Most alluring cities for young entrepreneurs in Minnesota

Looking to start a career in a new city? You are in the right place. It’s hard to find a perfect fit and the ideal city to move to and start a new job. However, that’s why help is all around you.  The best cross country movers are there to guide you 24/7. But first, you need to determine what you want from your new city of residence. Is it the number of job opportunities? Is it the quiet neighborhoods? Or maybe it’s the bustling nightlife and lively atmosphere to get you to relax after work. Whatever it is, Minnesota has a place for you. So, start getting to know the most alluring cities for young entrepreneurs in Minnesota. You will see that your ideal city is right under your nose. 

What’s it like living in Minnesota?

A state in the upper Midwest, Minnesota is one of the largest states in the US when it comes to territory size. In the terms of population, it’s not far behind, taking 22nd place as the most populous American state. Minnesota’s motto can be translated from French and it means “The Star of the North” and it truly is a star for many reasons. 

The state has a very diverse nature. From western prairies, forests, lakes, etc – you can find everything in Minnesota. Forests make up about a third of the whole state. Also, almost ten acres of water are from natural lakes are a major benefit of the state. You can get access to amazing natural views, fresh air, and clear water. What more can you ask for?

mississippi river in minnesota
The beautiful Mississippi River offers a perfect getaway from a long day at work.

Is Minnesota a good state to start a career?

But, if you’re looking to start a career in Minnesota, don’t give up yet. The state does not just have amazing nature, but it is also a growing leader in the economy. Minnesota has very developed industries and sectors which make it a perfect environment for professional progress. There are numerous cities for young entrepreneurs in Minnesota to settle down in and start their new life. High national standards are also a sign of a good working and living environment. The state is always in the top three when it comes to the quality of life. It has an unemployment rate of 3.2%, while the national average is 3.6%, and also it has a strong economy and job market.

Additionally, when it comes to the GDP and income, Minnesota has been among the top ranks for several decades now. Rising sectors like finance, health care, business, and others contributed a lot to the state’s overall progress. Therefore, if you’re still wondering if you should move to Minnesota and start a business, think no more! With the long-distance movers Minnesota, your new life is just around the corner!

a young entrepreneur talking doing business in minnesota
Minnesota has a lot of business opportunities for young entrepreneurs!

What are the best cities for young entrepreneurs in Minnesota?

As you were able to see above, Minnesota is a state bubbling with an entrepreneurial spirit. Almost anywhere you go in the state, you will be able to find adequate conditions for starting a company of your own. However, everyone has their preferences. Therefore, it’s best to do some research and see which city suits your taste the most. Here are some of the best cities for young entrepreneurs in Minnesota.

Get to know Minneapolis and all its perks

Although not the capital, Minneapolis is the most populous city in the state of Minnesota. It is surrounded by the Mississippi River on the west side and the city also borders Saint Paul, the state’s capital. Besides the Mississippi River, this city has a lot of beautiful nature to offer. With 13 lakes, there is always a new place you can visit after work, to recharge your batteries and soak up the sun. 

Minneapolis, along with Saint Paul, created the Twin Cities region. It is the 6th metropolitan area in the US when it comes to the territory. But, more importantly, it means that there are numerous companies, buildings, and start-ups blooming in the area. After Chicago, it is the best economic center in the Midwestern area of the United States. Minneapolis makes up more than 70% of Minnesota’s gross regional domestic product.

minneapolis business center for young entrepreneurs in minnesota
Minneapolis is one of the best cities to start a business in Minnesota!

If this city feels like it’s what you’re looking for, don’t hesitate further. Contact cross-country moving companies Minneapolis and start your journey as soon as possible. 

Saint Paul is one of the best cities for young entrepreneurs in Minnesota

The capital of the state and usually referred to as St. Paul. It is one of the oldest cities in the state and it was made up of a number of villages and eventually became one of the most important cities. Like Minneapolis, St. Paul lies on the shore of the Mississippi River and the place where it meets the Minnesota River. It’s also well-connected to other parts of the state, so interstate moving companies Saint Paul will have no problem relocating your belongings to your new home.

When it comes to the professional world, Saint Paul is a good choice for career-seekers. A number of big companies have their headquarters right in this city. The city is a leader in many sectors, including:

  • Technology
  • Ecology
  • Hydroelectric power
  • Finances

Rochester might be a fit for you

Although a big city as well, Rochester is calmer and more relaxed than the previous two cities. Still, it’s definitely one of the best cities for young entrepreneurs in Minnesota. Furthermore, interstate movers Rochester will make sure you settle in your hometown stress-free.

If you are an expert in medicine, banking, or technology, this is the place for you! With institutions like the Mayo Clinic and many more, you will have solid grounds to start a business of your own. Don’t let the opportunity slip!

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