Preparing for Your First Night in Your New Home: Essential Tasks to Complete

After all the hassle that a moving day imposes all you want to do is relax. The first night in your new home is crucial in order to relax completely. However, to achieve that you should know how to prepare for your first night in your new home. And Best Cross Country Movers bring you the list of essential tasks to complete. By following our tips & tricks, you will feel at home as soon as you move. So, let us present you with the best ways to organize yourself the moment you enter your new home.

A woman packing her clothes
Prepare your essentials for the first day after the move and have them at hand.

Before the move

If you want to have all your essential belongings at hand the first night after the move, you should prepare them in advance. In fact, preparing your bag of essentials is the first thing you should pack. The bag should include all the things you should consider important and those common things such as toiletries, underwear, laptops and chargers, sheets, pillows, etc. You should classify your things into five categories: Personal, practical, kids, pets, documents, and valuables. This way, you won’t forget anything. You may wonder why documents. Well, you should always have such things at hand due to both practical and safety reasons, no matter whether you are going to need them or not the first night after the move. Wonder how to prepare? It is always a great idea to use a list of your inventories and single out your essentials.

List down your necessities for the first night in your new home

The best way not to forget what to pack up for your first night in your new home is to make a list. If you have made your inventory list it is easy to narrow down the choice. If not, inspect your home room by room and write down what you should pack. Then, define a spot in your house where you will put the things. Only after that, start packing. By the way, if you’re, for example, moving from MA, you should pack your bag of essentials before interstate moving companies Massachusetts arrive, and single out the bag(s) or the box(es).  This way, movers you’ve hired won’t pack them into the moving truck unless you want to.

Prioritize your stuff for your first night in your new home

As we’ve previously mentioned, classify your belongings into the said five categories. You probably already know what to pack but we will remind you just in case. Besides, you can print our lists and use them as a guide. In case you don’t know how to set priorities, here’s a solution for each category:

  • Personal belongings: Toiletries, towels, pajamas, phones, laptops, tablets, chargers, power banks, tissues, a comb, makeup, and everything that you use daily.
  • Practical: Paper plates and cups (nobody wants to wash the dishes after a hard moving day), toilet paper, hand soap, a flashlight, basic tools such as a hammer, screwdriver, pliers, etc. Besides, you can pack up basic cleaning supplies to clean the surfaces where you’ll put your belongings.
  • Kids: If you have a baby, you already have your bag of essentials prepared. No matter the age, it is very important to pack your child’s favorite blanket, toys, and any other favorite comfort. You can also pack the nightlight so your children will feel at home.
  • Pets: Food, bedding, toys, medicine, etc.
  • Valuables: Jewelry, confidential paperwork, etc.

A must – don’t forget to pack the first aid kit just in case.

A woman making a list for the first night in your new home
Listing your belongings is the best way to stay organized and not forget anything.

Moving day

No matter if you’re moving from Illinois, Indiana, or virtually any other state, before some of the interstate moving companies Illinois come to load your boxes into the moving truck, you should check your bags of essentials at least once. Scan the bag, reorganize the things if necessary, and add something if you want. Then, double-check the documents, especially when you are moving interstate. Make sure to have all your devices charged, and have a power bank ready. Buy some food, snack, and water, and pack them up for both the car trip and the first night in your new home. Finally, pack the bags in your car trunk, or if you are not traveling by car, let your movers know that they should pack them last so you can use them as they unload the truck.

Post-move activities in your new home

If you’re moving to a state that has many things to do, like Iowa, you surely can’t wait to start exploring it. But, before the post-move activities outdoors, there are post-move activities in your new home that need to be completed. So, after movers from interstate moving companies Iowa unload the furniture and boxes and place them in your new home according to your floor plan, it’s time to finish one more thing. Unboxing. But only your bags of essentials. You’ve had a very hard and busy moving day and probably the last thing you want to do is unpack. And if you’ve followed these steps, you won’t have to. Luckily, you have those essentials right next to you. Just place them in your room. Before that, make the bed so you can just jump into it.

First night in your new home: what to do?

Now, after a long moving day, it’s time to relax. You can serve dinner (the food you already packed) or order some. Connect your TV and make a movie night with your family. However, you know better how to spend the first night in your new home with your family. Just make sure to implement a regular evening routine so you can lessen the first-time-in-your-new-home stress.

A family watching a movie, an ideal thing for the first night in your new home
Use your evening routine the first night after the move to feel at home.

Time to start packing!

Now that you know how to prepare for the first night in your new home, it’s time to start packing. And if you want some professional moving assistance, and don’t know whom to hire, don’t worry. Best Cross Country Movers is a website where you can search for some of the best cross-country moving companies all around the U.S. Therefore, visit us today and schedule some of the finest movers. We wish you a safe relocation!

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