Moving from Illinois to New York

New York is a small state, famous for the NYC metropolitan area. It is also sharing the border with Canada at Niagara Falls. Annually, a lot of people are moving to this interesting country. They are coming either in search of better jobs or to try their luck in art and business in NYC. The area of New York can be divided into three areas. There are plains, rolling hills, and the mountain range at the northeast. Although the state of NY is located at the Mediterranean latitude, it has snowy, and freezing winters. The summers are also not hot. The NY state that is a mixture of farmlands, suburban areas, and the famous metropolis is attracting many. If you are among them, Best Cross Country Movers are the right company for you. With them, you will have safe and affordable moving from Illinois to New York.

Moving from Illinois to New York – a bridge over the water with tall buildings on the other side.
Many people are moving from Illinois to New York in search of better jobs.

Illinois and New York – costs of living differences

New York is about 1.2 times smaller country than Illinois. However, Illinois is much cheaper than New York. Of course, prices are depending on the area to the area. But when we compare the bigger cities in both countries, we can see that the costs of living are almost 50% cheaper in Illinois. Also, the rents and real estate prices are more favorable than in NY.

Illinois climate and its influences

Those living in Illinois experience all four seasons. It has a continental climate, with cold winters with cold winds. The summers are usually short, hot, and sometimes humid. Those living in Illinois agree that the most pleasant seasons are spring and fall. In that period, the temperatures are moderate and pleasant. As Illinois is economically dependent on air and land transport weather and climate extremes are sometimes causing delays. The Illinois busiest airport O’Hare and Chicago, the heart of the trucking industry, are thus weather dependent.

What to know about Illinois populations, jobs, and towns

Although Illinois is the 6th populated state in the USA, it is mostly a rural area. The main industries in Illinois are manufacturing, agriculture, business services, education, energy, biotechnology, and sports. The major cities in Illinois are:

  • Chicago
  • Aurora
  • Naperville
  • Joliet
  • Rockford
  • Springfield
  • Elgin
  • Peoria

Regardless of which city in Illinois you are in, the best cross-country movers in Illinois will successfully move you to New York.

Green leaf plant beside the river.
Some people better like more rural places.

What should you know before moving to New York?

Located in the northeastern part of the USA, at the beginning of the 20th century, it was a major immigrations spot. At that time the rich white class was moving to the suburbs. The black and white working-class was mostly populating the NYC  center.  Likewise, most of the economic activities were relocated to suburbs. This situation changes in the second part of the century. So, today, the most expensive and sought homes are in the city center.

The economy of the New York state that you should know before moving from Illinois to New York

The economy of the state of New York is among the biggest in the world. It brings a significant amount to the USA’s gross domestic product. Besides, from the early 21st century, the business climate was further improved. All this is thanks to encouraging the expansion of the corporate facilities. This already resulted in an increase in the available jobs in the area. Besides, the complex network of nearly every form of transportation is rapidly advancing. And rapidly ensuring more job offers. 

However, like the other Northeastern states, NY jobs offer is mostly in the service sector. This means that most jobs are available in:

  • Finance
  • Banking
  • world trade
  • real estate
  • Legal services
  • Media
  • Advertising
  • Insurance
  • Art

However, job openings are frequent. So, it is always easy to find a job. If you are of those moving from Illinois to New York for a job, consult with the best cross country movers NY. Finding accommodation, especially in NYC is not so easy. But good movers can always give you good advice.   

And, thanks to Niagara Falls’s hydroelectricity and many thermal plants, there are many jobs in the electric industry. Just in some parts of the NY state, manufacturing is more important. 

Buildings of NYC with letters NEW Yorker.
There must be something that is attracting people to come to NY.

What are the best cities in New York to move in?

Many people, when moving from Illinois to NY, prefer finding a place in one of the NYC neighborhoods. The other opt to find a job and accommodation in some smaller cities. According to statistics, in 2021, the most popular NY cities were:

  • Albany – the NY capital. It is located on the west bank of the Hudson River, and it is about 150 miles away from NYC. 
  • Syracuse – a place of high snowfall, but also one of the most affordable cities in the USA. Many retirees, young families, and millennials are moving in lately. If you decide so, the best cross-country movers in New York will easily relocate you there.
  • Buffalo – a city is located on Lake Erie. Before, it was known for the bacon industry. Today, it is a transport hub, connecting the East Coast and the Midwest.
  • Rochester – a place where innovations blend with history. 
  • New York City – the place that has been inspiring songs, movies, novels, etc. In NYC you will find a job within minutes. However, as we already mentioned, this charming place is quite expensive. But, there are many of its neighborhoods that are both attractive and affordable

There must be a reason why so many people like to call New York their home

Millions of people living in New York are either inclining towards NYC, or better like to spend time in the upstate rural areas. The USA has many nice states, but, there must be something that is attracting people to come here. Is that its beauty, job opportunities, or some other factors, it is hard to say. But since you have moved from Illinois to New York, you might have the answer.  At least about the things that attracted you to come here. Whatever it is, we hope you will be satisfied with your choice. From our side, we can offer just a bit more information. We hope that NY government site of your new state will give you more ideas. 

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