Moving From Idaho Falls to Las Vegas

For any type of relocation, you need good preparation. And when moving from Idaho Falls to Las Vegas, you want to get to know all the information you can get your hands on. Another big step in making the whole process easier by hiring one of the companies you find at Best Cross Country Movers to assist you with every part of the relocation. Now, let’s see what will be some major changes to adjust to and what you need to take into account before making this move.

What are some of the main things to know when moving from Idaho Falls to Las Vegas?

With a distance of around 630 miles, a relocation from Idaho Falls to Las Vegas will bring some changes to your life. However, this transition doesn’t have to be too big of a challenge. Thankfully, you can get the assistance of interstate movers in Idaho Falls to never have to stress or worry about the process itself. But, even with that, it’s necessary to take on the most important details that will change with this move. Here are some of the more important things to keep in mind when moving, including:

  1. Climate
  2. The cost of living and housing
  3. The job market
  4. Lifestyle changes
  5. Transportation
  6. Community and culture
The view of the famous Sin City you can enjoy after moving from Idaho Falls to Las Vegas
There are a lot of changes to adjust after moving from Idaho Falls to Las Vegas

Prepare for a different climate

One of the first things that you’ll notice after a move will be the change in the climate. Las Vegas is a very sunny and overall hotter area than Idaho Falls. And the numbers show as there will be an average of 294 sunny days yearly compared to the 201 in Idaho Falls. Another great detail why you should contact cross country movers in Las Vegas is that you won’t have to worry about rain and snow as much. In Las Vegas, you will face 0.3 inches of snow and 5 inches of rain. On the other hand, Idaho Falls has 12 inches of rain and 39 inches of snow yearly on average.

The costs of living and housing will be essential factors to consider

After a move, you will have to adjust to the changes in the cost of living and housing. There are many things to consider and you will need to know that your expenses will go up by around 20% in comparison to Idaho Falls. Another crucial detail that is among what to know before moving to Las Vegas is the changes in housing costs. The median price of a home in Idaho Falls is around $300,000 while in Las Vegas it’s $330,000. For that reason, make sure to budget in advance for this slight, but significant change.

A big job market awaits you in Las Vegas

You can’t take on any relocation without getting to know the economy. And the job market will be something to look at with attention to detail. Idaho Falls has a current unemployment rate of around 3,5% while in Las Vegas the unemployment rate is around 9%. However, every guide for moving to Las Vegas will underline the fact that the city has around 660,000 residents. This usually means more job openings even if the unemployment rate is higher. The top industries in Las Vegas are tourism, gaming, and entertainment where you will be most likely to find a job.

A woman giving a presentation
There’s a different job market in Las Vegas

How much will your lifestyle change after the relocation?

Your lifestyle is not something you can quantify. However, it’s something that will change a lot. Especially as Idaho Falls is a more family-friendly community that is peaceful and more based on outdoor activities that you can enjoy. On the other hand, Las Vegas is a place that is oriented toward indoor-based entertainment like hotels, concert halls, casinos, and more. On top of that, as a much bigger city, you can expect more opportunities when it comes to fun and entertainment. And with all that you will probably face a lot of changes in your lifestyle.

Will the transportation be any different after moving from Idaho Falls to Las Vegas?

Getting from point A to point B will be an important factor. Especially as going to school or work will be part of your everyday life. When it comes to Idaho Falls, you have around 18 minutes of average commute time. On the other hand, in Las Vegas, you can expect an average of 25 minutes which is close to the US average. Which is not bad when you compare it to other bigger cities in the US. Getting around your new city will be easiest with your car, but you will have other options like the monorail.

There will be changes when it comes to the culture and community

By moving to a place that is 10 times bigger than your original area, you can expect that there will be some big changes. You’re relocating to a capital of entertainment, luxury hotels, and casinos. In comparison to Idaho Falls where you had beautiful nature around you and outdoor areas to enjoy. You’re also moving from an area that was more interconnected and where you knew your neighborhood almost completely, to Las Vegas where there are just too many people to truly have that community feel to it. And with that increase in population, there will also come a lot of diversity that you’ll be able to enjoy.

A Las Vegas Strip sign
You can expect a change in culture and community

Las Vegas will give you way more opportunities, so get ready to embrace the benefits of this move

There are a lot of things you can do to make your relocation easier. And by following our advice, we’re sure that you won’t have to worry about the whole process. All of that will make moving from Idaho Falls to Las Vegas a much easier job. From start to finish, when you’re ready to adjust you don’t have to treat this interstate move as a huge problem. Are you looking for other moving advice or are you looking for quality movers to help you out? Best Cross Country Movers can help you with both. Therefore, check out our platform if you need any more information and have fun exploring Las Vegas!

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