Moving from Utah to California

Getting ready to move is never easy. So if you are moving from Utah to California, you might want to check out some of the best interstate moving companies in California. Still, finding the right moving team won’t help you get to know the place better. So, let us introduce you to your new place of residence and give you a few tips on how to move easier.

Moving from Utah to California – where to start?

If you’re not sure where to start when moving from Utah to California, the right answer would be finding a good moving team. Besides Californian moving teams, you can also check out best cross country movers Utah. In any case, once you find the right movers, you can start with the organization.

couple Moving from Utah to California
If you’re not sure where to start when moving from Utah to California, the right answer would be finding a good moving team.

When choosing movers, keep this in mind

It is not the best moving company the one that has the best advertising, but the one that suits you best. That’s why you can choose companies on our website Best Cross Country Movers that can cover all your requirements. Once you find several that interest you, call their numbers, see which one offers what, and determine exactly what they do for the price they will give you. Don’t forget to ask for additional costs and what exactly you pay. When you get all the answers, only then you can decide.

The thing is – the better you plan your residential move, the more satisfied you will be with the whole process. Those more expensive companies usually offer and, of course, charge more, a complete service. This can be anything from packaging, protection, loading your items, transportation to unpacking, cleaning. So depending on the relocation budget, you can see what would suit you best.

What is it like living in California?

The state of California is the third largest federal state in the United States, but the first in terms of population. It is located on the west coast (Pacific Ocean) and borders Oregon, Nevada, Arizona, and the Mexican state of Baja California. It has the third longest coastline in the United States (after Alaska and Florida), and the Mojave Desert, the Sierra Nevada Mountains, and the highest and lowest point in the continental United States (Mount Whitney and Death Valley) are located here. And of course, it’s the home to Hollywood and Silicon Valley.

A girl that makes a plan a cross country move to Wisconsin
If you decided to move here, you probably know that California is considered the most attractive state in the United States.

What can you expect when you move here?

California’s central coast is especially beautiful. It is an area that stretches between Los Angeles and San Francisco and is a favorite part of the route on the famous Highway 1. The warm climate, fantastic beaches, hundreds of wineries, and numerous tourist attractions are some of the reasons to visit California’s central coast.

So, if you decided to move here, you probably know that California is considered the most attractive state in the United States. It has great weather, beaches and people are overall friendly. Healthcare and education in California are among the best in the country. The crime rate is high, however, but there’s no denying that California is a dream, with a magnetic attraction that’s hard for most people to resist.

How to prepare for your move from Utah?

Moving is not a small thing in life, it definitely changes a lot and affects all our habits. The key to moving without stress is packing. If you pack everything well, don’t forget anything, secure everything well from breakage, there is a high probability that you will finish the move without additional stress.

Start on time

If you think you can reach everything a few days before moving, you are very, very wrong. There are things you need to do starting at least 2 weeks before moving. Also, if you have anything you need to prepare in advance, don’t forget to plan and do it on time.

Get moving supplies

The basics of moving packaging are as follows: boxes (as many as possible), stretching foil (buy a few packs), crackling bubble wrap, old fabrics you don’t need anymore (for wrapping), bags of various sizes, adhesive tape (buy a few pieces) and so on. If you have larger pieces of furniture, an old blanket may also come in handy, because it all needs to be protected from scratches and possible breakage during carrying and transport. Keep in mind that moving companies also sell packing materials.

Couple packing their kitchen.
Make sure you get all the needed moving supplies and you start packing.

Classify your items by groups

Good organization is the key to success. It is ideal to go in order and pack one room, close the boxes from that room and write which room is it on the boxes, and then you know exactly what you have in those boxes. However, this is often not possible, so another way to pack is to take a box and start with small things. Go from room to room and slowly fill the box. When you’re done, write what’s inside those boxes. Then move on with bigger things, tools, devices, and items. Whatever you do, it is important that you have a picture and know exactly how and where you packed your things so that you can easily unpack them after moving. Keep a record of boxes, labels, and box contents.

Once you move in

As we have already mentioned, either write on the box what is inside or mark the box with numbers and make lists on a piece of paper and make a note of everything. Believe us, you don’t want to end up with a lot of boxes that don’t say anything, the move is over, it’s getting dark, you’re tired, and you don’t know which box to start unpacking. If you notice that you have some items that you’re not sure where to put, look for a storage service. We wish you have safe moving from Utah to California.

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