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When deciding on moving from Indiana to Florida, think carefully. Before making a final decision, think about all the facts. Also, consider all the pros and cons of moving. First, make clear what is your reason behind the move. Only after making sure that reason is good, start with moving preparations. If you are not moving for the first time, you already know the procedure. And it depends a lot on whether you opt for a DIY move or hiring the best cross country movers Indiana. If your choice is DIY move or at least DIY packing, you have to purchase good moving materials.

Moving from Indiana to Florida - a man walking towards water holding surfboard.
Once in Florida, you will have so many ways of entertaining.

What to leave behind when moving from Indiana to Florida?

Both states are having similar summer conditions. They are characterized by high temperatures and high humidity. The hot and humid period in Indiana lasts from March to November. So, since you are already used to humidity, it will be easy for you to adapt to the Florida climate. But, in the period from November to March, you can expect cold winds, rainfall, and snowfall in Indiana. So, moving to Florida, you will not need heavy winter clothes. Consider selling or donating it. Florida winters are mild, and you will not need it. Also, you will have fewer things to transport. And that means lower relocation costs.

The most common reasons for moving

Taking such a step as long-distance moving from Indiana to Florida is not easy. People have different reasons why they decide to move from Indiana to Florida. Yet, among the various reasons, there are those that are common to many people. These reasons are:

  • Getting a good job offer
  • Want a fresh start
  • Startup a business that demands specific surroundings
  • Joining a family
  • Moving to join a partner living in Florida
  • Due to Florida’s affordable living expenses
  • Move after enrolling in some of Florida’s colleges
  • Retiring to places with mild winters
  • Florida’s tax laws

Differences in living costs between Indiana and Florida

Living costs in Florida are a bit higher than those in Indiana but still affordable. The median home cost in Florida is $225,200. In Indiana, you will have to pay $140,700. The unemployment rates in both states are similar. However, Florida has a higher job growth. Also, it is one of the 7  states without an income taxOn the other side, the residents of Indiana pay a flat state income rate of 3.23%. One thing you also have to take into consideration when moving to Florida. If you are moving to Miami, housing costs will be higher. But Florida has a lot of incredible places where you can purchase a home for the same price as in Indiana. When you do, you can hire very affordable interstate movers to relocate you there.

Jurassic Park entrance surrounded with rich greenery.
Visit famous theme parks like Universal Orlando.

By moving to Florida, you will enjoy incredibly beautiful beaches

Florida is known for its white-sand beaches and crystal-clear waters. So, when you prepare to move to Florida, you will need light clothes and swimsuits. The Sunny State has about 660 miles of coastline. So, whatever place you choose for your new home, you will always be close to the coast. Although it can be very hot during the day, the evening temperatures are pleasant. So, you will also enjoy the walk along the coastline. Apart from beautiful scenery, there is also a constant, refreshing sea breeze.

Outdoor activities to enjoy in Florida

Once in Florida, you will have so many ways of entertaining. You can join some of the many clubs for water sports. If you are a golf lover, there are many golf courts over there. Or you can entertain yourself by sports fishing, scuba diving or snorkeling on reefs, and bird watching. 

When you move inland from breathtaking beaches, you will find the other world. Inland Florida is a story for itself. In there, you will find many hidden gems like:

  • Three Sisters Spring
  • National Park Dry Tortugas
  • Beautiful Japanese Gardens
  • Devil’s Den spring
  • Florida Caverns State Park
  • Venetian Pool
  • Wacissa Springs County Park
  • Southwest Florida Ale Trail

These are just some of the places where you can go biking, camping, and exploring the incredible landscape and wildlife. And you will probably be surprised, as many of those incredible attractions are overlooked by tourists. You will have a chance to visit them after relocation with the best interstate moving companies in Florida.

Famous attractions in Florida

As living in Florida, you will always find some time to visit Florida’s attractions. And you won’t need to rush like the tourists have to do. You will be able to space as many times as you want to visit famous theme parks like Walt Disney World, SeaWorld, and Universal Orlando. Also, space lovers will for sure visit Kennedy Space Center. So, one thing is for sure. You will never be bored living in Florida.

Moving truck and other vehicles on the highway.
Hiring movers is a better option.

Why is hiring movers a better option than organizing a DIY cross-country move from Indiana to Florida?

There are many reasons for hiring a moving company for a cross-country move. Many people think that a DIY move is a cheap option. This may be true if you are moving just within a town. However, moving cross-country is a bit more complicated. So, having professional help will make the move from Indiana to Florida much simpler. When moving cross-country, you will have to rent a truck for several days. You will also have to think about the costs of gas and highway tolls. As well, you will need about 20 hours for this move. This means you will have to sleep in a hotel. And to organize a safe place to keep the truck overnight. Already this shows how the costs are adding up. And what you thought you would save with DIY move, in the end, would not be so cheap.

Additional to the already presented, you will need to hire someone to help you unload the truck. Maybe you will even have to pay the loading cost. Even with the help of friends, you will have some specific items that call for professional assistance. And, for a cross-country move, the loaded items have to be packed properly. If not fastened well, they will move during the sudden braking and in curves. And, if you didn’t purchase the moving insurance, you will not be able to claim reimbursement for damages. By hiring cross-country movers your items will be automatically insured. And they will sort all other logistic details.

How much are the costs to move from Indiana to Florida?

The costs of the move will depend on several factors. However, the main factors influencing the costs are:

  • Number of the things you are transporting
  • Moving distance
  • Packing and unpacking services

So, the average cost of moving from Indiana to Florida is about $3,300. Moving long-distance can be costly. But you will be sure that your possessions are in good hands. They will not be damaged or stolen. And in case of an accident, they will be automatically covered by moving company insurance. In the costs are calculated the packing and unpacking services too.

In the end, here are some pros and contras which are given by those living in Florida and Indiana. They discuss the topic of why would you move to Florida from Indiana. Although you have already decided to move, it is good to heat some “firsthand” experiences.

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