Moving from Denver to Seattle

These two cities could not be more different from one another. The sun shines brightly in Denver, but clouds and rain are more common in Seattle. Denver will provide you loads of outdoor recreational opportunities, whereas Seattle is considerably quieter, with its farmer’s markets and ferries. Indeed, each of these magnificent cities has its own special qualities. But you may have a variety of reasons to relocate out of Denver; whether it’s professional or you simply want to escape from the mountains to the sea! If so, and you’re thinking about relocating to Seattle, there are more than a few reasons why you wouldn’t regret it. Here are a few highlights to assist you to decide on whether moving from Denver to Seattle works for you.

Why is Seattle regarded as a favored relocation destination?

Seattle is the Pacific Northwest’s biggest metropolitan region with a population that is nearing three-quarters of a million individuals. Evergreen trees, mountains, and water surround the city, which has thousands of acres of park areas. Its metropolitan region is the home of several prominent technology firms, including Amazon and Microsoft. With its most important monument being the Space Needle of the 1962 World’s Fair, Seattle is the Northwest’s gateway to Asian commerce. If you decide to move here, cross-country movers Denver will be more than happy to assist you.

Seattle, Washington
Seattle is one of the most desirable cities in The States.

Acclimating to the weather after moving from Denver to Seattle

Denver is generally a very sunny place. In fact, the dry conditions in Denver bring in nearly 300 days of it. With an average summer temperature of 86 degrees Fahrenheit and a winter average of roughly 56 degrees Fahrenheit, you’re certainly well aware of Denver’s extremes in temperature.

Seattle, on the other hand, is significantly colder and gloomier. In fact, this city is renowned to be among the gloomiest places in the US because of the almost 200 gloomy days. Except during the summertime, Seattle experiences precipitation almost constantly. The summers are mild and have remarkably little humidity. All in all, there are 152 sunny days each year with a temperature range of 37°F to 79°F. Keep raincoats and umbrellas on hand for the remaining 200 days.

Living expenses in Seattle

The cost of living is something you should give serious consideration to before moving from Denver to Seattle. Both cities have high operating expenses, although Seattle’s tends to be higher. It’s true that taxes and utilities are cheaper in Seattle, but everything else, including housing, healthcare, food, and transportation, is more expensive. The general cost of living in Seattle is 32% more than in Denver. Make sure your financial situation is stable before you relocate. Once you decide on the move, feel free to schedule your move with Colorado interstate movers as soon as possible.

The housing market

The Seattle housing market is among the most competitive in the country. The Seattle housing market seems much more competitive and costly than that of Denver. The typical home price in Seattle increased from $410,000 in 2016 to $740,000 in 2021, illustrating the competitive nature of the market there. The increase in home prices is 26%! Therefore, the median price of a single-family house in Denver is about $557,000. The median price of a home in these two markets is over 55% different. But on the bright side, your paycheck would likely be higher in Seattle. So, if you’d like a change of scenery and you’re planning on moving to Seattle, interstate movers Seattle will be more than happy to assist you.

a nice living room
The housing market in Seattle is much more costly compared to Denver.

Tax rates in Seattle

The tax rates in Seattle are somewhat higher than those in Denver. This may seem like horrible news, but there is a bright side. Although Seattle extracts a larger percentage of your income in taxes, the city itself receives no such revenue. To put things in perspective, Denver’s 4.8% income tax rate is far higher than Seattle’s low-income tax rate of 0.0%. In contrast to Seattle’s 10% sales tax, Denver’s 8.3% rate is somewhat lower. Therefore, while it may be a wire you must walk, it is possible to make your taxes look manageable.

Employment opportunities in Seattle

The economic diversity of Denver is one of the city’s greatest assets. The city’s GDP may thank industries including aerospace, healthcare, financial services, bioscience, IT, broadcasting, and telecommunications, and energy. Although the city’s economy cannot compete with those of major players like Seattle, getting work here is much simpler. Seattle’s GDP was $384.73 billion in the past year. The significant contributions made by sectors such as technology, biotechnology, healthcare, shipping, and fishing are largely responsible for this. This is why people in Seattle earn an average of $59,835 each year. Although this is more than the national average, it may not be enough to cover the rising costs of living in the city. You would need a luxurious annual income of $80,350 to keep up with these costs.

a person looking for a job after moving from Denver to Seattle
Finding work after moving from Denver to Seattle will be a piece of cake.

With a rate of 5.3%, Seattle’s job market is very tight. Which is somewhat lower than the national average of 6%. This is because of the city’s high employment rate. The city’s employment outlook is buoyed by the presence of many large employers. If you work in the medical field or the IT sector, you will have no problems landing a job in Seattle.  If you’d like to move to this beautiful and diverse city, start getting quotes from cross-country moving companies in Washington right away.

Final notes

Now that you’ve decided on moving from Denver to Seattle, it’s time to locate a reliable moving business. Always make sure that the business you’re contacting is fully licensed and insured. And recognized by the Better Business Bureau. This way you’ll avoid being scammed. We wish you a very happy relocation.

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