Moving from California to Washington 101

Washington is becoming more and more popular destination for relocation. Considering California’s high cost of living among other unfavorable factors, moving from California to Washington seems like an excellent idea. Get to know how to move to Washington and what you need to know about relocation by reading this.

Why are people moving from California to Washington?

California is, for sure, heavenly place regarding the weather, beautiful coastline and outdoor activities. But, Sunshine state is not so kind-hearted to people with lower incomes, because of the high cost of living, taxes, and housing. These are the main reasons for moving from California to Washington. Moving costs can vary, depending on the size of your house and belongings. For more detailed budget planning, you could contact cross country movers California and ask for an estimate. Involve this step as a part of your research for a smooth relocation. Also, explore cities in Washington state and know approximately where you’d like to move.

Washington weather for those who miss snowy winters

Seattle is the most popular city in Washington. If you are moving there, prepare for rainy days. It will be completely different, weather-wise, from California. Seattle is known for its rainy weather, but actually, it is not too different than the rest of the state. The annual average precipitation is only a little higher than the national average. But you need to pack and prepare your warmer clothes since you can expect snow and cold winter, unlike California.

Winter gear is a must when you are moving from California to Washington
Be sure to buy and pack your warm winter clothes and good boots.

You could hire interstate moving companies Washington and get a packing service, so you can be more efficient with your relocation. Moving from California to Washington by car will be much safer if you service your car and pack a winter gear if you are traveling in wintertime.

Job opportunities

The upside to weather is that you can expect to find a great job market in Washington State. If this is the reason for your relocation, choosing Washington is a good idea since many large companies are located here. Mostly jobs in high demand are web and software developer, hardware engineer, physical or massage therapist and security technician. If this is your field, you are in luck. Washington state is in first or second place of best states to get a job. Of course, it is smart to do some research before you begin moving from California to Washington. Maybe even apply to some jobs before you plan your relocation. It will be much easier to settle down and get used to a new environment without stressing about a job search. Certainly, it will be beneficial to your savings if you have income sooner. You won’t have to spend all of your hard-earned money.

person look at charts
Research potential job opportunities before you move

Prepare and plan well in advance

Moving from California to Washington means that you will have to travel approximately thousand miles, give or take. Depending on where are you moving to, maybe even more than a thousand miles. A long-distance move is stressful and very demanding. Actually, any type of relocation can be very hard and emotional, but especially long-distance one. 

This requires detailed relocation planning. It is best to make a checklist and to set a budget. In order to do so properly, you need to know what expenses you will have during relocation. The following steps should be a part of your checklist:

  • Get a moving estimate
  • Declutter your belongings before you decide what you are bringing
  • Supply with packing materials
  • Choose good moving day date
  • Get in touch with utility companies

Decluttering should be finished before you contact a moving company. This is because you want to get an estimate before you decide which movers to choose. Usually, a moving company will send an in house agent to estimate the size of your relocation based on the number of your belongings. This is why you need to declutter, so you will lower the price by downsizing your items. When you are looking for the best moving company for your particular needs, make sure that you contact more than two movers. You will see what or who suits you the best. Don’t make a decision based only on the price. Make sure that the necessary experience and expertise for long-distance moves. Also, check if they have a packing service. This will save you a lot of time and energy for other tasks.

Gather quality packing materials

If you decide to do the packing, make sure that you prepare everything you will need for self-packing. Once you start to pack, you don’t want to waste time on getting more supplies. Another important thing for long-distance moving is to have a quality packing supply. Your belongings will be handling a lot, so they should be safe in sturdy, durable boxes. This will minimize the risk of damages.

Packed belongings and box labeled according to rooms
When you pack your belongings in boxes, make sure to label them properly

A moving date can affect the price of your relocation

Believe it or not, different dates can affect the cost of your relocation. The moving industry also has a high and low season. When there is a higher demand, like in summer or early fall, moving costs are usually higher as well. Choose a moving day date carefully and plan your move according to that particular season. It is not quite the same when you are moving in summer like it is in the wintertime.

Call utility companies

At the very end, you need to call a utility company. Make sure that you have gas, electricity in your new home. Don’t leave these tasks for when you arrive. You will have a lot of chores then as well. Make it easier for yourself and have everything ready for your arrival.

When you are moving from California to Washington in the winter, you need to be prepared so your relocation goes smoothly as possible.

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