Privacy policy details you should look into when hiring movers

Even though it’s much easier to find a reliable moving company by recommendation, sometimes it’s not enough. We’re sure your friends and family are ready to help you with this moving process and that you can find great reviews on Google, but there are more factors you have to consider. The main purpose of the moving company is to safely relocate your belongings to the new address and help you move fast and effectively. Before engaging your professional moving team, check out some privacy policy details to ensure they are the right for you. Best Cross Country Movers are always at your service and here is the list of the factors to consider:

Privacy policy details you should consider

Every moving company has its own rules and regulations that are entirely unique. Before you finally decide to engage a certain company to do your relocation, doublecheck privacy policy details. The primary role of this policy is to represent the company as a responsible team that is ready to keep your belongings safe, respect the deal you previously made and protect your personal information. The trust bond is necessary, and it needs to be created with the client. Here is what you as a future client have to know about these details:

Personal data

In many privacy policies, you’ll find details about personal data in the first place. Every personal information you can voluntarily provide to your movers should be used by them only. The part of your personal data are name, last name, phone number, address, and e-mail address, and that information shouldn’t go further. Professional moving companies guarantee that you can be calm knowing that nothing will be misused and published on the website. With this, you can only count on the fact that your e-mail address can just be used for the newsletter, only if you wish. Everything has to be optional, and this has to guarantee that nobody will take advantage of your trust. Protecting personal data is the first step in detecting scams within moving companies. When looking for storage services, keep an eye on these details.

Sign privacy on the red background.
Keeping your personal data safe is the first thing on the list.


We mostly covered this segment when we were mentioning personal data and its protection. However, not only personal data has to be secured during this process. Before you book residential movers, think about all security measures they are ready to use in order to protect your belongings. They are taking full responsibility for any damage that occurred during the moving process. That is why it’s so important to take a picture of your valuable items or electronic devices. No matter how professional a moving company is, sometimes accidents happen, which is entirely normal. Just make sure to define this as soon as possible.

Plus, you need to be aware that they are not going to sell your personal information to a third party. If you’re using your card to pay for these services, that kind of information will be highly protected, be sure of it.

Your rights

Whenever you decide to choose your personal data, you should be able to do it by contacting your moving company before moving to New York, for example. You need to know your rights anytime, so you can be sure there is no way someone can trick you. In certain circumstances, you can also have a right to ask for a copy of your Personal Data from your moving company, or request its deletion. Also, you should know that no one can ask for the personal information of your children. By children, we usually refer to people under the age of 16. Nothing can pass without your parental consent. Don’t forget that you can express your concern about the usage of your personal information anytime. That is the whole point with these privacy policy details you have to look into.

Data usage.
Using data needs to be limited and you have to know what exactly it refers to.

Use of data

There is a list of acceptable things when it comes to data usage. Your moving company can use that type of information, and your personal data if they need to manage your account. This step basically helps them with functionality and eases the process of determining which services you already booked and how would they be performed. Contacting you requires using your phone number or e-mail address so movers can let you know how and when the process will start. If you booked packing services, they’ll have to calculate the number of items and see the size of the space before they begin. That’s the main reason why they might need your contact. Other than these, some of the reasons might be providing you with the news and new deals. Everything out of these things is not acceptable.

Signing papers.
Trust bond between client and moving company has to exist.


Checking out privacy policy details before engaging a certain moving company can save you in a lot of ways. Different types of scams are more than usual nowadays, and even fake reviews can sometimes make the wrong picture inside your head. We know that you’re up to finding an extra affordable moving company that offers everything you wanted, but slow down and thinks twice. By looking at the privacy policy of different moving companies, you can conclude whether they are professionals. Make a close look and see the details. You can’t forget about your rights at the end of the day. That trust you need to have with your reliable movers is the key. If there is no space for your wishes as a client, we can say that you can find a better option.

Keeping your personal information is also a crucial detail. Notice if there is something about it in the privacy policy of your moving company. If it’s carefully described and you agree with all the conditions, that is the right company for you. Feel free to contact other companies and look around for more details. Your needs are in the first place and professionals will know that and be ready to do everything to make a great impression. For more information, you can contact commercial movers and book your moving date.

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