Moving from Jersey City to NYC

Have you decided to move to the most populated city in the World? Well, the reasons for moving from Jersey City to NYC can be various. Even though these two cities are very close, you need to make a relocation plan. Then, you have to check the availability of the Best Cross Country Movers. And, you have to start with preparations. Our recommendation is to start at least six weeks prior to a moving day. That will give you enough time to find suitable accommodation in NYC that will be in the right borough. Maybe you are moving as you grew tired of commuting. If so, you might be looking for a place that will be within walking distance from your office.

What are the benefits of moving from Jersey City to NYC?

Jersey City is so close to NYC that many are calling it the 6th borough. But, it is still in the other state. Still, if you are working in NYC, you are:

  • spending up to 1 hours commuting (one way)
  • paying double taxes

Finding accommodation at the right spot in NYC you might be able to rich your office on foot. That will spare you from commuting. So, you will save up on time. But it will also save you money since you won’t have to pay commuting costs. To ensure a smooth relocation, give us a call. That way you will easily get matched with interstate movers Jersey City.

Motor Vehicles Approaching the Tunnel Road - Moving from Jersey City to NYC
There are many ways for moving from Jersey City to NYC.

Many people are surprised to learn that working in NYC and living in NJ, you are actually paying the income taxes in both states. Besides, in NJ you have to pay taxes on other income, such as dividends, interests, etc. Living in NY, you will not be taxed for those incomes. So, the idea of saving up on taxes when living in NJ is actually just a misconception.

Costs of living in Jersey City vs NYC

Comparing the living costs is actually part of your moving preparation. Knowing your budget, and the costs to expect, will also show you:

  • how big accommodation can you afford
  • in which part of the NYC
  • will you be able to bear the costs alone, or you will need a roommate

Costs of living comparison

Comparing the costs, we can see that living in NYC is 16.8% more expensive than living in Jersey City. When we check the categories, we can see that all costs are higher in NYC.

However, if living in NJ you probably have a car. And, moving to NYC you won’t need one. So, deduct the costs of car parking and maintenance. It gives us already solid savings. Also, by finding an apartment close to work, you will be able to cut commuting costs. And finally, by sharing an apartment with a roommate, you will cut on housing costs. So, living in NYC doesn’t need to be so hard in terms of costs.

Besides, by hiring NY cross country moving companies you can rely on, you will also save up on moving costs. 

Organize your move to NYC

After moving to NYC, you will have more time for yourself. The time that you would otherwise spend commuting, you can spend with your friends. Also, you will have time to explore NYC. Living in Jersey City, you always had to rush back. So, you didn’t have time to walk around and see NYC attractions. Not to mention visiting museums, theaters, etc.

However, before you will be able to enjoy NYC, you have to organize the move. So, you will have to:

  1. contact the reliable interstate moving companies in NYC
  2. agree on the moving date
  3. find suitable accommodation
  4. prepare your possessions for moving
Four Women Chatting While Sitting on Bench.
After moving to NYC, you will have more time to spend with your friends.

Finding a right moving company

Nowadays, reliable movers have a strong online presence. So, make sure to check those around you, in both cities. To start with, you can check their websites. That will show you which of them are offering services that you need. The second step is to check various platforms and read testimonials of previous clients. The bottom line, you will end up with a list of 3-4 to check in more detail. 

Don’t miss this step in the moving preparation. It might look like losing time. However, checking the movers will spare you to become a victim to scammers.

Set the date for moving from Jersey City to NYC

Once you find reliable movers, they will provide you with a moving date. Be sure to agree on the date that will give you 6-7 weeks for preparations. What is that important? Maybe you don’t have so many things to move. And, you already have a job in NYC. So, why do you need to postpone your move for so long period? Well, the answer is simple. You will need time to rent an apartment in NYC.

Real Estate Agent Discussing in Front of Her Client
Real Estate Agent Discussing in Front of Her Client

Renting an apartment in NYC

When it comes to renting an apartment in NYC, you can’t compare it with the procedure in any other US city. In most cases, you will need to hire a real estate agent. First, this is a fast-paced city. And competition is extraordinary. You will be competing for an apartment with a lot of qualified individuals.

So, to react timely, you will need to have your documents ready at all times. And, with the real estate agent at your side, you will know what documents you need. Also, you will be prepared for other application demands, such as downpayment, guarantor, etc. As you can see, finding a suitable apartment takes time. And this is exactly why you need 6-7 weeks prior to the moving date. 

Prepare your possessions for moving

This is the process that you can already start while looking for an apartment. Basically, you will have to get good moving supplies. And to pack your possessions. So, since you’ve already hire interstate moving companies in New Jersey, they will relocate you soon as you get the apartment.

Moving to NYC

From deciding about moving from Jersey City to NYC, to actually moving, you will have to complete many tasks. All of them are a necessary part of the relocation. You will have to compare the costs and see how to manage your living in NYC. Also, you will have to find reliable movers. And a reliable and knowledgeable real estate agent to help you. However, all those efforts will show worthwhile. Since moving to NYC was something you wish, you will be able to endure all the hardships of the preparation period. And here is a first-hand story of a person who moved from Jersey City to NYC. We are including it here as it might be inspirational to you. And hopefully, help you during the hard moments of the preparation process.



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