Legitimate Ways Movers Can Increase Your Final Cost

Everyone knows that relocating costs a lot of money. Things to accomplish and expenses to cover keep piling up on your to-do list. You hope there are no hidden fees associated with finishing the project. But there are situations when that doesn’t hold true. Many customers may not realize that there are a few legitimate ways movers can increase your final cost. Best Cross Country Movers staff is here to help you plan and learn all you need to know about moving costs, so you don’t receive any ugly surprises. This is what you should look for and what questions you should ask your movers before signing a moving contract.

Before scheduling a move, verify that the moving business you’re considering is reliable

There is nothing worse than signing a dubious moving contract and falling for a moving scam. The entire relocation process takes a lot of work and time, and you don’t want all of it to go to waste. Unfortunately, there are a lot of moving horror stories in the business, and a number of families end up dissatisfied and get stressed out. It is a fraud if movers demand payment before they even begin unloading the vehicle. Another red flag is if they want payment in full before they ever set foot in your home.

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Make sure the moving company you choose is legit.

Another possible sign of a moving scam is a large number of optional extra charges on your final bill. When researching reputable moving firms for your next move, it is important to inquire about the legal means through which movers might add to your final bill. Before signing a contract and starting to work with the moving team, you should look up the company’s payment policy.

5 totally legitimate ways movers can increase your final cost

The final price tag for your relocation will be affected by several factors. For instance, the number of goods that need to be moved. There’s also the fact that the dimensions may be decisive. Shipping things that are very heavy or large can be rather expensive due to the additional equipment needed. There may be an additional fee if the movers need to carefully transport and handle several fragile objects. However, these are not the only things you need to know before the big day arrives.

In contrast, though, the unexpected is always a possibility. In some cases, this will be the cause of an increase in your total price. Circumstances beyond your control may cause you to go over your relocation budget. Moving can be a highly stressful and unpleasant experience. Poor preparation, though, is usually to blame. Nothing goes as well as planned if you didn’t prepare and use a moving checklist.

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Don’t leave everything for the last minute.

1. The customer failed to adequately plan for and pack on time

Think about the day that interstate movers California pull up to your house. But you’re not even close to being prepared to let them load it. This indicates that the day you plan to move will take much longer than you anticipate. It’s only fair that the moving company compensates its employees for whatever overtime they’re required to perform. You may avoid this by getting a head start on your moving plans and being completely ready to go when the movers come. It’s not just a matter of putting things in boxes. Actually, you have a lot more to do than that. Just a few ideas include transferring service providers, deep cleaning, and ensuring sure the kids have their own rooms. Time is of the essence, so plan ahead to make sure you have enough to do everything.

2. Improper packing

This is one of the most common legitimate ways movers can increase your final cost. As we’ve already established, movers will need to know if they’ll be responsible for transporting any breakables or particularly large items on moving day. It is common practice for home inspectors to highlight any aspects of a house that would drive up the cost of relocating. Hiring professional packers and movers Los Angeles to do the job for you will prevent all of these issues. If you plan on doing your own packing for the relocation, you should familiarize yourself with a variety of packing supplies to ensure a smooth transition. Most movers may ask you to repack your fragile objects if they feel they were not packed securely enough. They must, after all, maintain their security in the vehicle during the trip. You should be aware that this will result in additional expenses.

two people packing up
Make sure all of your items are neatly packed.

3. The move requires more stops

If you are well prepared for the move, your interstate movers New York will do their best to keep your costs as low as possible. Avoid making unnecessary stops if you don’t want to rack up extra charges. If you’re on a lengthy journey, we don’t imply you should stop to stretch your legs. The movers and you will most likely be taking different vehicles. We mean that you can arrange to have your items picked up or delivered anywhere other than your residence. One of the ways movers might lawfully enhance your final fees is by going to your storage facility to get part of your possessions. If you want to prevent it, you should do that on your own and have everything you need on hand.

4. Adding more items to the truck

Obviously, the price will increase significantly if you want to relocate more stuff than was originally agreed upon. It makes no difference if you are relocating across town or across the country. They will incur additional charges due to their heft and the length of time required to carry them. Inform your interstate movers Colorado in advance if you need to bring extra items. This allows you to settle on a price in advance that everyone is comfortable with. Nobody enjoys the prospect of receiving a final bill that they are unwilling or unable to pay. If you are up-front and honest with your movers from the start, you will have no surprises when it comes time to pay the bill.

