Moving from Cedar Rapids to Los Angeles

Moving, in general, can be a highly complex process to handle. There are many things you need to do to prepare for the move. For that reason, good organization and planning are half of the job. The other half of the job is to hire a professional and reputable moving company like Best Cross Country Movers to help you execute the move. Hiring professionals is a must, especially with long-distance moves. Due to the fact that many things can go wrong if you try to move by yourself. Moreover, if you plan on moving from Cedar Rapids to Los Angeles reading this blog will help you understand what to expect and how to prepare for the move.

Moving from Cedar Rapids to Los Angeles - two men driving a moving van
Moving from Cedar Rapids to Los Angeles is smooth when you hire a professional moving company to help you

What to expect when moving from Cedar Rapids to Los Angeles

Considering that Cedar Rapids has a population of around 130,000 people. While Los Angeles is home to around 3.9 million people. This is the first and the biggest difference you will have to adapt to when you move. Therefore make sure that you are ready to move from a small city to a huge one. On that note, the distance between Cedar Rapids to Los Angeles is around 1,800 miles. This is a long move to be done without the help of the best cross country movers in Cedar Rapids. In addition, when you decide to move to LA you need to consider some of the factors mentioned below.

Factors you should consider when choosing where in LA you will live

  • Housing cost– this is the most important factor when you are in the process of choosing where to live in Los Angeles. There are many different neighborhoods to choose from like Hollywood, Brentwood, Northridge, Long Beach, etc. Of course, you will choose one that is within your limits of monthly costs. The usually rent for a one-bedroom apartment start at around 2,400 US dollars.
  • Lifestyle– LA has a diversity of activities you can do. You should consider the places you would visit the most and try to find a home in that area. This will also save you a lot of time and money on driving. For example, if you prefer going to bars and if you love the crazy nightlife LA has to offer then a neighborhood like Silver Lake is for you.
  • Commute– considering the size of LA, if you are not careful when choosing a neighborhood in which you will live. For example, you can spend even 70 minutes on your commute just one way. This is the case if you live in Downtown LA and you work in Santa Monica. Therefore, try to choose a neighborhood that is close to your workplace or school if you have kids. Whichever neighborhood you choose you should hire the best cross country movers California has to offer.
a man standing in a subway
Considering your commute before choosing a neighborhood to live in is a must when moving to Los Angeles

Fun activities to do in Los Angeles

After you move to Los Angeles and settle in your new home it will be high time you start exploring the city. There are many sights to see and attractions to visit. Moreover, one of the first things you should do when you move to LA is – hike to the Hollywood sign which is the iconic landmark of the city. Located on Mount Lee in the Hollywood Hills. When you make it up there you can enjoy the beautiful panoramic view of the city and take some stunning pictures. In addition, Los Angeles is the nation’s center of film and TV industry. Thus visiting the Hollywood Walk of Fame is the next thing to do. You can see many famous names like Michael Jackson, Lady Gaga, Madonna, etc. Moreover, interstate moving companies LA are always happy to give you more suggestions when it comes to exploring the city.

Considering the fact that you are moving from Cedar Rapids, Iowa. You can also enjoy the experience of shopping in one of the most famous shopping districts in the world which is Rodeo Drive. You can find anything you need there. Moreover, hiring interstate movers Iowa to help you with the move will only make the transition easier. On that note, the choice of a moving company is crucial to the successful moving experience. Therefore, choose wisely and make sure that the company provides all the services that you require before hiring them.

In addition, after you move another thing you can do is visit Universal Studios Hollywood and experience the large California theme park which offers many things like behind-the-scenes presentations about the movie-making process. Whether you are a movie enthusiast or not, visiting this theme park is a must. Moreover, these are only some of the main attractions. You can explore the city and search for restaurants and bars, museums, art galleries, and places alike where you can spend your free time.

A picture of the Hollywood sign
Visiting the Hollywood sign is an attraction not just for the visitors but for the permanent residents as well

Prepare for the move

Now that you know everything you need to about what to expect when moving from Cedar Rapids to Los Angeles. Let us note that the preparation for the move is highly important for the successful moving experience. For that reason having a plan and being organized is a must. If you are moving during the summer, make sure to read an article about how to prepare for a long distance summer move . This altogether will help you have a smooth moving experience.


To conclude, if you hire a professional moving company and prepare accordingly for the move. Moving from Cedar Rapids to Los Angeles should be smooth and fast. You will find yourself exploring the beautiful city of Angels in no time. Visiting beaches on the weekends and driving along the coast will become a regular thing for you. If this is the lifestyle you want to have, then moving to Los Angeles is the right thing to do.

Good luck with the move!

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