Moving from Wichita to Boston

What is the first thing you think about when you think of moving from Wichita to Boston? Maybe it’s the rousing professional sports winning streaks, or maybe the historic sites along the Freedom Trail. While Boston is home to about 140,000 seasonal coeds that make for a lively college city atmosphere, it’s certain to say it’s not without culture and affluence. Before you call interstate moving companies Massachusetts, let’s see what are the reasons many people pay thousands for rent and mortgages to make moving Moving from Wichita to Boston a reality.

Moving from Wichita to Boston

Moving from Wichita to Boston? One of the Northeast’s best-known historical cities, Boston is the most populated city in New England and it’s one of the best places to live on the East Coast. This cultural hub offers endless entertainment, convenient transportation, and excellent outdoor recreation. Follow this article by best cross country movers Wichita to know more about living in Boston.

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Boston is the most populated city in New England and it’s one of the best places to live on the East Coast.

What is it like living in Boston?

There are 695,926 people living in Boston. They call the capital and most populous city of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts their home. Also, Boston is the 21st most populous city in the country. Boston is also known for lots of educational opportunities, with 54 colleges and universities to choose from. It’s quite an attractive place for professors, students, and millennials alike. Also, there is plenty of room for families and retirees who are looking to make Boston their home.

Boston was settled in 1630 by Puritans and it’s one of the oldest municipalities in the United States. The city is home to some of America’s important events, and these include parts of the American Revolution, the siege of Boston, the Boston Tea Party, and Bunker Hill’s Battle. Today, living in Boston comes with a healthy job market, a thriving nightlife scene, higher education, research opportunities, and desirable neighborhoods. Before you start packing your bags and heading to the Northeast, here’s everything you need to know when moving from Wichita to Boston.

Boston has good public transport and great walkability

Boston has the nickname “The Walking City,” and it’s considered a pedestrian’s paradise. About 50% of citizens walk or use public transportation to get around for work. The busy capital of Massachusetts is one of the best commuter cities in America. The reason for this is the MBTA‘s strong public transport system. Usually, it’s referred to as “the T” by locals. You can get to Downtown Boston and its surrounding areas via quick connections. These include the Red, Orange, Blue, and Green subway lines. Also, you can use the MBTA Commuter Boat to travel to and from the Boston Harbor. You can take advantage of the city’s bicycle-sharing program as well, Bluebikes while pedaling on Boston’s many bike-friendly paths. However, if you want to reach further destinations, you can hop on a plane at the Boston Logan International Airport.

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When moving from Wichita to Boston, you should know that Boston has amazing public transportation.

Boston’s rich history

Boston was an important location in the American Revolution. This means there are lots of historical sites in Boston within walking distance. The Freedom Trail is a really good way to understand Boston’s contribution to America’s Colonial history. Walk the 2.5-mile route packed with 16 historically important sites such as Old North Church, Boston Common, Bunker Hill Monument, the USS Constitution Museum, and the Paul Revere House. Also, you can take a trip to the Boston Tea Party Ships & Museum to see live actors, interactive exhibits, and a replica of 18th-century sailing vessels that started a revolution. Also, cross country moving companies Kansas recommend going on a tour of the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum if you want to learn more about the legacy of President Kennedy and his enthusiasm for public service.

Job market and economy

Did you know that Boston ranks among the top five in the nation for its job market rank, according to WalletHub? Some of the most important industries in Boston are finance, health care, and higher education. 74% of all employment in the city is accounted for by these. Move over, San Francisco, Boston, and Cambridge are turning into contenders rapidly in the tech space. Google, Pfizer, and Novartis are just some of the tech companies in the area. The city’s tech scene is also quite attractive to students from MIT who want to make a splash in the tech world. Boston is also a major financial hub beyond tech and education. Mutual funds got their start in Boston in the 1800s, making investing another part of the city’s rich history. Some of the financial juggernauts in the city are Fidelity Investments, Eaton Vance, and Putnam Investments.

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Boston ranks among the top five nations for its job market according to WalletHub.


You should get ready for some snow and bitter cold because Boston has lots of both in the winter months. Despite the weather, a lot of locals still go to work. If you need a reprieve, there are many pubs you can go to warm up with a drink around Boston. Also, you aren’t far from the skiing country, like Maine’s slopes. Summers in Boston can be unpredictable with cool fronts followed by sticky, humid days. Spring and fall are the real payoffs with beautiful cherry blossoms and autumn leaves dusting the floors of Boston Common.

There’s a way to know the weather in Boston without looking at your phone. You can look out the John Hancock Tower window to get the daily weather. If it’s solid blue, blue skies and pleasant weather is coming. Flashing blue means clouds are coming, solid red means rain, and flashing red signals snow is almost here. But during the summer months, flashing red means the local Red Sox game is rained out.

The conclusion

Interstate movers in Boston are happy to offer their expertise to make your move to Beantown as smooth as possible. We hope you learned a few things about Boston that you didn’t know before. We hope you’re going to make Boston your new home. Good luck!

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