Moving From Omaha to Los Angeles

Moving from Omaha to Los Angeles is nothing but starting a new chapter in your life. It’s a story filled with anticipation, new discoveries, and amazing adjustments. This relocation is not just about packing boxes but about the exciting shift from the quiet Midwestern lifestyle to the modern pulse of the West Coast. Best Cross Country Movers will help you go through the key aspects of this move, offering insights into costs, education, job opportunities, and the lifestyle that awaits you in the City of Angels!

Welcome to Your New Chapter

Before you even schedule your relocation you have to understand that moving from Omaha to Los Angeles is a huge decision. These two cities are more than 1.556 miles apart and you are surely having a long-distance move. This means you will have to go through many changes, starting from the change of environment, neighborhood, and even job. Since you chose this to be your decision it will be good to focus on all those things that wait for you in advance. Not only you will adjust more easily, but the entire transition and moving process will be better. Then, when the time comes to make an agreement with interstate movers Nebraska, half of the work will be over.

landscapes in Nebraska
Leaving Omaha is not so uncommon but you will still have to prepare for your relocation

Omaha Moving Trends

Omaha, with its rolling plains and friendly faces, offers a stable, affordable way of life that many cherish. However, the call of Los Angeles, with its unparalleled diversity, economic opportunities, and year-round sunshine, is hard to resist for dreamers, professionals, and anyone in between seeking growth and adventure. Omaha has been experiencing a population decline, with a current rate of -0.77% annually. Since the 2020 census, the population has decreased by -3.02%, moving from 492,601 to 477,705 in 2024. This trend indicates that a small but notable percentage of the population is leaving Omaha each year.

Of course, every relocation is individual and you should stick to your reasons. Deciding to move means that you are ready for a change especially when you choose to move to Los Angeles. Even though these things are much easier in theory, don’t get scared easily! Every relocation has some tough moments but with the right help and a good plan, it will be the adventure of a lifetime!

How often do people move to LA?

While the trend in the United States has been a decline in the rate of people moving, long-distance relocations, including interstate moves, are on the rise. Studies indicate that moving trends are evolving, with a significant portion of Americans considering relocating, motivated by factors such as affordability, job opportunities, and safety concerns. This shift suggests that cities like Los Angeles may continue to see a rise in new residents seeking the diverse opportunities and lifestyles the city offers.

A Financial Tale of Two Cities

When moving from Omaha to Los Angeles, the difference in the cost of living is one of the most pressing considerations. Los Angeles stands as a beacon of opportunity but also poses a challenge with its high cost of living, approximately 43.5% higher than Omaha. This significant difference touches every aspect of daily life, from housing to a cup of coffee​

  • Housing: The cornerstone of cost differences. In Los Angeles, finding a place in desirable neighborhoods like Silver Lake or Santa Monica can be startlingly more expensive than Omaha’s Dundee or Benson. If your plans include buying a house or an apartment in LA, make sure to find a good agency and check the market on a daily basis. The average Omaha home value is $278,352, and the average Los Angeles home value is $974,105.
  • Daily expenses: From grocery shopping to dining out, every meal and market visit in Los Angeles demands a larger portion of your budget. A simple lunch costs around $22 in LA, compared to $19 in Omaha. Of course, this will vary from neighborhood to neighborhood so make sure to explore what suits you the most.
  • Getting around: Whether you choose to drive or use public transportation, Los Angeles offers a vast, albeit more expensive, network to navigate your new city. If you have a car, check if your new neighborhood has parking spaces as well as your new company or office. Considering how busy traffic can be in LA, using public transportation could be the best option for you or your family. Make sure to inform interstate movers Omaha on time in case you decide to move!
landscapes of Los Angeles
Before moving from Omaha to Los Angeles you will have to get to know your new neighborhood and community

Education Opportunities

For families and individuals considering education, both Omaha and Los Angeles have impressive educational institutions, but with different flavors and focuses. Omaha’s educational system is known for its strong public schools and community support. In contrast, Los Angeles presents a vast array of choices from public, and private, to charter schools, each offering diverse programs and extracurriculars to cater to the multifaceted interests of its students. This is a really important topic for you or your kids so let’s see what options you have in Los Angeles.

Keep in mind that your kids could be sensitive to this relocation. Usually, they prefer to stick to old friends, old school and old home so make sure you start talking with them on time. Introducing new schools and LA to them could be a good start but you should also include them in some other activities. For example, you can explore together how to pack for a multifamily move or how to organize a new home in LA. Whatever you decide to do, they will go through the entire process easier and will adjust much better.

The most notable schools in LA

Venture further into the city, and you’ll discover the renowned Marlborough School, an oasis of empowerment and academic excellence for young women. With its emphasis on fostering critical thinking, creativity, and social responsibility, Marlborough stands as a testament to the transformative power of education in shaping not just scholars, but also compassionate and empowered global citizens.

family having dinner after moving from Omaha to Los Angeles
And those who are moving with their kids should explore schools and other important institutions in LA

For those seeking a more specialized educational experience, institutions such as The Archer School for Girls and Brentwood School offer unparalleled opportunities for academic exploration and personal growth. From STEM-focused programs to robust arts and humanities offerings, these schools provide a nurturing environment where students are encouraged to pursue their passions, challenge conventions, and embrace the boundless possibilities of their futures

Navigating Job Markets

People will decide to move for different reasons, but one thing remains the same! You will have to find a good job after moving from Omaha to Los Angeles or arrange to keep the current one. Let’s see what exactly you should know about job opportunities before hiring interstate movers Los Angeles for your relocation.

