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Connecticut is located in the New England region. This is considered one of the most attractive parts of the northeastern USA. It is close to New York City and Boston, the two very important places in the region. This small country has a population of about  3,5 million people. It is home to the world-famous Yale University. Connecticut also has natural beauty and charm, and beautiful lakes. People enjoy going there for swimming, and fishing. Besides, there are many attractive golf courses and sports arenas. And finally, thanks to a strong economy, it is a state with the highest income per capita. If this sounds enough attractive, the Best Cross Country Movers will provide useful tips about the area. And we have prepared a guide so that you can learn a bit more about moving to Connecticut.

Moving to Connecticut - A small sailboat putters out of the mouth of the Connecticut River.
A state was named after the Connecticut River.

What is good to know before moving to Connecticut?

Connecticut is nicknamed the “Nutmeg State.” However, its proper name comes from the Connecticut River which flows through the middle of the state. Dutch were the first European settlers in CT. It was one of the Colonies that revolted against British rule. Also, the first USA Constitution was written in Connecticut. Besides the attractive heritage, there are other things that make this state attractive. With many international companies, beautiful landscapes, and world-renowned universities, it is a true gem. And you need just minutes of drive to reach New York, Rhode Island, and Massachusetts.

What are the living costs in CT?

Living in Connecticut is not cheap. The costs of living in CT are about 17% higher than the national average. Besides high real estate prices, housing, food, and transportation are also above the national average. But, regardless of the high living costs, in Connecticut, you will have a high quality of living. That is thanks to high average incomes. And also, it offers excellent educational opportunities for your kids. Soon you decide to move, you can contact the best cross country movers in Connecticut. We are sure you will be, like many others, highly satisfied with the services of this reliable moving company.

What climate to expect when moving to Connecticut?

A country is located in the northeastern United States. This means that by moving to Connecticut, you will experience all four seasons. Snowfall is common during the winter. Springs are calm, with tulips and daffodils blossoming everywhere. So, in spring, there are many flower festivities. One of the famous is New Haven Cherry Blossom Festival. Summers are usually hot and humid. But, there are many nice beaches and inland lakes. So, you can always go there and look for refreshments. The fall is colorful, thanks to golden and crimson foliage. All this is making Connecticut a nice place for living.

Commencement at Yale University celebration with confetti in the air and students under them.
New Haven is known as a university city.

Connecticut job market

If you are moving to Connecticut in search of job opportunities, you are on the right path. This state has many attractive employment possibilities. And there are frequent openings. So, once there, you can look for jobs in several developing industries. They include technologies, healthcare, logistics, and insurance. The biggest employers there are United Technologies, XPO Logistics, Aetna, Xerox, Carrier, and Amphenol.

Transportation in CT, what to expect

CT has good roads, so if you own a car, you will easily go around. Also, CT has very good bus connections among the towns. The main bus service provider in the state is “CT transit”. Besides, there is International Airport in Windsor Locks in Bradley. From there, you can fly to any destination across the USA. Also, they have flights to Canada, Mexico, and Dublin in Ireland. Those working in NYC are usually using Amtrak’s metro-north line. So, transportation opportunities are many. And, as a newcomer to CT, you will easily find the best one for you. Also, the moving services are excellent. It is enough to give a call to interstate moving companies Bridgeport once you decide to move to CT.

After moving to Connecticut, don’t forget about your driving licenses

The new Connecticut residents have 30 days period to transfer their driving licenses. For that, you have to visit the CT DMV office. When going there, bring along:

  • Your current driving license
  • Filled-in application for a new license
  • Some ID documents (passport, birth certificate, etc.)
  • You will have to pay an $84 license fee
  • The application fee will cost you $40

In case you are younger than 18, you will need to submit some additional documents.

A night ariel view of Hartford, CT.
Hartford is the capital of CT.

Which are the best Connecticut schools and universities?

If you have children, you need to know about the CT schooling system. Also, you may wish to obtain a higher degree while working in CT. So, the good news is that CT has excellent high schools. Also, it has many prominent academic institutions, including Yale University, one of the historic Ivy League colleges. There are also many other universities located throughout the country.

What are the best Connecticut cities to move to?

Although it is not a huge state, Connecticut has many nice cities. Your choice may depend on many factors. Maybe you will have to move to a certain city due to a job. Or due to the university that you have enrolled in. But it is nice to know what you can expect in your new state. Also, you may decide, later on, to change a city. In that case, the best packing services  can provide you either with services, or excellent packing supplies. Here is a list of some attractive CT cities:

  • Avon – known as the 3rd safest town in the USA
  • Farmington – just a few minutes away from Bradley International Airport
  • Simsbury – has some of the highest-rated public schools in CT
  • Hartford – the capital of Connecticut
  • Middletown – a small city, excellent for those who work remotely
  • New Haven – known as the university city

Later on, living and traveling throughout CT, you will for sure find many other charming cities. And many places where you can rest, or have some fun.

Are you ready to move to Connecticut?

After learning so many nice things, you are for sure happy that you are moving to Connecticut. We hope our guide helped you to get a general picture of your new state. However, once you settle down, you will continue to explore. And we also recommend that you follow the official CT state site. The site will provide you with a lot of useful information.

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