Moving from Kentucky to Florida

Moving is definitely a monumental decision in anyone’s life. And that’s correct even if you just plan on moving to another part of town. However, if you decide on an interstate move – know that you’ll have plenty of other factors to keep in mind. From the local demographics and the state of the economy to the climate that you might not be used to; make sure that you take everything into account while planning your move. For instance, if you decide on moving from Kentucky to Florida; doing all of the prerequisite research is important. After all, these are two wildly different states. Fear not, however – we’re going to provide you with everything that you need to know in this regard!

The biggest differences to think about while moving from Kentucky to Florida

If you know anything about moving from Kentucky to Florida and these two states in general; you’ll be aware of the fact that these two places can be wildly different. After all, we’re talking about completely different locations and climates; not to mention living costs that can vary quite a lot within Florida itself, let alone compared to Kentucky. So, we urge you to be certain that you want to perform this move before doing it. Once you’re sure about it, you can move onto finding the best cross country movers Kentucky has to do the job for you!

Florida’s climate is quite different

We’ll begin with one of the starkest differences you’ll notice right away after moving from Kentucky to Florida. In fact, this is something you can see as soon as you first visit Florida; the local climate is quite different. The weather in Kentucky is far more varied, seeing as the climate is mild and it has all of the season distinctly. On the other hand, Florida has a more monotonous warm climate. This means that the summer isn’t really the peak moving time around here, as people constantly have the good weather needed for proper planning. Bear this in mind while hiring the best cross country movers Florida has.

The economies are dissimilar

Generally, Florida is one of the most robust states in the United States, economy-wise. That’s due to the fact that a lot of different sectors and industries are firmly planted here; just another among the many reasons why people decide on moving from Kentucky to Florida in the first place.

Speaking of which – the vast development of the local shipping and commerce industries makes Florida an excellent place to start working on a business of your own. And that’s all without even mentioning the booming tourism sector that’s one of the most valuable ones in the United States. Due to these factors, the average income in Florida is higher than that of Kentucky. In fact, it’s higher than the national average as well, putting Florida in the company of the most prosperous states of the Union. 

Real estate will be more expensive

Of course, the fact that Florida is a richer state than most does have its flipside. Namely, the fact that real estate will be far more expensive than in Kentucky, or another landlocked state. Coupled with the beautiful weather, the costliness of the local real estate is another important factor that makes Florida attractive to senior citizens.

A farm in Kentucky at dawn.
Kentucky real estate is definitely cheaper, make no mistake!

People who don’t have to think about other significant investments and have some savings couldn’t find a better state to retire in. Naturally, the expansiveness of real estate in Florida can vary vastly, as it’s a large state with all kinds of communities and locations. However, know that some homes of similar sizes and found in comparable suburban areas can set you back 50% in Florida than in Kentucky!

Other aspects to keep in mind

So far, we’ve covered some of the broadest possible things you need to consider as you make your move from Kentucky to Florida. However, once you get into the gist of it; you’ll find that there are plenty of statistics that are specific to your lifestyle and family situation. These are things you have to remember on your own; for instance, the fact that Florida is a thriving economy overall doesn’t mean that you’ll be able to find a job there in your chosen profession.

A beach seen through palms in Florida.
Florida definitely has a thriving tourism sector!

Considering this, we recommend doing all of the proper research beforehand. Also, make sure to consider the commute you’ll have to make to work when choosing a real estate area. Plus, if you’re living with your family and not moving on your own; there are more things to think about. For instance, people with children should consider what the best local public school districts are. 

Preparing for your relocation

When you finish all of your research regarding your moving from Kentucky to Florida, your job is far from over; you still have to do your best to prepare for the move in practice. And this can mean dealing with all sorts of logistics before moving day. For instance, just the job of preparing and packing your belongings will prove to be a chore. That’s why we recommend starting your preparations well in advance. From the very moment that you know precisely where you’re moving – you need to begin working on crafting a moving checklist that will ensure your success in this endeavor. 

A notebook with a checklist.
Make sure you plan out this relocation properly!

Remember to hire quality movers

Upon embarking on the task of moving from Kentucky to Florida, don’t forget one important thing; having the right movers by your side is crucial. That’s why you should use Best Cross Country Movers to find the best possible company for your needs. As you’ll see, we maintain a database of reputable moving companies that will be more than happy to lend you a hand!

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