Phoenix Cost of Living: Complete Guide For Estimated Monthly Cost

Phoenix is ​​one of the largest cities in Arizona with a population of about 1,625 million. Phoenix is ​​also the capital of Arizona. Arizona is considered one of the most beautiful US states because of its beautiful nature, which is also its main attraction. If you choose Phoenix, Arizona as your new place to live, we can say that you have taken a good step. Also, there is one important thing that you must be well informed about and that is the Phoenix cost of living. We and our Best Cross Country Movers will present you with a complete guide for estimated monthly costs. Also, we can help you find the best solution for your move. So, now let’s see how much money you will need to live in Phoenix!

Life in Phoenix

Do you know how this city got its name? You must have already heard of the phoenix, and what is characteristic of this city is that it’s an immortal bird, that is, popularly known by the phrase “It rises from the ashes like a phoenix”. This explains the meaning of the name of this city. But, the information from the City of Phoenix says that Darrell Dupa gave the name to this city, based on the fact that the city was rebuilt from the ruins of a former civilization.

Phoenix city
Phoenix is ​​a city that is surrounded by beautiful mountains that are also the main attraction.

Phoenix is ​​one of the most populated and popular cities in the USA. What makes it attractive for tourists and new residents are the outdoor possibilities it offers for recreation, entertainment, and enjoyment. And besides, this city is very affordable for life. In addition, this city offers its residents many opportunities when it comes to working. Starting with Fortune 500 companies. Living in this city will give you opportunities to enjoy over 180 parks, 41,000 acres of desert and mountain preserves, and over 200 miles of hiking trails. And the warm climate throughout the year will allow you to enjoy all activities every day! So, if this city is your choice, contact us and start your move!

Phoenix cost of living

We said at the beginning that living costs are one of the main things you need to be well informed about. What is important is to take into account all the monthly costs that await you when you move to Phoenix. And for your move to Phoenix best cross country moving companies in Arizona can take care. So, basic monthly expenses include:

  • Rent
  • Utilities
  • Food
  • Transportation
  • Childcare
  • Clothes, shoes
  • Entertainment

Insight into monthly costs will help you plan your monthly budget, and also see how much money you will have to live in this city. Also, based on that, you will see if this city corresponds to your financial capabilities. Also, when it comes to Phoenix, the living costs of a family of four are about $3,680 per month, while the costs of one person are about $1,500. In addition, the average monthly income based on NICHE data is $60,914.

Rental costs in Phoenix

If your option is to rent an apartment or a house, then rent costs are a mandatory item on the list of your monthly budget. When we talk about Phoenix, real estate prices are generally very affordable and amount to around $250,000. This is confirmed by the data from NICHE that 56% of people have their own homes. While another 44% rent. Rental prices average around $1,100. Prices usually depend on the location as well as the size of the apartment.

Apartment in Phoenix
In Phoenix, young people are the ones who choose the option of renting apartments the most. That is the best option for them.

Based on data from NUMBEO, the rent for a one-room apartment is around $1,709 in the city center and $1,477 outside the city center. Also, a three-room apartment in the center costs $2,726 per month and $2,250 outside the center. In addition to the monthly rental price, you need to add utility costs to your budget. Also, know that whatever location you decide on, our best long distance movers in Phoenix are at your disposal. All you need is to contact them and find the best option for your move!

What are the monthly utility costs in Phoenix?

Utility costs are expected regardless of whether you rented an apartment or bought a house. Also, during the winter period, utility costs may be a little higher than expected, if you have electric heating. Basic utilities include costs for electricity, heating, cooling, water, and garbage and they amount to about $209 per month. This amount is valid for properties that are around 80m2. Mobile phone costs can be included in utility bills, and one minute of prepaid tariff is about $0.10.

making budget for Phoenix cost of living
If you are thinking about moving to Phoenix, keep in mind that utility costs are 5% higher than the national average.

Of course, there are always ways to save, especially on your electricity bills. Utility costs are expected every month, and therefore it’s necessary to add this cost to the list of your monthly budget. Also, in addition to the standard costs of utilities, there is one more cost that awaits you, and that is the internet. Regardless of whether you use wireless or optical Internet, the monthly subscription is around $78.

What is the cost of the food in restaurants?

Food is something we spend the most money on by far. Regardless of whether we shop in the market or eat in restaurants. Although this second option was always more expensive. When it comes to Arizona, grocery prices are 4% lower than the US national average. Food costs in Phoenix for one person are about $301 per month, while a family of four needs about $3,500. Also, some of the basic living expenses are significantly cheaper in Arizona, compared to other states in the USA. For example, 1 liter of milk costs 0.85$, bread 3.12$, 12 eggs 3.59$, and fruit costs in the range of 1.5$ to 5$ per kilogram, the average price for a kilogram of vegetables is about 3.5$, while 1.5 liters of bottled water is $2.75. Also, alcohol and cigarettes are very expensive, so a bottle of wine is $15, while cigarettes are $9 per pack.

