Maine

Greater Portland, or the metro area, encompasses the three areas: Portland-South Portland–Biddeford. In general, you can expect a good quality of life in this place. So, if this city is your choice, the cross-country movers in Portland will complete your relocation easily and fast. In Portland, you will also notice the excellent food quality. That is because the food comes to your table straight from farms or city gardens. Also, the city has excellent air quality, and people are engaged in numerous outdoor activities. Besides, the job market is good, living costs are reasonable, and your kids will attend high-ranking schools. You may also like to know that Portland has very low crime rates.

Cons to expect when living in Portland

However, there are also some cons to living in Portland, Maine. The main among them are:

  • harsh winters
  • limited possibilities for career advancement
  • high taxes


General housing/income information:

Metro population: 4,854,808
Median home price: $713,792
Average annual salary: $73,850

Pros of living in Boston

Boston is the capital and most populous city of Massachusetts, but you will often have a feeling of living in a small town. This is an ever-evolving city, with access to cultural institutions. Also, there are located world-class schools, so your kids will have excellent schooling opportunities. The job market is rich. Also, Boston has excellent health care, and it is on the cutting edge of medicine and technology. In case you like sports, you will love the place too. The city is also known for many artists and entrepreneurs. And, for a city of this size, the crime rate is rather low.

An Empty Asphalt Road, Boston, MA.
Boston is the capital and most populous city of Massachusetts.

Cons of living in Boston

So, there are many cons to living in Boston. However, like in any other place, we have to expect some cons. The main ones that you will face in Boston are:

  • high costs of living
  • cold winters with excessive snowfall
  • traffic congestion

Luckily, Boston is known for its high walkability. So, that is making up for traffic congestion, which is among the worse ones in the whole country. That is one more reason to book the services of the best interstate movers in Boston.

Washington, D.C.

General housing/income information:

Metro population: 6,250,309
Median home price: $535,038
Average annual salary: $77,210

Living in Washington, D.C. pros

Being the nation’s capital, Washington, D.C. is a seat of the political and legal institutions. So, it is also a place with an excellent job market. Thus, very attractive to Millennials aspiring for career advancement. So, Washington is the right place for them. In case you are getting an excellent job opportunity, count on swift relocation with long-distance movers in Washington. Besides excellent job opportunities, you will enjoy an efficient public transit system. It might not be a well-known fact, but D.C. is a bike-friendly city. Besides, Washington is also home to plenty of restaurants, cultural sites, and museums.

Cons you should expect living in Washington D.C.

Living in Washington D.C. has its cons too:

  • high costs of living
  • very humid summers and harsh winters
  • poor public schools
  • car driving in D.C. is a nightmare
  • D.C. is among seven places in the US where you can expect constant problems with bugs (flees, cockroaches, mosquitoes, and ticks)
Main Street Bridge in Jacksonville, Florida - moving to the East Coast in 2022.
Jacksonville has numerous bridges which are connecting parts of downtown and nearby beaches.

Jacksonville, Florida

General housing/income information:

Metro population: 1,533,796
Median home price: $348,852
Average annual salary: $49,940

Pros of living in Jacksonville, Florida

Jacksonville is the largest metro area. There, you will find a range of culturally and aesthetically diverse neighborhoods. Locally known as Jax, the city has a rich historical and cultural heritage. Jacksonville is located near the Atlantic shore. And it has numerous bridges which are connecting parts of downtown and nearby beaches. After moving with the help of the best cross-country movers in Jacksonville, you will enjoy numerous outside entertainments. Since 2003, the number of residents is continuously growing. So, the town officials are trying to expand the job market, to meet the growing number of job seekers. Besides, Jacksonville has low costs of living, great weather, and beautiful beaches.

