Moving from Detroit to Chicago

Regardless of if you are moving locally or cross country, you have to prepare. Only that way your moving from Detroit to Chicago will be an easy endeavor. And, a part of preparation is finding good movers timely.  So, discuss your moving needs with the Best Cross Country Movers and let them handle the move. Relieved of a great burden, you can use the time to complete other tasks. Providing that a better job offer is not a reason for your move, you can look for one.  Or, in case you have kids, it would be important to enroll them in a good, new school. Besides, not all neighbors will be right for you. Therefore, you should check them, before renting or buying.

When moving from Detroit to Chicago, be ready to face differences

First, the two cities differ in the number of residents. If you were living for a longer time in Detroit, you were sharing it with 672,351 other residents. So, you will have to adjust to Chicago’s population of 2,699,347. However, in the first period, it might be a bit too much for you. Besides, Chicago is among the US cities with a rich nightlife. So no wonder that people call it, the same as NYC, the city that never sleeps.

Photo Of Buildings - moving from Detroit to Chicago.
After moving from Detroit to Chicago, you will face many differences.

What else should you expect when moving from Detroit to Chicago?

The population and city size are just some of the differences. However, you should expect some more of them. Although the assistance of cross country movers in Detroit will show as valuable, you still might spend some time in the midst of the traffic jam. The traffic in Chicago is not ideal. But, Detroit is not better in this sense. Moreover, besides the heavy traffic, some of Detroit’s roads are not in good condition. 

In addition, there will be some other differences. We can divide them into several categories. Some of the biggest will be:

  • cost of living between Detroit and Chicago
  • job market and employment opportunities
  • quality of education
  • crime rate
  • climate

What is the cost of living difference between Detroit and Chicago?

Moving to Chicago, you have to prepare for much higher living costs. Namely, Detroit is 21,1% cheaper than Chicago. Although the biggest part of the difference is due to real estate, the other costs in Chicago are also higher. Therefore, you can expect higher bills for utilities, transportation, healthcare, and groceries. 

We are all aware of the post-pandemic rise in real estate prices. However, in September 2022, you could still purchase a good home in Detroit for $85,000. And, you will be paying $75 per square foot. In the same period, you needed $349.9oo for a same-size household in Chicago. This means that buying in Chicago, a square foot would cost you $250. Luckily, finding a well-paid job is not too hard. And, having one already waiting for you, you’ll need only interstate movers Michigan will relocate you there.

Man Interviewing the Woman.
Thanks to the booming job market, finding a job in Chicago is easy.

The job market in Chicago

Even if you don’t have a job secured yet, no need to worry. The Chicago job market is literary booming. So, you will be able to find employment rather fast. In addition, if your profession is related to technology, healthcare, and insurance, you’ll find a job in no time. And, you can be sure that your income will be higher than the Chicago average of $94,733. And, the average income in 2022 in Detroit is about $44,730.

It is also good to know that the unemployment rate has decreased significantly. Chicago used to be infamous due to its high unemployment rate. However, that is now a past. Thanks to a large number of jobs that are constantly opening, you can be relaxed.  Even if your vocation is different from those which are the most in demand, you won’t be disappointed. There will be many excellent job offers for you.

Quality of education is much higher in Chicago

Detroit is known for low-rated public schools. So, in case you are moving to Chicago with family, you can stay assured that your kids will get a much better education. You will be able to choose among many public and private schools. Besides, in Chicago, they will have much more possibilities for extracurricular activities. 

That way, you will enable your kids to discover their inborn talents. They will also have a chance to practice and develop them. By hiring interstate moving companies Chicago, you will ensure a better future for your kids.

Crime rates in Detroit vs Chicago

Interestingly, when it comes to crime rates, both cities are not the safest in the US. We can freely say that the rates in both of them are the same. However, like in many other cities, the crimes are not evenly distributed. This means that some of the suburbs in both cities are safer than others. Living in Detroit, you could learn about better-rated suburbs. Those are:

  • Michigan, Bagley
  • Morningside
  • Warrendale

Applying the same criteria, the best neighbors in Chicago would be:

  • North Side
  • West Town
  • Lincoln Park
People walking near a train.
During the wintertime, Chicago is cold.

Living in the Windy City

One more thing you have to take into consideration before engaging Illinois cross country movers. Namely, you have probably heard of the word windchill by now. When you come to Chicago, you will experience firsthand what it means. And that is not pleasant at all. During the wintertime, Chicago is cold. Very cold.

Also, blowing from lake Michigan, the north wind is quickly funneled between tall city buildings. This is causing so-called wind tunnels. And gaining a rather high speed, the winds are not only feeling freezing. People can fall because of them. Or they can cause some other damage.

Take the stress out from your relocation

When you are moving from Detroit to the city of Chicago, do it without unnecessary stress. Choosing professional and trustworthy movers will make your relocation seamless. You will be spared from hard work. And you will not need to lose nerves trying to solve some moving issues. Instead, you can go through the whole experience in a relaxed manner. And, be ready to start exploring your new city soon as you unpack.

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