Moving from Houston to Tampa in 2022: what to expect?

Although Houston sounds like an ideal living place, moving to a more attractive location can highly affect your routine. Florida is a dream come true for all the people who love the balance between nature and urban city centers. With more attractions, festivals, and crowded cities around, Tampa is a great place for younger people. However, we’re sure you can acclimate and find everything you’ve been searching for. Best Cross Country Movers are here for you to make it possible. From packing to moving, they’ll be there every step you take and you can count on their help anytime. For all of you who don’t really know what to expect when moving from Houston to Tampa, here are some of the facts you can consider:

Moving from Houston to Tampa: Expectations

As we already mentioned, this change itself can bring additional benefits followed by certain corrections in your daily routine. It mostly refers to getting to know your new surroundings as soon as you arrive, which will take time. Adjusting to this significant life decision might be difficult at first, but here are some of the things you can expect so you can picture your future life better:

The outdoor activities

On almost every step you take, you can find an interesting attraction or perfect outdoor activity. Tampa itself is an excellent place for investigating all parts of nature. If you’re an outdoor enthusiast, this is a great place for you. Numerous parks in the near will surely fascinate you, but there are also great viewing spots you can visit on a sunny day. Spending time in nature and exploring all the new places is one of the best chances for you to meet the new neighborhood. Other than that, you can try your luck on a boat where you can enjoy beautiful weather with your friends. When you’re finally ready to do this step, engage packing services Florida and be sure you’ll have enough time for everything.

Sunny day on the beach.
Besides other outdoor activities, you can decide to spend a day on the beach.

Cost of living

When moving from Houston to Tampa, one of the greatest factors is the actual price of living. Unlike Texas, living in Tampa means about 20% lower cost of living than the national average. Other parts of Florida can also be a bit pricy, so that is one more reason to choose Tampa. You can expect lower fees too, but have in mind that gas prices are quite higher than you might think. Housing options are numerous, plus, they are much cheaper than renting an apartment in this area. If you’re asking us, the transportation prices are just like the other places, so if you’re into public transport rather than driving a car, you don’t have to worry about it.


One of the crucial factors when moving is education. Whether you’re a student or just a young person thinking about the future and starting a family, the city of Tampa is a great place for it. Public and private schools are available at every step. The thing is that private schools can be more expensive than they were in your previous neighborhood. We’re sure you can find something that will fit your wallet and you have to choose from 137 private schools. Moving from Houston to Tampa definitely means excellent education opportunities. There are many high schools you can choose from, and teenagers will be fascinated with them. Hearing all these facts indeed was enough for you to start packing your bags right away. Engage professional movers, and go straight to the action.

Empty classroom.
You don’t have to worry about education. There are numerous private and public schools available.


Tropical weather during the year is the number one reason why people decide to move to Florida. We usually say it’s because of the sunny days and rarely above 60 degrees. Since Tampa is located on the Gulf on the Mexico side of Florida, that only means that the ocean is warmer. Surfing and swimming can be a part of your daily routine because there are numerous beaches around and they are not hard to reach. However, living in this part of the country also means that you have to be prepared for hurricanes, especially in November. If you don’t have experience with these natural disasters before, feel free to ask locals how to prepare for that season. Our best Cross Country Movers in Houston will handle your belongings to the new house, and try to avoid this season for the move.


You can definitely expect to see a lot of history parts here. This city was founded in the 1880s by Italian and Cuban immigrants and it was widely famous for cigar manufacturing. While walking down the streets of Tampa, you’ll surely notice many cigar shops and vintage boutiques. That is also the best souvenir you can take home from this area or gift to your friends. Don’t forget to take some photos!

Spending time in the nature.
This is an excellent choice for all people who love nature. Numerous parks are everywhere around you.


Moving from Houston to Tampa means a lot of effort because of the duration of this journey. It doesn’t have to be stressful if you organize your time correctly. By that, we refer to engaging professionals who will be ready to help you with packing and moving heavy and bulky items as well as with the unpacking process. Interstate moving companies in Tampa are highly rated, so they’ll be an excellent choice for your long-distance moving process. All these things from above can help you prepare and even lower your expectations a bit. There will surely be some things you want to change, like hurricane season, but globally looking, there is nothing much to hate about this location. Since you’ve considered it, we can tell you have great taste, and dynamic people who love nature will enjoy it fully.

Sometimes it’s hard not to expect much from a very popular place like Tampa, but it’s better if you leave some space and wait to experience it by yourself. Read something more about it and get ready for the move. Start planning a lot in advance in order to have enough time for everything. Never forget to call professionals whenever you need a hand. They’ll know what to do.

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