Moving from Miami to Austin

Moving to a different state can take much preparation and planning in advance. Trying to find the company that fits you best can take much time, let alone packing and preparing your home for relocation. If you lack experience with moving or need to find a reliable company in a hurry, Best Cross Country Movers can help you out. Instead of comparing quotes from many different companies when moving from Miami to Austin, let the professionals do this for you. Every relocation is special in its regard, and the best service should be tailored to your needs. Whether you have special equipment or need extra services, let the professionals find the right match for you. There will still be things you need to take care of, so here’s all you need to know before the move.

What do you need to know before moving from Miami to Austin?

You should start your preparations a couple of months in advance if you can. Many things require focus and attention, as well as professional assistance. Don’t make the mistake of trying to do everything on your own, especially if you don’t have moving experience. It requires specialized equipment, which most people don’t have in their homes. The first thing you should do when planning a move is to look for the right movers. It won’t be easy if you don’t have much time or experience, so consider letting the professionals find the best cross country movers in Miami for you. They will easily guide you through the process, helping you adjust your expectations. Depending on your specific needs, the best match may differ.

After hiring the best fitting movers, you should focus on other aspects of the move. Make sure you have enough time for packing, registering your new address with the employer, and transferring the ownership of utilities.

man and woman discussing the plan for moving from Miami to Austin
Discuss your best options with professionals who can help you find the best movers tailored to your needs.

Transfer ownership of utilities before the move

Moving to a new state means you’ll have to deal with a bit more paperwork and registering than usual. However, transferring the ownership of utilities applies to any kind of move. Note that movers may provide useful advice on what you need to do, but Florida interstate movers won’t be able to do this for you. Luckily, the authorities are not too strict about this, which makes the transfer flexible in case you’re late a day or two. In other words, companies won’t turn off your utilities if you don’t do this on time. Still, you should do your best to transfer the ownership of utilities before the move. Sometimes, the transfer of the ownership of utilities comes as a part of the deal when purchasing or renting a new home. That’s not the case always, though, so make sure everything is in order before the moving day.

Apart from transferring ownership of utilities, such as water, electricity, and internet, you should also talk to your employer. Different states have different tax laws and require you to register accordingly. Talk to the HR department in your company or the accountant so they can register your new address.

water tap running dry
Don’t worry if you failed to transfer the ownership of utilities before the move, as most companies are flexible.

How to pack for a cross-country relocation?

Depending on your needs, you could hire additional services to help you with your relocation. The best interstate movers in Austin can provide additional services such as packing and storage. However, many people decide to pack on their own. It can be a fun family activity unless you need to move heavy household appliances. Some items can cause back pain or you could damage your furniture if you don’t treat it with proper care. Always consider letting the professionals help you pack, at least the heavier items. If you decide to pack on your own, make sure you get the right materials.

Most of your items don’t need expensive packing materials, such as regular lightweight household items. You should only use carton boxes, duct tape, and packing paper. Try to wrap any item you can in packing paper to prevent it from scratching or suffering damage. Place your items in the boxes categorically, so it helps you unpack after moving. You can use the same boxes for your clothes. However, many people prefer to transport clothes in plastic bins, as they provide better protection. Finally, heavy household appliances require the most care and usually professional assistance. You should strap any household appliances to a wheeled dolly, so they are easier to move and load into a truck.

people closing a deal for storage after moving from Miami to Austin
Besides packing, you can also hire storage services when moving from Miami to Austin.

Transport restrictions when moving from Miami to Austin

Let the professionals know exactly what kind of items you need to transport. Remember that without cross country moving companies Texas relocation might be riskier than you imagined. Some items fall under restrictions imposed by most companies but it increases the safety of your relocation. These restrictions usually apply to items that can pose a risk for the rest of your belongings as well as your movers. For example, you shouldn’t move houseplants when moving from Miami to Austin. This may come as a surprise, but try to plan with this in mind. In this particular case, plants may wither without enough sunlight and water.

Other things that you shouldn’t move when moving from Miami to Austin are mostly flammable items. Many items fall under these restrictions, unfortunately. Most of them are different kinds of cosmetics and dangerous chemicals.

Finally, most moving companies will refuse to move money and other assets. You should talk to your bank or carry papers of value with you. Many people feel uncomfortable bringing their life savings in a bag, so it’s best to deposit them in a bank. While it may be more convenient for you to have movers deal with everything when moving from Miami to Austin, you have to accept certain restrictions. While they protect the company’s employers, these restrictions also prevent any misunderstandings or loss of value. That’s why you should prepare in advance and make sure you take care of everything you can before moving to the state of Texas.

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