Moving from Miami to Houston

Moving within a state can already be a big change. And moving from Miami to Houston will definitely bring a lot of differences into your lifestyle. You will, for sure, need time to adjust. So, besides preparing for the move, you should also prepare mentally. Learning some basics about the place you’re moving to can help. You will know what to expect once the Best Cross Country Movers bring you to your new home.

Houston during the nighttime - Moving from Miami to Houston.
When moving from Miami to Houston, you can choose to live in The Loop.

Not so many people are moving from Florida to another state

Florida, with its beautiful beaches, nice climate, and leisure lifestyle is attractive to many. About 100 million people are visiting annually this exotic place. They enjoy cruise ships, amusement parks, and crystal blue waters. And, a lot of people from other USA countries are moving in. Besides all the beauty, living in Florida is rather affordable. So, it is a bit surprising to hear when someone is leaving. Although, on the other hand, if you are leaving, you must have a very good reason for that. The usual reasons for younger people are very attractive jobs and career opportunities.

Houston is among the fastest-growing cities in the USA

Although much younger than NYC, Boston, and Chicago, Houston is growing very fast. Nowadays, it is ranked 4th most populous city in the country. Houston has residents from all around the globe. So, you will find there an amazing mix of cultures, cuisines, low costs of living, vibrant lifestyle, and famous Southern hospitality. Besides, the job market is very rich and ever-growing. So, no wonder that it is attracting a lot of people in search of prosperous work posts.

Comparison of living costs between Miami and Houston

Overall, Miami, FL is 22,0% more expensive than Houston TX. The main factor for this difference is the Median Home Cost, which is 44% cheaper in Houston. The home in Miami would cost you $398,100. The same size home in Houston, you can get for $220,000. So, using the reliable best cross country movers in Miami, you will easily move to Houston. And, once there, you will have a good chance to buy your own property. 

Besides that, all other costs like healthcare, transportation, food, and groceries are considerably cheaper in Houston. Only the utilities are at the same level in both cities.

Before moving from Miami to Houston, you will have to decide which side of The Loop is best for you

Houston is known for many inner waterways. Due to that, it is often referred to as the Bayou City. Thanks to these bayous Houston has many attractive neighborhoods and suburbs. 

However, the most significant marker in Houston is “the loop.” This 610 highway circular barrier is the main geographical reference for destinations throughout the city. Simply said, if you find a home in The Inner Loop, you will be in downtown Houston. That is the most populated area of the city. So, if you love active life, sports, parks, theatre, and good restaurants, that is the right place for you. In case you are buying property in the loop, you will have to look for apartments. In case you prefer single-family homes, they are available outside the Loop.


Houston bike station.
Houston’s BCycle bike share program has become very popular.

Commuting in Houston

Proximity to work and housing prices, which defer among neighborhoods, will influence your commuting time. On average, commuting in Houston takes 27 minutes one way. Like other Texans, people from Houston like to use their cars. However, in case you are living downtown, you will enjoy so-called ‘Green’ transportation options. Downtown is strongly committed to environmental sustainability. Houston’s BCycle bike share program has become very popular. Also, they built an extensive network of sidewalks and a lot of bicycle lanes, to make the “green commuting” safe.

Choosing neighborhoods when moving from Miami to Houston

Houston has many attractive neighborhoods. It is not always easy to make choice. However, you will probably like some of them better than others. That will decide where the interstate moving companies Houston will bring you. To help you with choosing, we are giving here a short overview:

The Heights

This neighborhood is located in the Inner Loop. It is one of the posher neighborhoods. There, you many enjoy a reach nightlife and excellent restaurants. It is also known for state of art fitness facilities.

East Downtown (or EaDo)

The area was originally populated by Chinese and Vietnamese immigrants. Abandoned in the 1990s, it is lately seeing a lot of repairs and rebuilding. Here, you will enjoy the vibrant street art.

River Oaks

This is Houston’s farthest neighborhood inside the Loop. There, you can see large mansions and estates.

West University

This is the most family-friendly neighborhood inside the Loop.


Apartment with packed moving boxes.
By hiring the moving service, you will speed up your preparation process.

When choosing a place to live in Houston, you may check the suburbs too

Here is an overview of the most popular Houston suburbs:

  • The Woodlands,
  • Sugar Land,
  • Katy,
  • Cypress,
  • Bay Area.

Prepare your moving plan

Now, having an idea of the best places to live in Houston, you can start with moving preparations. So, preparing the moving plan will give you the timeframe for each segment of the preparation. That way, you will be ready on a moving day. Besides, it will help you, checking it part by part, to complete all necessary tasks.

Time to start with packing

Once you complete the moving plan, including the budget, you can start with preparations. As with any other move, you will have to start with decluttering. By disposing of the surplus things, you will have fewer things to move, Thus, you will pay less for the transportation costs. The next thing is to find good moving supplies and start packing. In case you don’t have time to do the packing yourself, you can ask for help. And to be sure that your belongings are packed properly, you can always ask your mover for the packing services. Their employees are skilled and have experience. So, they will also complete packing much faster than you.

Making Houston your new home

Since you have successfully completed moving from Miami to Houston, you can start by adapting to your new place. The first thing to do will be to stage your new home. Decorating it up to your liking will speed up the adaption process. Besides, it will help you to go around and see different places in the city. And living in Houston, you will have a lot of things to see and explore.

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