Moving from South Dakota to Wyoming

Moving is always a life-altering experience. There are so many things you have to address, important decisions to make, and adapt to new surroundings and lifestyle. These drastic changes are one of the main reasons why moving is so stressful. However, when moving from South Dakota to Wyoming, things become a bit strange. Mostly because a lot will change and not much will change. Confused? Understandable – but don’t worry. That’s why Best Cross Country Movers created this guide. It’ll help you familiarize yourself with what you can expect from both Wyoming and the moving process, and how to prepare for them.

Your smooth relocation starts with small steps

The success of every relocation rests upon knowledge. And, not only of the moving process. But, also, what comes before and, especially, after. Therefore, the first stop when moving isn’t hiring the best cross country movers South Dakota. It’s research. Namely, finding out how your origin point compares to your destination.

A woman using laptop to research moving from South Dakota to Wyoming.
Research is the most important part of moving from South Dakota to Wyoming.

Things to know before moving from South Dakota to Wyoming

Now it’s time to clarify that confusing part from the start. Some states differ like heaven and earth. For instance, let’s say you hired the best interstate movers Wyoming has to help you relocate to New Jersey. Coming from a chill place like WY, you’ll experience quite the cultural and lifestyle shock in chaotic, fast-paced NJ. Fortunately, that’s not the case when moving from South Dakota to Wyoming. These two states are virtually identical in (almost) every regard. So much so, that you’ll sometimes wonder if you’ve moved at all.

Wyoming vs South Dakota: A quick comparison

Since both states are so similar, we won’t go too in-depth into statistics. Still, there are a few things that deserve a mention:

  • Wyoming is slightly more expensive than South Dakota. But, it also boasts a higher income. Therefore, it evens out – your cost of living will remain pretty much the same;
  • Both states boast a healthy job market. South Dakota is a tiny step ahead in this regard, but that shouldn’t discourage you. You’ll have next to no trouble finding employment in Wyoming. Especially if you’re in tech or R&D, which both saw rapid expansion over the past few years;
  • If it’s the education you’re pursuing, then Wyoming is the better choice. The state invests more in its students, and the University of Wyoming ranks higher than both South Dakota ones;
  • Becoming a proud homeowner costs more in Wyoming. The median home price in WY is around $272,700, while in SD it’s $239,500. A significant difference, but not as in some other states.

Viewed purely through the numbers, there’s not much disparity between Wyoming and South Dakota. So, this relocation won’t demand drastic lifestyle changes or an excessive adaptation period. However, that doesn’t mean there aren’t any differences.

A person relaxing in a hammock
There’s no better state for a serene life than Wyoming.

If peace and quiet are what you’re after, moving from South Dakota to Wyoming is the most amazing choice

The biggest difference between the two states is in population. With only six people per square mile, Wyoming is the least crowded state in the US, second only to Alaska. And, it shows in every aspect of daily life. Noise and hustle are almost non-existent, even in the largest urban centers. People are more laid-back, and things are much slower. Neighborhoods are safe and peaceful and people residing here are, well – neighborly. So, if we were to describe living in Wyoming in one word, that word would be Serenity.

However, this unprecedented peace does come at a price: convenience. Now, you can find every amenity you need in Wyoming. Still, chances are you’ll have to set aside a few hours (or, even a whole day) every week to go get them. Shopping malls, fancy restaurants, nightclubs, art galleries – almost all are exclusive to large urban centers. But, if you don’t mind a mini road trip now and then, you’ll have no problem living in Wyoming.

Wyoming is a heaven for the outdoorsy person

While both are undoubtedly beautiful countries, South Dakota pales in comparison to Wyoming. For starters, you have a true marvel of nature, Yellowstone National Park, right in your backyard. And, as if that alone isn’t enough, you can check out one of six other national parks. The entire state is all in roiling hills, sprawling mountains, ancient forests, and vast plains. Even the very capital, Cheyenne, abounds with greenery. Therefore, if you love hiking, camping, biking, or any other outdoor activity, you’ll never wish to live anywhere else.

Wyoming landscape with lush forests and tall mountain
Wyoming’s otherworldly landscapes will make you an outdoorsy person – even if you never were one.

The “weather”

Now, we can’t fail to address Wyoming’s “infamous” weather. You’ve probably heard how it’s harsh, wild, unforgiving, or a whole bunch of other, less-than-flattering adjectives. Well, it’s a gross exaggeration. And, probably fueled on purpose, by some overzealous Wyomingite trying to keep the place as serene as it is. But, let’s not get into the guessing game now. The thing is, weather in Wyoming isn’t so different than that of South Dakota. Yes, it can get a bit unpredictable, with rain, sunshine, and snow making an appearance within the same hour. But, then again – when is the weather not unpredictable, especially in the northern states? So, if you’re moving to Wyoming from South Dakota, you can expect almost no change at all on this front.

Make moving from South Dakota to Wyoming simple and easy

No doubt reading about the wonders of the Equality State left you itching to get the show on the road. Still, moving remains a daunting task. Therefore, it’s best not to rush it. Instead, draft a good plan and get organized. Or, you can take the easy road, and find a moving company that will do it all for you. With trained professionals by your side, moving from South Dakota to Wyoming becomes super simple.

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