Moving from NYC to Atlanta

When people decide to relocate they need to consider a lot of things. Job opportunities, education for kids, apartments, houses, traffic, parking spots… New York City is a phenomenal city with great opportunities and an amazing lifestyle. But, this lifestyle is not for everybody, and it can be quite depressing. Living in a big city can be depressing for people. That is why a lot of people move from NYC to some other city. They just can handle that expensive and fast lifestyle. If you are considering changing your home and living in another city, moving from NYC to Atlanta can be beneficial in many ways. You will still have a lot of opportunities but the lifestyle will be a little different and not so fast. We will discuss this, but first of all, we need to mention that the best way to move from one place to another is by hiring movers. If you don’t know where to find them, Best Cross Country Movers can provide that information.

Atlanta VS NYC

We will start with food. We all have to eat, right? A big percentage of our salaries goes to food. If you want to eat in a restaurant, in NYC you will need 25$. In Atlanta, you only need 15$ which is 40% less. If you eat every day in a restaurant, how much will you save on food in Atlanta? You will save 300$! Utilities (Monthly) are more expensive in Atlanta. For example, you will need 214.56$ for an 85m2 Apartment. In bigger New York you need 159.56. That is 36% more if you live in Atlanta. 55$ more.

Preschool (or Kindergarten) can cost a lot of money. In New York, 2312$ is a lot of your monthly budget. 1,207.11 $ which is 47.81% less in Atlanta. You can see that if you have a small child, Atlanta is a better choice. And it still has an amazing school system where your kids can learn. Interstate movers in Atlanta are there to answer all your questions about moving from NYC to Atlanta, and they will share their experience and prepare you for what can you expect.

New York City
Manhattan has the most expensive apartments


In big cities, everything goes fast. For some people, life goes so fast that they can’t follow the changes. It makes them depressed in many ways. When you are young, fast life is an amazing thing. You meet a lot of people, go out, and learn fast about everything. But if you don’t take a break from all of this, your brain is going to change and you will feel depressed. Life for a senior in NYC is just too fast and then people want peace. It is hard to find neighborhoods in NYC that are quiet enough for your nerves and inner peace. Atlanta is a much smaller city, and different in many ways from NYC. NY cross country movers are there if you have any questions when you relocate to Atlanta from NYC.

Is Atlanta as fun as NYC

There is no question that NYC is full of fun and things to do and visit. A city with so many people has everything. When you compare Atlanta to NYC, we are sure that there are a lot of things to do same as in NYC. We can right away tell you that you need to try Ifly! Other things you can do or visit:

  • Fernbank museum
  • Georgia Aquarium
  • Legoland Discovery Center Atlanta
  • Atlanta Symphony Orchestra
  • Atlanta Botanical garden
  • Alliance Theatre
  • Atlanta Magic Theatre

If you want to enjoy and explore this beautiful city of Atlanta as soon as you arrive, interstate moving companies in Georgia are there to help you move without stress, quickly, and easily. You will have more time to explore and not think about moving and unpacking.

Kid and dad watching fishes in aquarium
Visit the aquarium with your kids, they will love it

Moving from NYC to Atlanta can go smoothly

As we said, hiring movers is always a smart idea. They are professionals that know how to deal with interstate moving and they will do it much better than you. Experience is everything when it comes to moving. People usually don’t have so much experience with this and mistakes are made often! To avoid that and enjoy your moving day, we highly recommend that you search for reputable movers! The only way you are going to know that is if you do your research and know what to pay attention to. The first step is to decide what services you are going to use, where are you going, and read about reviews on movers that you want to hire. And you need to ask for moving quotes from at least 3 movers. That way you are going to see if there is a red flag somewhere. If something is too good to be true, consider it as a warning sign! Best cross country movers NYC are the real deal and you need reputable movers like that.

What can I expect in Atlanta?

The city of Atlanta is much smaller. NYC has over 12 million people, and Atlanta near 500,000 people. That means that housing is much cheaper! This is a big thing. Demand for apartments in NYC is so huge that supply can’t answer. That is why renting a small apartment in NYC can cost up to a few thousand dollars! The median rent on a one-bedroom apartment in Atlanta runs $1,394 and a two-bedroom at $1,403.  Brooklyn and Queens which are in New York came in at $2,936 and $2,412. Manhattan? More than 4,000! This is for a smaller apartment in Manhattan. As you can see, life in Atlanta will be much cheaper and you will get a lot of job offers, schools are great, traffic is not so bad as in NYC and you can find your peace there.

The city of Atlanta
Atlanta can be the right place for you

Relocating here can be good for you

Atlanta is full of opportunities and it can provide you with a simpler and happier life. People come to New York reading about an amazing place where dreams come true. And it is possible, but you have to be aware of this fast and expensive life. That is why moving from NYC to Atlanta can be the right thing for you if you want to avoid all this, or if you need to move for some other reason. For your relocation, we suggest hiring movers! They are professionals that know how to move you fast and without stress.

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