Moving From Rhode Island to Florida

Moving from Rhode Island to Florida can be an exciting experience. But, you have to be prepared for it. You will be moving 1,318.1 miles southward. Using I-95 S, it will take you almost 20 hrs to reach your destination. With the support of the Best Cross Country Movers, you’ll find the best movers for this long trip. They will also be available and help you during the moving preparation time. However, in your new homeplace, everything will be unusual. At least, at the beginning. So, learning about the differences between Rode Island and Florida is a good idea. That way, you will know what to expect. And, you will know how to adjust to changes.

Moving from Rhode Island to Florida – the differences

These two states are by no means the same. In fact, you’ll probably have a much different lifestyle after making this move. Of course, that can be a positive or a negative, depending on your preferences. So, let’s see some main differences between RI and FL.

Size and population

Rhode Island is 52 times smaller than Florida. It is a New England state, well known for its sandy shores. And, for its beautiful cities made in colonial style. Its population is about 1,1 million. And, once you move to Florida, you will share it with 21,7 million people. Besides, you will probably like to know that the costs of living in Florida are 17.4% lower. And, living in Florida you will not be paying income tax.

A building in Rhode Island
Rhode Island is 52 times smaller than Florida.

Climate differences

Rhode Island has four distinct seasons. Discussing the Rhode Island climate, we can summarize it in several points:

  • equal distribution of precipitation among the four seasons
  • large changes in temperature, annually and daily
  • sudden storms
  • during one season, weather depends on the closeness of the ocean, elevation, and terrain

On the other hand, Florida is well known for its hot summers and mild winters. And because of the average of 230 sunny days per year, it is also known as the Sunny State. And, when you are ready to relocate to this peace of paradise, don’t miss to seek the assistance of cross country movers Rhode Island and successfully complete the move.

Rhode Island vs Florida – comparison of living costs

We could already see that living in Florida is considerably cheaper than living in Rhode Island. So, let us now do a quick comparison of living costs.

Real estate and income differences

Median home value/property tax

  • Florida – $425,541/ $2,338
  • Rhode Island – $446,183/ $4,518

Median rent

  • Florida – $1,175
  • Rhode Island – $1,004

Median household income

  • Florida – $63,062
  • Rhode Island – $74,008

Unemployment rate

  • Florida – 6%
  • Rhode Island – 8%

Other costs of living

The other major costs of living are food, groceries, transportation, entertainment, sports, etc. So, let us see what you should expect to pay after moving to Florida.

Eating in a restaurant, you will pay 35.4% less for the same meal in Florida, than in Rhode Island. Also, the same type of groceries is 21.0% cheaper in Florida. Transportation costs are 5.8% lower in Rhode Island, due to cheaper public transportation. Living in Florida, you will pay 16.0% less for housing costs. Also, entertainment costs in Florida are 31.9% lower.

Portrait of Two Girl Students
Florida has excellent school districts.

What educational possibilities to expect after moving from Rhode Island to Florida

 Florida has excellent school districts. Presently, there are almost 3 million students enrolled in the 4,269 public and private schools. And, both public and private ones are highly ranked. Besides, Florida is known for many high-ranking universities.

So, you might be moving to Florida, to enroll in one of those universities. Or, you are moving to Florida as a family. In both cases, count on the services of interstate movers in Florida and ensure a stress-free move.

Major Florida industries and job availability

Florida has a fast-growing economy. So, its job market is rich and ever-growing. In case you haven’t secured a job before moving from Rhode Island to Florida, no problem. It won’t be hard to find a job that is matching your vocation. First, you should know that many Fortune 500 companies are having their branches in Florida. Also, Miami is known as a financial hub.

The main industries in Florida are:

  • aerospace and aviation
  • life science
  • manufacturing
  • security
  • information technology

And, if they are not your match, you can always find various employment in the hospitality industry.

Getting ready for a smooth relocation

In order to ensure a smooth relocation, you have to prepare timely. And in the right way. Doing so, you will avoid famous moving stress. And you will even be able to enjoy sightseeing while moving from Rhode Island to Florida. so, let us see how to achieve this goal.

Draft moving plan and budget

The moving plan will help you to complete your preparations, step by step. That way, you won’t miss completing some important tasks. A budget plan, on the other hand, will help you to keep track of your moving-related expenditures.

Be resolute when decluttering

Whatever you don’t need, leave it behind. You are preparing for a long-distance relocation. This means that your moving costs will be calculated based on the size of your move and the distance traveled. So, the less you carry, the cheaper your move will be.


Man in blue t-shirt and black pants standing besides white van getting ready to help someone who is moving from Rhode Island to Florida
It is very important to find reputable movers when moving from Rhode Island to Florida.

Finding a reputable moving company is important

The moving companies, including cross country movers Providence, will give you a delivery window. So, your belongings will be in the custody of a mover anytime from 2 days to 2 weeks. And, when you are dealing with reliable movers, you can relax. Your belongings will be in safe hands. And, even in case of being late, such companies will reimburse you for extra waiting time.

Complete your packing timely

Start packing timely. That way, you won’t pack unnecessary things. Or forget to complete something important, as it can easily happen when you are rushing. Also, if you are late, the company can cancel the moving contract. And, you might even pay the penalties.

Complete all admin tasks

Apply for an address change, and ensure the transfer of the utilities, medical records, and school records for your kids. Inform all relevant bodies of your move. And, don’t forget to inform your family and friends too.

Adjusting to Florida

By following those steps, you successfully completed moving from Rhode Island to Florida. Once there, everything you learned about the State of Florida will show useful. You will adjust to the Sunshine State lifestyle. You will know where to look for good employment. Or, how to choose the right school for your kids. Simply said, with little preparation, you will know your way around from the start.

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