Omaha’s economy

Thriving in industries such as finance, insurance, and healthcare, Omaha offers a stable job market with opportunities for growth in these sectors. In Omaha, Nebraska, a city known for its Midwestern charm and burgeoning business scene, several companies stand out as pillars of the local economy, drawing attention and admiration both regionally and nationally. At the forefront is Berkshire Hathaway, the multinational conglomerate helmed by legendary investor Warren Buffett. With its diverse portfolio spanning industries such as insurance, railroads, utilities, and consumer goods, Berkshire Hathaway has solidified its status as a powerhouse in the world of finance and business, garnering respect for its long-term investment philosophy and steadfast commitment to shareholder value.

Another notable presence in Omaha’s corporate landscape is Union Pacific Corporation, one of the largest railroad companies in the United States. As a vital artery of commerce, Union Pacific plays a pivotal role in transporting goods and commodities across the nation, contributing to the economic vitality of not only Omaha but the entire country. Its rich history, innovative spirit, and unwavering dedication to safety and efficiency have earned Union Pacific a place of prominence in the hearts and minds of Nebraskans and beyond.

Omaha at night
You may miss your old home at first but keep in mind that LA has so much to offer

Los Angeles’ diverse job landscape

The economy of Los Angeles is rich and varied, with the entertainment industry at its heart. Beyond Hollywood, sectors such as technology, healthcare, and manufacturing provide a wide array of opportunities for professionals. Some of the most notable companies to work for in 2024 include Google, known for its innovative products and solutions that impact lives globally, and Procore Technologies, which offers cloud-based construction management software. The Trade Desk, an ad tech company changing global advertising, and ServiceTitan, providing software for tradespeople, are also prominent employers.

In addition to these tech giants and innovative startups, Los Angeles hosts prestigious law firms like O’Melveny & Myers LLP, offering services in a wide range of legal areas, and financial institutions such as Houlihan Lokey, known for their thoughtful, caring advice in financial matters. Luckily, interstate movers California will do their work and give you plenty of time to prepare and schedule all interviews in advance.

From Quiet Plains to Sunny Beaches

The lifestyle change when moving from Omaha to Los Angeles cannot be overstated. Los Angeles offers an endless summer, cultural diversity, and a plethora of recreational activities, from beach days to mountain hikes. Omaha, with its community-centric living and access to nature, offers a more laid-back pace. The transition presents an exciting opportunity to expand your horizons and enjoy the dynamic Los Angeles culture.

Los Angeles is a city that caters to a wide variety of lifestyles, interests, and professional aspirations, making it an exciting place for newcomers. Whether you’re looking for a lively cultural scene, tranquil suburban life, or anything in between, LA’s diverse neighborhoods offer something for everyone. Professional cross country residential movers will help you with your items, but you must be the one to choose the most ideal place to move to and spend your free time.

empty street
Check out your transportation options after moving from Omaha to Los Angeles

Making Los Angeles Your Home

The move from Omaha to Los Angeles is a journey of adaptation and discovery. It’s about finding your place in a city that pulses with creativity, diversity, and opportunity. It’s about embracing the higher cost of living as the price for an enriching lifestyle filled with endless sunshine, cultural diversity, and career opportunities not found anywhere else. Los Angeles is more than its portrayal in the media, offering cultural diversity, a lot of outdoor activities, and a dynamic arts scene. Engaging with local communities and exploring different neighborhoods can help new residents feel more at home and discover the unique aspects of LA life. Now let’s see how to get closer to your new community in LA!

Participating in local events is a fantastic way to meet people and get a sense of the community’s spirit. Look for neighborhood gatherings, festivals, farmer’s markets, or local performances. These events often attract a diverse group of residents, making them excellent opportunities to introduce yourself and start conversations. You can also visit local shops, cafes, and restaurants. Not only does this support the local economy, but it also allows you to become a familiar face in the neighborhood. Engage in small talk with business owners and staff; they can be great sources of information about other community events and activities. Cross country commercial movers should be included in your plans if you wish to move your businesses or office there, too.

people at the beach
Give yourself plenty of time to get to know LA and get used to it’s wonderful lifestyle

The Adventure Awaits After Moving From Omaha to Los Angeles!

Moving from Omaha to Los Angeles is more than a change of address; it’s a leap into a new way of life. This journey, filled with opportunities and challenges, promises to be an adventure of personal and professional growth. As you contemplate this significant change, remember that the essence of this move is not just in the practicalities of cost or jobs but in the rich experiences that Los Angeles offers. Welcome to your new home, where every day is an opportunity to explore, grow, and create the life you’ve always dreamed of!


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