A McDonald's meal which is one more living cost in Phoenix
Apart from being expensive, fast food is also unhealthy. So, think about what you will eat!

If your option is to eat in restaurants, fast food, or takeaway meals, then you will need about $42 a day for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Also, there is the McDonald’s option, where one meal costs around $10 per person. In addition, the prices in cafes are not high, one cappuccino costs about 5$, water 0.33l is about 2$, while beer 0.33l is 6$, and Coca-Cola or Pepsi 0.33l is about 2.5$.

What about transportation costs?

In the vicinity of Phoenix, there are several cities that can be good locations for work, but also for living. For example, Chandler and Mesa are about 20 to 25 miles from Phoenix, which means it’s about a 20-minute drive. This can be considered local transportation, and a one-way public transportation ticket costs about $2.40. Also, long distance movers in Chandler revealed to us that there are many people who have moved to this city and commute to Phoenix for work. In such situations, it’s best to take a monthly ticket that costs around $64. This is another monthly living cost in Phoenix.

A girl living in Phoenix pours fuel into a car at a gas station.
There are several options available to you when it comes to transportation. Think and choose the one that best fits your budget.

In addition to public transport, you also have the option of taking a taxi, which is considered one of the most expensive. If you choose a taxi, keep in mind that the starting price is $3, while 1 km costs about $1.46. Of course, you always have the option to drive your own car, but the main question is – Is it profitable? Fuel prices in Arizona are a little higher, so 1 liter of gas can cost you around $1.07. Also, if you decide to buy a car here, you will have to spend $20,000 to $30,000.

How much does the childcare in Phoenix cost?

You must have understood by now that if there are more members in the family, the monthly costs will also be higher. Childcare is another living cost that awaits you after moving to Phoenix. And these costs may also depend on the age of your children. Among the first costs are the costs of daycare for preschool kids, which can cost around $900. While private high school prices are $18,400. Of course, Phoenix offers you public free schools, which are highly rated. In Phoenix, you can find over 600 public schools, and 217 private schools in the vicinity of this city.

School in Phoenix
Choose one of the outstanding public schools in Phoenix and reduce this living cost.

Near Phoenix, there is another city that is also favorable for life. Scottsdale is another city that is only 12 miles from Phoenix, and at the same time has a cost of living of around $2050 per month. Long distance movers in Scottsdale revealed to us that many people are moving to this city precisely because of this. In this city, according to data from NUMBEO tuition at Hugh School costs about $8,600, while kindergarten is about $1,300. In addition to these childcare costs, you will also be expected to pay other costs, such as diapers and cosmetics for babies, clothes, shoes, toys, etc.

Is shopping in Phoenix expensive?

If you like shopping, then Phoenix is ​​the place for you. To enjoy this party, visit downtown Phoenix. Here you will find some of the best places for shopping like Biltmore Fashion Park, Tanger Outlet, Desert Ridge Marketplace, and Phoenix Premium Outlets. But how much can this pleasure cost you? If you’re buying clothes, be prepared to spend around $45 for jeans, $38 for a summer dress, $10 to $50 for a T-shirt, as well as $80 for sneakers, or from $90 to $120 for elegant leather shoes. Shopping can always be expensive, but if you follow promotions, reductions, and discounts, you will have the opportunity to save money. 

How much does the entertainment in Phoenix cost?

If you want to have fun, you will need money. You already know that for sure. For example, if you join a fitness club, you will pay about $35 a month, while renting tennis equipment and courts for an hour can cost you about $38. In addition, other ways to have fun like going to the movies can cost around $12 per person + popcorn. Also, if you go to the Phoenix Zoo with your family, you will have to shell out about $25 for a ticket for one parent, as well as $15 for a ticket for one child. A ticket for a family of four with two children can cost around $80 for one visit.

Family have fun in Phoenix
Phoenix offers you a number of free fun outdoor activities for the whole family. Explore these possibilities!

But Phoenix also offers free activities for the whole family! For example, take advantage of the opportunity to visit the Herd Museum for free every Friday at the beginning of the month. You will have the opportunity to enjoy free guided tours of this museum. Also, every second Tuesday of the month, the Desert Botanical Garden organizes free visits, and here you will have the opportunity to see over a thousand types of cacti.

Carefully research the Phoenix cost of living, and have a comfortable life!

Already at the beginning, you could understand that Phoenix is ​​a city that can offer you great life opportunities. And based on that, any decision you make about this city can be considered smart. But, in addition, if you decide to move here, the moving services that we offer are also a smart option for you. Therefore, explore all the possibilities that Phoenix offers you and enjoy. And of course, don’t forget to carefully research the Phoenix cost of living and create your monthly budget. Because that’s the only way you’ll have a comfortable life! We wish you the best of luck!

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