Moving to St Petersburg guide

You have finally made a decision on moving to St Petersburg. As you already know, such a relocation brings many changes but a few challenges as well. You should organize like a pro, prepare an adequate budget, find the best movers in St Petersburg, and figure out the packing plan. All those tasks will require some patience, focus, money, and time. So, let us help you create a moving plan that will guide you all the way. The goal is to have a successful relocation and a pleasant moving experience. But a safe relocation above all. Let’s go.

Organize yourself for moving to St Petersburg

To handle such a huge project you must have a plan in your hands. You will assemble it easily if you follow a few crucial steps. The first one is to inspect the whole environment. You must check all the rooms inside your home along with the loft, basement, garage, and backyard. Note down all furniture and belongings you have onto the inventory list. Then, you should measure hallways, staircases, and doors so you can know if the furniture can fit nicely or you’ll have problems and tricky situations. Also, you must assemble a moving checklist with the following:

  • Packing plan.
  • Legalities and budget.
  • Info about movers.
  • Moving-related responsibilities.
a person creating a plan for moving to St Petersburg
Choose the moving date, assign a moving budget, and create your moving plan.

Once you have all the details on paper, you can contact your best cross country movers Florida. They will help you further and make sure you obtain the best moving assistance possible. Make sure you do this as soon as you figure out you are moving so you can book the moving date you want the most.

Find professional moving assistance

To find the best long distance movers you’ll have to dig a bit on the internet. It is easy to find movers but to find good ones is a bit harder. You must compare movers across the field. Previous customers experience is important because it will tell you how your company treats the customer. You should check external sources like blog posts, social media networks, Yellow pages, etc. You can check accredited websites like FMCSA, the US Movers Association, or Better Business Bureau. If your movers are legit, they should be registered out there. After you confirm the legitimacy of your company, check if they have all the tools and equipment to safely relocate all your belongings. And of course, guided by your preset requisites, you will have a few candidates in mind. Once you are ready, start calling them one by one.

two movers evaluating boxes
Find a reliable moving team to relocate you safely. Make sure you hire a licensed and reputable one.

Simply toss a few questions their way and in a matter of seconds, you will know if they are the right company for you. Negotiate your moving contract and find the best moving service for you. Remember, moving to St Petersburg is no small feat, and you want professionals to handle this task. So please do not choose the first company you find. Invest a bit of your time in research for a good company and you’ll find one eventually.

Obtain packing materials required

All you need for a successful relocation is a good set of packing materials and a reliable moving company. Now when you have found good movers, it is time to obtain packing supplies. You can find everything you need at the nearest hardware store or order online. Or if you can’t be bothered with any of it, you can purchase everything from your moving company. Most of them have packing services where you can have them pack you completely so you won’t have to think about any materials at all.

Although, if you want to pack yourself, you must obtain cardboard boxes, adhesive tape, packing paper, labels, and blister packs. Those are the basic materials and if you have a higher moving budget you can always invest in higher-quality ones. Those are plastic bins, wooden crates, metal containers, customized boxes, corner pads, Styrofoam, packing peanuts, etc. But keep in mind that you can cover your relocation with the basic set if you spread your resources smartly.

Try to find more help for moving to St Petersburg

It would be amazing if you can find more helpers when moving to St Petersburg. You can ask your friends, relatives, close family members, neighbors, coworkers, you name it. If you get a single person to help you out, your relocation will be more affordable and more enjoyable. Therefore, send an invitation and ask them politely. Some of them will reply in due time and assist you in any way they can. Just having a friend to keep you company while packing will be enough. But remember to reward friends who help you move and show gratitude for the time they invested in your relocation project.

Pack safely

Now when you have all your packing supplies at home, you can start packing. Start with the most complicated room in your home and that us usually the kitchen. It has many small objects and it takes a lot of time to pack. Or you can start with the garage or any other place you see fit. Just make sure you are packed on time and before your movers arrive. Now, as for packing, you should place blister packs at the bottom of each cardboard box and place items inside. Wrap fragile and delicate items individually and add a buffer between them. Do not place heavier items on top of fragile ones and do not mix them together. Then, once your box is full, add crumpled packing paper to fill the gaps and close your box.

a couple packing for the relocation
Use better-quality packing materials. Especially if you possess expensive and irreplaceable items.

Tape your box nicely and add labels. Each box should have a label on it to point out what is inside the box. This way movers will take care of the cargo inside and you will find your content easily. Unpacking will be easier than you know. And as we mentioned before, if you do not want to bother with packing, simply purchase packing services Florida and be done with it. It is a lucrative and affordable way to skip this notorious process.

Cover your budget and legalities

Finally, we must mention the budget and legalities you must take care of. At some point, you will talk to your movers about the moving cost and estimates. Your moving representative will evaluate the entire situation and provide a moving plan along with the moving services required. At that point, you can decide if you want to invest or pull out. Be sure to stay within the limits of your moving budget and do not overextend. As for your personal and moving-related documents, you must ensure they are up to date and valid before you relocate to another place. So, check your personal ID, driver’s license, medical records, credit cards, and of course, moving contract. Everything should be in order before you hit the road.

And now you are ready for moving to St Petersburg. If you create step by step moving plan, nothing should go wrong. Also, invest a bit of time in search of a high-quality moving company and you won’t have any problems along the way. We are sure you will find one soon enough. Good luck.

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