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Delaware is one of the two smallest states in the US. Although small, Delaware is a home for almost a million people. Also, the industry in Delaware is booming. It has several developed industries. And it is supporting both small and large businesses. Many consider Delaware as an excellent place for start-ups. Besides, it has some of the top-rated research universities and a great workforce. All this is making the “First State” an appealing place, so many people are moving to Delaware. Knowing also that it has low crime rates, zero sales tax, and a relatively low cost of living, can make Delaware an attractive destination for you too. If so, the best cross-country movers will make your relocation easy. And we hope that our guide can help by giving more details about this beautiful country.

Moving to Delaware _ Horse carriage in historic downtown Wilmington.
Wilmington is Delaware’s most populated city.

What should you know before moving to Delaware?

Delaware is close to major eastern cities, and this is making it even more attractive. Considered as a jewel of the East Coast, it has beautiful beaches. The Delaware River and Delaware Bay are very interesting spots for tourists and locals alike. There are also many small, charming towns. And a lot of historical landmarks. If you are a retiree, a millennial, or a young parent, Delaware is having suitable communities for you. And you can be sure that you will enjoy its peaceful atmosphere once you move there.

What are the most important reasons for moving to Delaware?

There are many reasons why people move to Delaware. The most common reasons are:
Tax advantages – this is one of five states that doesn’t have a sales tax. It is also great for purchasing real estate, with a median property tax rate is less than .5%. And if you are over 60, you are tax-exempt. So, you will save about  $13,000 annually on your pension.

  • It is close to big cities –  from Delaware, you can easily reach NYC, Philadelphia, and Washington, D.C.
  • You can easily rich beaches from any town – this is a state where you can enjoy the clearest and cleanest coastlines in the USA.
  • The “First State” is a cultural paradise – it has a lot of art galleries, historical sites, and museums. Also, you can enjoy live music performances in Wilmington or Dewey Beach.
  • It has a booming job market – the unemployment rate is only about 3.5%. Besides, the state is supporting businesses development.

So, as soon as you are ready, the best cross country movers Delaware will move you to this charming small state.

Typewriter with paper on which it is written - Tax heaven.
Delaware is one of five states that doesn’t have a sales tax.

What are the best places to move to?

Despite being small in size, and having only three counties, Delaware has distinctive communities. They have different cultures, amenities, and styles of living. So, when moving, you can choose which place best suits you. Here, we will give you an overview of a few Delaware cities.


Although it is not the capital Wilmington is Delaware’s most populated city. If you like outdoor activities, this city is the right choice for you. Also, it had rich nightlife and many interesting restaurants. It has a charming downtown with a lot of theaters, galleries, museums, and colonial architecture. It also has numerous cycling and hiking trails, as well as well-maintained parks. Besides that, Wilmington is the state’s central business district, with a rich job market. Another reason to choose Wilmington as your new home is the fact that you would need only 30 minutes to commute to Philadelphia. The average home price in Wilmington is  $207,000, which is just a bit higher than the national average.


This is a small capital city, located in  Central Delaware, about 5 miles inland from Delaware Bay. It has about 38,200 people, and the median home cost in Dover is $223,800. It has a stable economic base and a rich history. So, for those who are looking for peace and stability, Dover is the right choice.


Many consider Lewis as one of the best places to live in  Delaware. It is a popular tourist city, with just a bit over 3000 permanent residents. Also, due to a low crime rate and excellent school system, it attracts many young couples with children. The residents are having the second-highest income in the state. The average home price is about $365,000.

Ocean with waves and a beach with people, greenery, and some buildings.
Delaware has the clearest and cleanest coastlines in the USA.

The other cities in Delaware that are attractive to newcomers

In addition, there are several other cities that are attractive to newcomers. Depending on your affinities, the best interstate moving companies Wilmington will move you to:

  • Milton – an ideal location to raise a family or retire. The average property price is about $307,000 for a single-family home.
  • Bethany Beach – is a thriving tourist town. The average property prices are the highest in the state. For a single-family house, you will need about $550,000.
  • Camden – a suburb of Dover, Delaware’s capital city. If you like outdoor activities, this will be a great place for you. The median home value in Camden is about $225,000.
  • Newark – here is located the University of Delaware. The average home in Newark will cost you around $250,000.
  • Rehoboth Beach – a tourist jewel, with just about 1,300 permanent residents. The median home price is about $530,000.

What climate to expect in Delaware after moving?

Delaware is in the mid-Atlantic region and has hot summers. However, the winters are a mixture of mild temperatures from the south and cold from the north. If you are moving long-distance, do it from June to August, while the weather is sunny and nice. The coldest period in Delaware is from November to February.

What are the top industries in which you can easily get employment?

When moving to Delaware, you can easily get employed in some of the largest industries in the state. The top industries in Delaware are:

  • Technology
  • Science
  • Manufacturing
  • Construction
  • Logistics
  • Agriculture and food
  • Healthcare
  • Education
  • Financial and business services

Delaware is a small state, but it offers a lot. Once you move there, it is good to follow the state’s official website. Following the state news, you will be always well informed. And you will also learn many more things about your new home.

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