Moving from Atlanta to Chicago

Relocating to a different state is a very complex process. So when you plan to move from Atlanta to Chicago, you must make an effort to prepare for the changes that await you, but also to find the appropriate help. Ask for the help of moving professionals and move more easily and simply from Atlanta to Chicago. When you know that the cross-country movers in Atlanta are dealing with your move, you will be able to dedicate yourself to preparing your family for changes, but also to get to know Chicago. Because moving from Atlanta to Chicago is a big change in many ways. To begin with, the size of the city, the number of inhabitants, weather conditions, and much more. In the following, we have compared life in these two cities for you to make it easier for you to move.

Prepare well for your move to another country

Regardless of the reasons for which you are moving, you must be aware that quite a big change awaits you. Moving from Georgia to Illinois comes with a lot of work. To begin with, you should know that moving is not cheap and will cost on average between $2,849 and $8,140. Of course, this is not the exact price, because the movers must have insight into the details of your move, but this is an average. In addition to the fact that you have to make a good moving plan and moving budget, you also have to prepare for everything that awaits you.

The legendary Chicago Theater is a must visit after moving from Atlanta to Chicago.
Chicago offers many more cultural and entertainment events that you will be able to enjoy after moving.

The pros and cons of moving from Atlanta to Chicago

For you, we have tried to separate what are the advantages and what are disadvantages if you decide to move from Atlanta GA to Chicago IL. Both cities have their advantages, but not everything is perfect in either. You just need to look at life from all angles before you call the interstate movers in Chicago and make the final decision about moving. Some of the prominent disadvantages are:

  • cost of living
  • the increased crime rate
  • weather

There are certainly more good sides to moving than bad. So here are the good points of moving to Chicago:

  • diversity
  • vibrant cultural and entertainment scene,
  • excellent public transportation

Of course, there are many more examples of both good and bad sides, but we have written down two of the most prominent differences for you.

Pros of moving from Atlanta to Chicago

Here are a few things to keep in mind if you’re moving from Atlanta to Chicago. There are many advantages to moving to this wonderful city.

Chicago offers beautiful nature in the city, but also entertainment and cultural events

Chicago is a city with incredible energy, nightlife, a world-class downtown, top restaurants, a waterfront, and some of the world’s best museums. It has great suburbs, and better city design and people say it’s a more cultural city than Atlanta. What’s more, the lake shore itself makes it an amazing city to live in or visit. Miles of green areas and paths, as well as huge parks in the very heart of the center, are a jewel that makes life in this city unique. If this is what attracts you, call the Georgia interstate movers today to move you.

A group of people are standing
Chicago is a much more diverse city than Atlanta ethnically, racially, and culturally.

Chicago is a much more diverse city than Atlanta

Unlike Atlanta, Chicago is much more culturally, racially, and ethnically diverse. There are different neighborhoods where the Latino community lives, then there is the Swedish, but also the Jewish community. But that’s not all, there are several black communities in Chicago, as well as Polish, Italian, Chinese, Mexican, Puerto Rican neighborhoods, and many others. Moreover, everyone feels welcome in Chicago, as they gladly accept immigrants.  So it doesn’t matter where you come from, in Chicago, you will be warmly welcomed and easily find a community for yourself. While that’s not the case with Atlanta. The majority of the population there is about 60% white, 30% black, and 10% Hispanic. So, if you are moving to Chicago, prepare yourself for the influence of different cultures and diversity.

What’s not to love about moving from Atlanta to Chicago

Before you book Illinois cross-country movers for your relocation to Chicago, here are a few things that could be called the cons of moving to Chicago from Atlanta.

Cost of living

As you might expect, life in the City of Chicago is not cheap. Although Georgia is 3.7% more expensive than Illinois, the cost of living in Chicago is more expensive than in Atlanta. Here, people have higher incomes, but also higher expenses. The cost of living in Chicago is 14.7% higher than the cost of living in Atlanta. But salaries don’t make that much of a difference. Average incomes in Chicago are 7.2% percent higher than in Atlanta. So prepare for lower-income and higher living expenses after you move to Chicago. This does not mean that you will live worse, you just have to adapt to what awaits you. Of course, Chicago offers many more opportunities for employment, so you can easily progress.

A frozen tree by the Lake in Chicago
Cold winters are something to get used to after moving from Atlanta to Chicago.

Climate in Chicago

After moving from Atlanta, it will take some time for you to get used to the change in the climate. The difference in temperatures and lifestyle is significant. What’s more, Chicago, Illinois is considered to have one of the coldest climates in the country. The fact that proves it is that Chicago has an average of about 122 days every year that are below freezing. An inch of snow in Atlanta causes school closures, while the same amount of snow in Chicago is not even noticeable unless it’s the first snow. On the other hand, many people complain about the unbearably hot summers in Atlanta. Therefore, if you are a fan of easy and beautiful weather, you may not like moving to Chicago.

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