Cons of living in Jacksonville

The main cons of living in Jacksonville are:

  • weak public transport
  • job market which is still developing
  • rather high crime rates
  • a hot and humid climate
  • numerous pests (roaches, ants, spiders, and flying insects are the most common)

Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

General housing/income information:

Metro population: 481,489
Median home price: $198,600
Average annual salary: $39,250

Pros of living in South Carolina’s city – Myrtle Beach

Myrtle Beach is well known as a vacation hot spot. It is especially popular among beachgoers and golfers. Myrtle Beach is an attractive city for living, due to many reasons. Myrtle Beach attracts many young professionals and families. And, in case you are in the tourism and hospitality industries, you can expect numerous job possibilities. And, Myrtle Beach has excellent schools. It is also a good spot for startups in the hospitality industry since you can easily get authority support for that. Also, the income taxes are rather low. Besides, the city has a relatively low cost of living. And the weather is mild and pleasant. So, when you decide to move to this pleasant place, give a call to long-distance movers in South Carolina. With their skillful assistance, your relocation will be easy.

Cars on Richmond-San Rafael Bridge.
Richmond is the seat of Virginia’s state government and a popular tourist destination.

Cons that you have to count on when living in Myrtle Beach

  • low incomes
  • traffic jams during vacation seasons
  • rather high crime rates
  • a lot of floral allergens (so not a good spot for people suffering from hay fever)

Richmond, Virginia

General housing/income information:

Metro population: 1,282,067
Median home price: $395,164
Average annual salary: $55,630

Pros of living in Richmond, Virginia

Richmond is the seat of Virginia’s state government. It was also the capital of the Confederacy. And, thus, it was the epicenter of the Civil War. Nowadays Richmond is a popular tourist destination. People are coming to explore its rich history. The city offers numerous attractions, including world-class museums, concerts, and theater performances. The kids enjoy frequent family-friendly festivals. Most of the Richmond population are young families and retirees. Besides, you can also meet many young, part-time residents. That is to say, the students enrolled at Virginia Commonwealth University. The housing market in Richmond is rich. The startups are well supported by authorities. And, the city has good public transportation. So, after moving in, with the assistance of the best cross-country movers in Richmond, use public transport and avoid traffic jams.

Cons to expect when moving to Richmond

Like many other towns, Richmond has its pitfalls. So, the main cons related to moving to Richmond are:

  • drivers not respecting traffic laws
  • public schools are below average
  • good schools are located in expensive neighborhoods
  • the city has crime rates higher than the national average
  • two nuclear power plants in the city, and two more  close by
  • costs of living a slightly higher than the national average
Man Sitting on Chair Under Umbrella Near Beach.
When you know how to enjoy your free time, many places on the East Coast will be nice for you.

When moving to the East Coast in 2022, you could check the pros and cons of several more cities

We have presented here some of the cities. But, there are many more cities that you could check. When looking for a place to move to, many people are checking the websites of the moving companies. So, that is giving the movers possibilities to foresee the moving trends. And to be ready for higher demands regarding relocation to certain areas.

Our selection of cities was made based on these searches. In addition to the cities we have presented, there is great interest in some other cities as well. Among them are:

  • Melbourne, Florida
  • Hartford, Connecticut
  • Charleston, South Carolina
  • Manchester, New Hampshire
  • Lancaster, Pennsylvania
  • Worcester, Massachusetts
  • Baltimore, Maryland
  • York, Pennsylvania
  • Savannah, Georgia

So, in case you check some of those and find that Savannah, Georgia will suit you the best, no problem. All that you have to do is to contact the interstate movers in Savannah.

Living on the East Coast

Checking cities and the pros and cons of moving to the East Coast in 2022 is one thing. However, there are also many pros and cons of living on the East Coast. However, the opinions will differ from person to person. Some will advocate that the East Coast is the best place you can dream of. On the contrary, others will express their dissatisfaction. And their intention to leave for some other place. So, bottom line, besides reading our findings, the best is to visit some of those places. That will give you a clearer picture of the cities, and their vibe. Still, we hope that we could help you with things that you should check in each city. And, that will give you ideas on what to ask making your own checks.

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