Moving from New Jersey to Florida

So, you’ve decided to move to Florida or at least you are thinking about it. If this is the case, you’re in the right place since today we’ll discuss this topic. We at Best Cross Country Movers would like to help you with Moving from New Jersey to Florida. As the name says we can see that more and more people are moving cross country. There are numerous reasons why is this, and now it’s more affordable than ever before. On the other hand, because of the post-pandemic inflation, the prices are higher and people are also changing jobs or looking for more affordable places to live. So, let’s see how you can move from New Jersey to Florida!

Moving from New Jersey to Florida is better in terms of cost of living

Now let’s start with the national average living cost. So, the living cost in New Jersey is 16% higher than the national average compared to a 1% higher cost of living in Florida. As of start, we can say that generally Florida is cheaper in terms of housing or rent and that’s one of the biggest differences. Housing and renting prices are 40% above the national average while in Florida it’s 0% (it’s at the same level as the national average). We as one of the best cross country movers Florida can tell you that for example utilizes are 6% higher in Florida than in New Jersey.  On the other side thing like the prices of food and clothes are 2% lower in Florida. On the contrary, these things are 7% more expensive in New Jersey, compared to the rest of the US.

So when it comes to things like cinemas, tickets, and other types of entertainment they’re about 10% cheaper in Florida. Now we as one of the best cross-country movers have also some good news for you. When it comes to prices of dental and doctor checkups prices are the same; not only that but also prices are 2% lower than the national average. If you want to find out more about some interesting data, prices, etc. you can check out Rent Cafe’s website, they have a ton of interesting content on their website. You can also use this website for other states and compare them.

Black calculator next to the ballpoint pen on the white printed paper;
Before moving from New Jersey to Florida you should calculate all expenses and the cost of living.

The places to live in Florida after moving from New Jersey and nightclubs to visit

Since as we’ve discussed in the previous paragraph, Florida is in general cheaper especially when it comes to housing and renting. Now here we’ll talk about some of the cheapest parts of Florida where you can live. At our first stop, we have a tiny town in eastern Florida, it’s also near the beach, and it’s called Edgewater. With a population of over 21, 000 people it’s a great place to live. The average rent is $900 according to Zumper for 1 bedroom apartment. We as cross country moving companies in New Jersey consider this the cheapest place you can live; in addition, it’s only one hour drive from Edgewater to Orlando. So if you need anything you’ll be there in an hour or even less.

Now let’s talk about some more expensive places to live in Florida. This would be a place like Palm Beach with an average rent of $2,846 for one bedroom apartment. This is near Miami it’s just a 38-minute drive from Weston. Now if you’re looking for fun in a “sin city” way, if you understand it, then the best place would be Miami. It’s the biggest city and has everything you can expect from a city like this. Some of the best clubs in Miami would be Basement, LIV Miami, Story, Floyd, Club Space, E11EVEN, etc. This will mostly depend upon the type of music that you listen to and your personal preference, but these are overall rated some of the best.  Now Miami has an average rent of $2,500. which is a 19% increase since the last September.

Miami beach;
Miami beach is one of the most popular attractions but a bit pricier place to live.

The major differences after moving from New Jersey to Florida

First, we’ll give you one extra tip, before even planning a move you’ll have to know what to look for before hiring moving companies for cross country moves. Now let’s see some of the major differences between these two states:

  • The first one and the most obvious one is the climate. Florida is humid and that can be a problem for people who don’t like this.
  • Taxes are lower in Florida compared to New Jersey.  Florida for example has no state income tax, while it ranges from 1.4% to 8.97% in New Jersey.
  • Florida is flat but trust us on this one. It means that there are no small hills and mountain-like areas, it’s as flat as a pan.

Now, these are some of the “biggest” differences that you people notice. Now if you have a car and don’t know how out of state shipping works, we’ve got you covered here as well. So don’t worry about other potential differences because they’re primarily subtle, instead enjoy the sun and the beach.

A man at the beach looking somewhere and thinking about moving from New Jersey to Frorida;
One of the things that people mostly complain about when they move to Florida is the heat. But you can compensate for that with the beautiful ocean and beach.

The conclusion

So that would be it for today and thank you for reading this article. We hope that you liked our thoughts on the topic of moving from New Jersey to Florida.  As you can see there are a lot of advantages, especially if you’re doing some specific work like freelance or anything remote. This has become more and more popular ever since the pandemic started in 2020. Some scientists believe that this is the future of work. Anyway, just imagine finishing your job and going to the beach and enjoying the beautiful sunset. The biggest problem though would be those pesky mosquitos. We hope that you’ll enjoy Florida and have a stress-free and easy move!

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