Moving From New Hampshire to Washington

Moving from New Hampshire to Washington might seem difficult job. Especially given the huge contrasts in the way of living. There are big differences in temperature, lifestyle, and culture between the two states. New Hampshire is well-known for its little villages, lush forests, and harsh winters. Contrary, Washington is well-known for its bustling cities, dramatic mountain ranges, and coastal climate. In this blog post, we’ll look at the significant differences between them. We’ll cover the cost of living and work options, as well as outdoor activities and cultural attractions. Best Cross Country Movers are here to help you determine whether relocating to the Pacific Northwest is suitable for you.

Cost of Living: Which State is More Affordable?

While both New Hampshire and Washington have excellent standards of living, the price of living in each state varies greatly. As per recent data, Washington has a slightly higher cost of living than the national median, while New Hampshire has a slightly lower cost of living. Housing costs in Washington, however, are far greater than in New Hampshire, especially in the Seattle metropolitan region. While selecting which area is a more inexpensive option for you, you must examine these cost-of-living criteria. Housing average with monthly family rent of $2171 in New Hampshire and $2394 in Washington. Average monthly food expenses in New Hampshire are $533, and $564 in Washington. Monthly family utility expenses in New Hampshire average $177, and in Washington $175.

Mother holding an apple, with her kids in the kitchen, after moving from New Hampshire to Washington
Average monthly food expenses are $30 higher in Washington

Moving from New Hampshire to Washington: Education and Job Opportunities

Both New Hampshire and Washington have advantages when it comes to career chances. New Hampshire’s economy is broad. Emphasis is on healthcare, education, and technology. That’s why it’s an attractive location for skilled professionals. The state also has a well-educated labor force. In comparison, Washington is home to several big firms, including Amazon, Microsoft, and Boeing. It offers a variety of career opportunities. The state is particularly well-known for its growing technology economy. Numerous startups and established corporations are headquartered in Seattle. Both states feature prestigious public university systems. The University of Washington and the University of New Hampshire serve as flagship institutions. With the above-mentioned, interstate moving companies New Hampshire have helped many professionals move from NH to WA, and they can help you as well.

Comparing Seasons and Temperature Differences for Exploring the Natural Wonders

Both states are rich in natural beauty, making them ideal for outdoor enthusiasts. New Hampshire has four seasons, with hot summers and freezing winters. It offers a scenic backdrop for hiking, skiing, and canoeing. In contrast, the moderate temperatures and wet winters of Washington provide numerous chances for outdoor activities. For example, hiking in the Cascade Mountains, skiing in the Olympic Mountains, and whale watching along the coast. Washington has the spectacular landscape of Olympic National Park, Mount Rainier, and the North Cascades. In New Hampshire, you can experience the stunning White Mountains and Lakes Area.

A guy skiing - an outdoor activity relevat to some people when moving from New Hampshire to Washington
If you’re used to skiing in NH, know that there won’t be a lack of such opportunities after moving from New Hampshire to Washington

Moving from New Hampshire to Washington: Getting Around in NH and WA

The transportation networks in New Hampshire and Washington are different. Firstly, driving is the preferred method of transport in New Hampshire. It’s due to the state’s wide highway system and side roads. It includes the picturesque Kancamagus Highway. Moreover, the state is home to a number of minor airports, such as Manchester-Boston Regional Airport.

Washington, in comparison, has a more varied transportation system. It includes a strong ferry network that links the Puget Sound region to islands and peninsulas. There is as well a well-developed transit system that includes buses and light rail. Seattle-Tacoma International Airport also functions as a significant transportation hub in the Pacific Northwest. A monthly ticket for local transport in WA costs $66.8, while in NH is $49.5. One liter or 0.26 gal of gas costs $1.15 in WA and $1.15 in NH. For those moving across the country, cross country movers in Concord can help with the relocation process.

  • The state of New Hampshire
    • Large highways such as I-93, I-89, and the Everett Turnpike;
    • State routes like Route 101 and Route 16;
    • Limited bus systems such as Concord Coach Lines and Greyhound;
    • Regional airports such as Manchester-Boston Regional Airport and Portsmouth International Airport at Pease;
  • In the Washington area
    • In contrast, an extensive public transit network that includes buses, light rail, and ferries;
    • Limited public transit choices, with bus service in some areas;
    • Alternative transportation choices, like as biking and walking;
    • Important highways, including I-5, I-90, and State Highway 99.

Moving from New Hampshire to Washington: Accessing Healthcare

Both New Hampshire and Washington have robust healthcare systems. They include regarded hospitals, medical facilities, and physicians. Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center is a leading medical center in New Hampshire and is frequently regarded as one of the top hospitals in the state. Similarly, Washington is home to a number of prestigious medical facilities. The University of Washington Medical Center is nationally recognized for its clinical research and treatment.

These states also provide a variety of healthcare services and insurance plans to guarantee that people have access to high-quality treatment. The cost of health care for a full-price Silver plan in Washington is $470 per month and $475 in New Hampshire. It’s important to remember there are many interstate moving companies Washington that are making it simple to carry personal possessions and medical records to your new place.

Fun in the Granite State vs. Emerald City Excitement

There are numerous entertainment choices available to both residents and visitors in New Hampshire and Washington. Skiing, hiking, and water sports are popular outdoor activities in New Hampshire. Cultural institutions like the Currier Museum of Art and the Palace Theatre provide choices for indoor entertainment. Visitors to Washington can tour the Pike Place Market, the Space Needle, and other well-known Seattle landmarks. Various parks and scenic locations are nearby as well. In addition, the state is the location of several prominent museums, including the Seattle Art Museum and the Museum of Pop Culture.

Space Needle, Seattle WA
Washington has many beautiful landscapes, one of which is a view of Seattle’s trademark – Space Needle

From the Northeast to the Pacific: A Tale of Two Coasts

To conclude, it can be a thrilling experience moving from New Hampshire to Washington. But, it’s necessary to take into account the contrasts between the two states. There are many things to think about while relocating. From the climate and outdoor activities to career opportunities and transportation choices. Ultimately, the choice will come down to your priorities and personal preferences. Moving to Washington, however, may be a fantastic opportunity to discover a new region of the nation and take advantage of all that the Pacific Northwest has to offer.

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