5. Unexpected storage needs

It’s not only stressful but also incredibly expensive to realize you need storage at the last minute. Sure, you may ask a relative or close acquaintance to deliver the boxes to their home. But if there are several large items that need to be stored, it’s probably not going to work. Sometimes putting things in storage is your only option. Even temporary storage might drain your bank account if you aren’t prepared. Spending $100+ for emergency storage for a week is out of reach for many people. That’s why it’s important to be proactive and organize your affairs in advance to prevent any surprises.

a man closing the box with tape
Unexpected storage needs are one of the most common legitimate ways movers can increase your final cost.

6. Stairs tariff

It would be easier on the movers if you were moving into (and out of) a ranch rather than, say, a six-story walk-up, even if they have the expertise to move furniture faster and more elegantly than you. That’s why it’s not uncommon for movers to tack on an extra $50 to $75 for every set of stairs you have to navigate.

Moving firms frequently work from a tariff, which identifies items for which you might be charged such as if there are stairs involved. Making a multi-level ascent or descent? Find out how much it will cost by looking at your tariff. There have been reports from people saying that a mover has included a stairs tariff in the bill even though there were no stairs. To avoid fraudulent companies like this, make sure that the company you choose is BBB-recognised, fully licensed, and insured. You don’t want any surprises of that nature.

7. Shuttle fee

It’s not always possible to park a tractor-trailer safely in front of an urban high-rise or in a quaint cul-de-sac. Interstate movers New York City frequently encounter this problem, and their standard response is to hire a smaller vehicle to make many journeys across the country to deliver your things. In addition, they might demand a hefty price tag for this service. The best way to avoid this is to look into some alternative options, like cheap storage nearby. Or decluttering a little bit before the move so that all of your possessions can fit into one smaller van.

If you haven’t been offered a firm estimate in advance, a shuttle charge for this service may be tacked on. If you want to know if (or when) your moving truck will fit into the space available at your new (or old) residence, you should investigate the parking regulations in both locations. Even if it can’t, you should look about to see if there’s a better location nearby that will allow you to avoid the shuttle. Also, it’s possible that hiring two smaller vehicles might be cheaper.

8. You forgot to declare that you are transporting a specialty item

Adding an item of furniture to the original estimate will increase the final cost, especially for long-distance moves. However, failing to inform your moving company that you are moving a specialty item will definitely increase the final cost. And is likely to cause a number of problems because your cross-country movers Alabama will not be prepared adequately to handle that specific specialty item.

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Specialty items need to be packed and transported with extra care, therefore it may be an extra charge.

In reality, this is quite rare. As you would most likely demonstrate and negotiate with the movers the unique things you want to be transported to the new home first. Still, it’s possible that you may accidentally conceal from the interstate movers Arizona a very fragile or valuable item that needs expert packing and moving services.

While it would be unusual to forget to show movers a piano that needs special packing and moving care, it is completely typical to forget to include a grandfather clock as a specialist item. And these often also need extra packing and moving care. Moving a pool table or hot tub without telling the movers is a bit of a stretch, but forgetting to mention a big sale or an antique piece of furniture is far more plausible.

9. You require express shipping

You can choose express shipping, but know that it will cost more. In order to reduce expenses, movers may commonly combine many shipments into one for long-distance relocations. In fact, this is the best method for moving companies to employ when transporting furniture and other home goods long distances.

a man unloading the truck
Express shipping will, of course, cost more than regular deliveries.

You can choose to have professional cross-country movers Maryland transfer your possessions without sharing the truck with anybody else if speedy delivery is a priority, or if you’d rather have a certain day for delivery rather than a window. However, if you want exclusive use of the moving van, you can count on the movers to charge you more money. Naturally, you need to have these discussions with the moving firm in advance.

So how much can you rely on your initial free estimate?

In conclusion, don’t rely entirely on the initial quote your movers provide you. Since, as you now know, there are many legitimate ways movers can increase your final cost. If you want an accurate quote, you shouldn’t receive it over the phone, where you might have to give away details like the square footage of your home and the kinds of furniture you own. Having a qualified mover come out to your house to inspect your possessions is the best way to get an accurate quote.

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