Moving From Los Angeles To NYC

Moving from Los Angeles to NYC is a dream come true for everyone. No wonder why. New York City is diverse, full of chances, and a great variety of cultures. In other words, everyone can find a place where they will fit in here. Now, when it comes to moving from LA to NYC you might wonder, what are the differences? Or what to expect? The answers to these questions are right here in this article. Moreover, you will also find out how to move safely and in the best possible way. One of the things you can do is hire the Best Cross Country Movers. They will match you with the perfect moving company for your needs!

Choosing your neighborhood when moving from Los Angeles to NYC

The first thing to think about when you move is the neighborhood in which you will live. Lucky for you, the city of NYC offers many choices for everyone. You can choose the neighborhood that best suits your financial needs. Therefore, do not worry about finding a home that is right for you. No matter your marital status, wealth, social preferences, etc.

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Furthermore, when you choose the neighborhood where you will live, it is important that you come and see it in person. You want to feel right in your neighborhood. Therefore, do not make a final decision before you go and check the place in real life. For example, you can go and visit NYC before you relocate there. Just explore the city and its neighborhoods. Surely this will help you make a final decision!

Some of the most common neighborhoods that people choose when they move to NYC are:

  • Tribeca
  • Battery Park City
  • Dumbo

The neighborhoods

Now to say a little bit more. If you choose Tribeca as your neighborhood. You will enjoy the urban feeling of the big apple. It is a neighborhood in lower Manhattan. However, you will be away from the busy city center and all the fuss that comes with that. And maybe the best thing here, if you are moving from Los Angeles to NYC with a family, is that it is a safe place to call home. The crime rate is very low here.

Next up, Battery Park City. If you simply do not care for the city center and all the fuss that happens there. This neighborhood will probably be perfect for you. It is in the south of Manhattan and it is quite laid back and relaxed. Moreover, it also has a low crime rate which is great! Plus, you can easily get around using public transportation. Another thing, it offers is a lot of greenery and a beautiful walk side along the river.

Dumbo is known as the center of Brooklyn. It is very close to Manhattan and here you can usually see luxurious houses. This means that this neighborhood is quite expensive. Today, it is the leading neighborhood in NYC when art is concerned. If you like taking pictures, Washington Street here has a very famous spot for taking pictures. It is famous because you can capture the Empire State building and the Manhattan Bride building in one frame!

Take your time with choosing the neighborhood you will live in

What are the advantages of moving from Los Angeles to NYC

Many people choose to move from LA to NYC in search of a busy hustling lifestyle. And that is exactly what they get when they move. And this is the first thing you need to adapt to when you move here from LA. People in LA are well known for their relaxed lifestyle. Plus it is called “La La land” for a reason. Because of the relaxed and carefree vibe of the city. If you choose to move to NYC make sure to hire cross-country movers in Los Angeles. Now, what are the advantages of moving to NYC? Let us list a few:
  • Public transportation
  • Affordable suburbs
  • Job opportunities

Public transportation

The first and the biggest difference and at the same time the advantage of moving from LA to NYC is the public transport. Residents of LA usually get around with their cars, because public transportation is not that functional and efficient to use. Now that usually entails driving a lot and always looking for that parking space. Plus, do not forget the traffic jams!

Now, in NYC many residents choose to get around the city with public transportation or with a taxi service. This is an advantage because NYC’s public transport is highly functional and efficient. And the best part you will love if you are coming here from LA is – no traffic! And of course, no more looking for that perfect parking space. If you can’t wait to be rid of traffic jams call California interstate movers today! And schedule the move!

Affordable suburbs

Even though that NYC is one of the most expensive cities in the world to live in the US. There are suburbs of this city that are really affordable. For example, you have the Old Mill Basin which is located in Brooklyn. The average home cost in Brooklyn is around 750,000 US dollars while the average price for the same home in Old Mill Basin is around 230,000 US dollars. 

Save money and move to the NYC suburbs

Job opportunities

Usually looking for a job is a difficult task to undertake. There are millions of options you can choose from. Of course, it all depends on the job qualifications that you have. Plus, many big international companies have their headquarters right here in NYC. So there is a job opportunity for everyone. No matter what is of business. All the way from the law, IT, fashion, finance, and logistics to hospitality. You can rest assured that if you look you will find a perfect job for you! What are you waiting for? Hire the best cross-country moving companies in NY and relocate. The sooner the better!

The bottom line of moving from Los Angeles to NYC

Moving from Los Angeles to NYC is great if you prefer all the things mentioned above. Make sure to hire the best interstate movers in NYC to help you with the relocation. And of course, remember that you can never be bored in this magnificent city that never sleeps!

Good luck with the move!

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