Moving from Idaho to California

Moving from one place to another can be exhausting and difficult sometimes. Especially if you don’t prepare for moving on time. You also need to investigate long distance moving, because there are laws and regulations to follow. Many make mistakes during the moving process. They think they can do everything on their own, but the truth is much different. If you continue reading, you will find  The best way of moving from Idaho to California is by hiring movers. You must ensure you have the right mover for the job. The best way to find necessary information about movers is with Best Cross Country Movers. They have information only about reputable and respectable movers. Choosing the right one is very important!

Idaho vs California

Why do people want to move to California? There are a lot of different reasons, but better quality of life and better opportunities are something that California can provide. Let’s talk a little about standards and prices. California is a rich state. A lot of money is implemented there, and a lot of great hi-tech companies are built and raised there. It is also a more expensive state. For example, people in California pay 54% more for housing. It is a big expense and a big difference. And they also pay 46% more for child care. If you have children, this can be a problem if you earn less than average people in California. Cross country moving companies in Idaho are also cheaper than the ones in California.

Can you earn enough money in California?

As we said, California is a rich state in the USA. It also offers many jobs and we all know that Silicon Valley is in California. IT experts, engineers, and programmers are very wanted here. If you have enough experience, you can easily find a job here. The state also had nearly 1.3 million job openings in March. And the answer to the question of if you can earn enough money to support your life there is YES. You definitely can. You just have to be careful when picking a city and neighborhood. Maybe it is better, in the beginning, to live somewhere outside the city until you earn enough. If you already have enough, California offers some of the best neighborhoods for raising children. And also the best schools. Best cross county movers California are there if you need any advice on moving and living here.

Silicon Valley is famous for hiring IT experts and engineers

Leaving everything behind when moving from Idaho to California

It is not simple to leave everything behind when moving to the state of California. Leaving friends and family is difficult. You get homesickness also. The best way to overcome this is to focus on your new home and the place where you live. California is a great place and we are sure that you will soon find new friends. You can always call your old friends and family by telephone or even see them threw Skype or any other social network. Just memorize that feeling bad and empty in the beginning can be hard. It will go away… In California, you can also hire interstate movers Sacramento who are also specialized in long distance moving, so you may consider them when relocating.

Take care of your utilities and school transfer before relocating

Before you even start searching for movers, you need to take care of these things because they take time. Transferring your utilities to another state can last for weeks. Find a good school where you can sign in your child, so they can continue studying right away. You must take care of these things after you find where you are going to live. You should also be proactive and find out is it better to use your car to work or take a bus. If you decide to take a bus or a train to work here the prices will be a little higher. The monthly public transit pass in California is 67.83$. Taxi drive for 8km is 17.41$. It is cheaper in California than Idaho to go by taxi.

Man fixing electric line
Take care of your utilities before moving

Attractions in California

Here are some of the best and well known tourist attractions. These are the places that people love the most to visit.

  • The Golden State Bridge – One of the key sights and what many people call to mind when they think of San Francisco, and even California
  • Yosemite National Park – One of the United States’ most scenic and most visited national parks
  • Disneyland – California’s premier family destination
  • Lake Tahoe – The blue lake, with its turquoise coves and surrounding mountains, is a summer playground for boaters, beach goers, campers, and nature lovers
  • Redwood National and State Park –  Towering more than 300 feet above you, feels like entering another era
  • Universal Studios Hollywood – This movie studio and park is one of the most popular amusement attractions
  • Santa Catalina Island –  It is located 22 miles southwest of Los Angeles. The island is a popular destination for day trippers and boaters
  • Palm Springs Aerial Tramway – The tramway runs for two miles and ascends to an elevation of 8,516 feet on the slopes of Mount Jacinto

If you are serious about relocating here, we recommend that you visit these magnificent places and see what California has to offer.

The Golden State Bridge
This bridge is a magnificent construction to see

Things to remember when relocating

When you want to relocate, whatever the destination is, always consider hiring movers. They are professionals in moving! They know how to handle the task and they will do it much faster than you. When moving from Idaho to California, if you want to move on your own, learn and search about moving. It is not as easy as it seems. Remember that you need to transfer all your utilities before you jump into things. It can take time, sometimes weeks, for the transfer to be finished. Enjoy your stay in the state of California! We are sure that you will like it here.

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