Moving from Nebraska to California

Relocating from one place in the US to another is always going to require a lot of energy and time. That’s why moving from Nebraska to California will be a big challenge that will require some knowledge before you actually take some action. Thankfully, we at Best Cross Country Movers will have options when it comes to companies that can help you with moving. Let’s take a look at some of the differences between the two states.

Keep in mind the cost of living

One of the biggest details that will impact your move will be the economics. And one of the most important parts of that will be the cost of living. Between Nebraska and California, there will be a tangible difference. When you get matched with interstate movers in Nebraska you won’t have to think about finances as much as at least movers will be cheap. However, other aspects will become more expensive after your relocation. As a bigger state, California will have higher prices, especially in the biggest cities. For that reason, make sure that you know how to budget in advance when it comes to this type of relocation. Be ready that you’ll have to pay more than 30% on average for your basic costs.

Two people budgeting
Moving from Nebraska to California might require you to budget

The weather between the two states will be very different

One of the differences between the two states will be the weather. Nebraska is considered a somewhat colder state, especially when it comes to comparison to California. Overall, you will have hot summers while the winters can get very cold. Of course, you can count on reliable California cross country movers to get you to your new location in any climate. There are not many places that will have a better climate in the US. Especially if you want to live in a warm and hot climate and want to forget about winter. Get used to sunny days and the many opportunities that come with them in California.

The cost of housing is going to have a big impact on your decision about moving from Nebraska to California

Housing is an important part of the relocation process. And there will be a lot of details that you’ll need to think about. Especially as you will get a smaller home in California for the same price as a home in Nebraska. You can be sure that the best cross country movers Omaha can help you with the relocation. But it’s necessary to keep the difference in mind. When it comes to the median price of a signal family home, you can be sure that the difference is pretty big. For Nebraska, you will pay $210,000 while in California you’ll pay $708,000. The increase in home prices yearly in California is around 20% while in Nebraska it’s 12.5%. This all will have a big impact on your relocation.

More people can sometimes mean more problems

Moving from Nebraska to California will mean that you’re going to a much bigger area. And let’s be completely honest, sometimes that can be a big downside of any relocation. Especially as bigger states have more problems with traffic and commutes that take hours. Any of the interstate movers California you ask will highlight such a problem. as moving from one state to another isn’t a problem. But navigating around a city like LA can be a huge challenge. Besides that, cities in California like LA are on top of lists when it comes to pollution and smog. That’s not something you need to worry about in Nebraska.

A busy highway
California is more prone to smog and pollution just by the sheer number of people living in it

Entertainment options in California will be amazing

There’s probably not a state in the US that will have more entertainment options than California. There’s Hollywood like the obvious pick, but also LA, San Francisco, and many other places that will always keep you entertained. After the long distance movers San Francisco help you out you will have a plethora of options. And it’s not downplaying Nebraska, but there’s no chance that it’s able to compete with such options. For that reason, relocating from Nebraska to California can be great if you’re young or want to have diverse and quality entertainment options.

Getting around will take more time in California

When it comes to how big it is, California is double the size of Nebraska. However, it will have almost 20 times more people than Nebraska. That means that the population density is going to be so much greater. And with that, there will come a lot of problems when it comes to transportation and other challenges. For example, the best interstate movers Lincoln will have a much easier job getting around their area than in the majority of places in California. Overall, you will need to adjust to being inside traffic for a longer period of time.

You will still be in a good economy but with more options when moving from Nebraska to California

Both Nebraska and California have pretty good economies. But it’s a big difference in how you look at them. California will have more options and you will see that there are a variety of job opportunities just based on the fact that California is much bigger and has more people in it. Those opportunities are why the long distance movers Bellevue move more and more people to California. However, Nebraska has a very stable and strong economy. So you can be pretty sure that you’re moving to an area with a strong economy too.

Get quality movers to help you with moving from Nebraska to California

In the end, in order to relocate without any problems and challenges, you will need quality and professional movers. There are many companies that can help you with such a big move. Especially as the distance between the states will be around 1,500 miles. Choosing the assistance of the best cross country movers San Diego will be a great choice to approach this problem. They will have the expertise and experience to make your move happen in the shortest amount of time.

A mover packing a glass inside a moving box full of packing peanuts
For such a big move ensure you have quality movers

Moving from Nebraska to California is not an easy task to do. However, when you get to know what you need to do, even the distance won’t seem as big of a problem. You’re moving to a much bigger state with more opportunities in so many ways. But it’s necessary to have a BBB-approved moving company to assist you with every step of the relocation. We’re sure that you’ll be able to feel right at home after your move.


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