Moving from Charlotte to Atlanta

If you are about to move from the city of Charlotte, you may be wondering about your next destination. Since Charlotte is such a beautiful city to live in, you probably have many great memories already. Luckily, Atlanta is considered to be one of the best places you could move to. This is due to the many good sides of living that Atlanta brings. Also, the city is known for its affordability, which may come as a surprise to newcomers. There are many good things to hope for when moving from Charlotte to Atlanta. If you need to find a moving company that suits your specific needs, call us at Best Cross Country Movers. As we specialize in connecting customers with qualified moving companies, we will be glad to assist with your relocation.

a moving company truck suitable for moving from Charlotte to Atlanta
A reliable moving company can help you with more moving services than one.

What to expect when moving from Charlotte to Atlanta?

Charlotte and Atlanta are two very distinct cities. This means that each has its atmosphere, benefits, culture, and customs. Therefore, it is best to get to know the differences between them when moving from Charlotte to Atlanta. It is recommended to find reputable cross country movers in Charlotte for this purpose. Cross-country relocations on this distance cost from around $650 to $6,3200. Since this is a very wide price range, you will need to contact your movers for an exact estimate. Additional moving services such as packing and storage can add to the final price. Ask your movers for a free moving quote if in doubt.

The spacious city of Atlanta

Certain aspects of day-to-day life are very different in the two cities. The average price of groceries, rent and home owning, medical services, etc. also varies. When looking for affordable movers, it is advisable to do your research on interstate movers in Atlanta. Affordability is just one aspect of a good moving company. Other important factors include good skills, experience, reliability, and verifiability. This is why it is important to find a moving company that truly fits your expectations. At Best Cross Country Movers, we can help you find some of the best moving services, including:

  • Interstate moving
  • Cross country moving
  • Residential moving
  • Packing and storage services and more.

When relocating to the city of Atlanta, the first thing you will notice is how large it is. It is one of the best cities to live in the state of Georgia, and for a good reason. Being the capital of this amazing state, it offers a lot to everyone who comes to visit or to stay. Atlanta is a great choice for both family and single living, and it provides the locals with many cultural, artistic, and scientific amenities. It is very difficult to see the entire city in a small amount of time. Rather, it is a city that you keep on exploring and rediscovering.

a man holding a small model of a house
The housing prices vary when moving from Charlotte to Atlanta, depending on preferences and the neighborhood.

What is the cost of living in Atlanta compared to Charlotte?

Comparing the two cities when it comes to their living cost brings varying results. The price always depends on certain factors such as the type of neighborhood or your personal preferences. For instance, living in the center of Atlanta will certainly cost more than living in the suburbs. However, some prices can be figured out, at least approximately. This goes for housing, groceries, and other important things for newcomers. Don’t forget to contact your North Carolina interstate movers for a free moving quote.

Charlotte and Atlanta are both affordable cities for everyday living. The average cost of living in both cities is very close to the national average. The median home price in Charlotte equals $328,276 while in Atlanta it is $444,208. If you are planning to rent an apartment, count on a price of around $1,000 in both cities. Luckily, the phone bill, energy bill, and groceries are all cheaper in Atlanta. Therefore, while you may pay a bit more for housing initially, in the long run, you will save more money. Moving from Charlotte to Atlanta will give you opportunities to save and redistribute your finances as well. Not to mention that the health expenses are almost 10% cheaper in Atlanta!

Moving from Charlotte to Atlanta in a nutshell

Planning a cross-country relocation is never easy. In this case, moving to the state of Georgia can be quickly organized with some professional assistance. All it takes is finding Georgia cross country movers that are both skilled and affordable. Relocating to Georgia is a great decision because of all the benefits that living there offers. Since agriculture and nature are amazing, you will have many health benefits as well. Also, it goes as one of the more affordable states to live in. The employment rates are high, and so are college opportunities. Traveling around the state will give you an insight into beautiful nature, such as Georgia’s seven natural wonders. On the other hand, if you would like to find a beach close to Atlanta, Tybee Island is the closest location.

Atlanta city will provide you with a big-city life. This means that starting a career or a new life there is a common theme. Since it brings so many opportunities in all areas of life, it gives people a sense of a fresh start. Compared to Charlotte, it brings a lot more events, restaurants and culture to explore. You can always count on a new experience in this city, as it is very difficult to get to know it all at once!

two people at a stand selling groceries
You will find that the groceries are cheaper when moving from Charlotte to Atlanta.

Relocating is easy with the right moving assistance

Whatever the type of your relocation, remember to rely on a safe and reputable moving company. Moving from Charlotte to Atlanta is no exception. A good moving company will be more than willing to help with every question you may have. Interstate relocations require longer traveling routes and more secure packaging. Therefore, it is even more important to find a secure way to transfer your personal belongings. Ask your movers about the various moving services, such as packing and storage solutions, in order to find the best option possible.

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