Moving From Houston to NYC

People don’t look at moving as something fun and interesting. That’s because they focus on all the dull parts of it. However, moving can be really fun as it depends on how well you organize. Therefore, one way to organize like a pro is to choose the most reliable moving company with the help of Best Cross Country Movers. After all, choosing the right moving company solves a big chunk of work. Moreover, choosing the right moving company is especially important if you’re moving from Houston to NYC. Such a long-distance move requires you to prepare well and we will show you how.

A couple packing boxes before moving from Houston to NYC
It’s wise to start preparing for moving from Houston to NYC a few months in advance.

How to relocate state-to-state like a pro?

Although we said that moving can be fun, it can also be exhausting too. That’s why you need to start preparing for your long-distance relocation on time. This especially refers to situations when you’re moving to another state. In this particular case, you’re moving to NYC from Houston, which can be a challenge. Regardless, keep in mind that cross country moving companies in Texas will turn your challenging move into a smooth ride. As we said, finding the right moving company solves the majority of your moving issues. That is exactly why that should be your top priority when planning a relocation.

That being said, the next steps you need to take when planning a move from Houston to NYC are as follows:

  • Research and exploring – Make sure you visit NYC at least once before relocating there. Houston and NYC are quite diverse thus you should start adapting early.
  • Set the budget early on – Relocating from Houston to NYC is a big thing and requires a lot of planning. Therefore, set a budget you won’t exceed.
  • Calculate and compare the lining expenses – Although Houston is a business hub and has a good living standard, NYC is a bit pricier. You need to keep that in mind before moving.
  • Find the right place to live – New York City is huge. You can’t simply say you’re moving to NYC and leave it at that. You need to find the perfect neighborhood based on your personal parameters.

How moving from Houston to NYC will change your life for the better?

To begin with, there is a big difference between Houston and New York City. Even though you will stay in the same country, the culture shock will hit you hard. The good thing is that you’re moving from one big city to another. Therefore, you won’t experience such a huge change. Regardless, if Houston was the place you grew up in, NYC might come as a bit of a shock to you. We will get into details later on but for now, let’s see why relocating to New York City from Houston is a good idea:

  • Houston’s scenery is not as attractive as in NYC – Houston is a huge city but it’s pretty flat. There is not much to see besides numerous skylines (which is not bad per see). The climate is also dry and humid which can be tough to endure.
  • The lack of outdoor activities – Although the city is booming economically, there are not enough things to do in Houston. On the other hand, NYC is the city that never sleeps, for a reason.
  • Everything in Houston is far apart – Since the city is flat and big, you need to cross long distances to get from one point to the next. Moreover, you need to use a car, when in NYC everything is well-connected via the subway.
A view of Houston buildings
Houston is a huge business hub but it’s not diverse enough.

Moving from Houston – why might that be a good thing?

Before even calling cross country movers in Houston to help you relocate, there are some things to keep in mind. We won’t say bad things about the city you potentially grew up in. But we will need to emphasize a few downsides of life in Houston. That might help you get over the post-moving depression with ease. Here are some things that you might as well see as huge downsides of living in Houston:

  • Underdeveloped transportation system – Houston is a huge city but has issues with public transport. That means you need to use the car at all times. That can not only be pricey but also exhausting as sometimes you just want to sit on a bus or train and get some rest. On the other hand, NYC has an amazing public transportation system.
  • Issues with pests – This is related to the fact that Houston is dry and humid. That attracts lots of pests and bugs. Not only that but the issue seems to be so big that Houston is considered to be the second-worst city for bug problems.
  • High crime rates – The crime rate in Houston is quite high, there’s a 1 to 81 chance of becoming a victim of a violent crime, and a 1 in 24 chance of becoming a victim of a property crime. Although NYC is not the safest city in the world, crime rates are much lower (1 in 180 violent crime rate and 1 in 97 property crime rate)

What to expect from life in NYC?

Life in NYC just hits differently. That being said, make sure to book cross country moving companies NYC on time to ensure the best moving experience there is. Moving to NYC from Houston will come as a refreshment. Here are some honest pros of moving to one of the best cities in the world:

  • Amazing transportation system – Subways are available 24/7 and can get you from point A to point B in a blink of an eye.
  • The job market is inexhaustible – If you have a dream, the sky is your limit in NYC.
  • Diversity is everything – This is the biggest difference between these cities. Everyone is very inclusive and accepting.
  • There is always something to do – The city that never sleeps allows you to go and do whatever you want any time of the day or night.

However, it’s not all good. Houston is 50% less expensive than NYC. On top of that, New York as a state imposes high taxes, while there is no income tax in Texas. So, while a lot of things will change for better, you will need to prepare for very high living costs.

A view of Times Square
NYC has everything a person could ask for.

What to do after moving from Houston to NYC?

Well, after moving from Houston to NYC, you need to sit down and gather your impressions. We believe you will love living in New York City. However, you need to start preparing on time. That’s why visiting Best Cross Country Movers is one of the first things you should do, as we will help you find a company with whom you’ll relocate to the Big Apple in a swift and timely manner. Good luck with your trip and enjoy life in NYC!

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