Idaho Falls vs Nampa

Idaho is a great place to start a new life. The state has a lot to offer, whether you are moving there as a single person or with your family. But every city is different so today we will present you with Idaho Falls vs Nampa. Here you will find the similarities and differences that will help you decide which suits your needs the best. Once you decide which one of these two great cities you would like to live in, you can use Best Cross Country Movers to find adequate movers. With professionals assisting your move, you will be in your new home in record time, enjoying your new life. So let’s dive in and see what you should know about Idaho Falls and Nampa.

a map: Idaho Falls vs Nampa
Idaho Falls vs Nampa which one would you choose?

Idaho Falls vs Nampa – which one is better?

Well, there is no right or wrong. It all depends on what you like and what you need. Both cities have pretty much similar climates, except that Idaho Falls has 14% more rainy days than Nampa. If rain is something you are trying to avoid then Nampa should be your choice. On the other side, both cities have hot summers and cold winters, so you will be able to experience four seasons no matter where you decide to live.

Here are some other differences between Idaho Falls and Nampa:

  • Idaho Falls is less expensive than Nampa for about 7.3%
  • Nampa housing costs are 14.0% more expensive than in Idaho Falls
  • Health care expenses are 6.8% less expensive in Nampa than in Idaho Falls
  • Idaho Falls has 0.7% more unemployment than Nampa
  • In Idaho Falls household income is 14% higher than in Nampa
a family walking in the nature
Idaho Falls is a great place to raise a family and do many outdoor activities together.

Why are people moving to Idaho Falls?

Over the last couple of years, the state of Idaho has become one of the fastest-growing states in the country. This is all because people have been actively moving here from other places. The biggest reason for which people are moving here is the cost of living and the quality of life. When you compare Idaho Falls to the rest of the cities in the USA the cost of living is way cheaper. For the same amount of money as in other bigger cities, in Idaho Falls you will get a home that is two times bigger. This is very convenient for families. You have the opportunity to have a huge yard where you can play with your kids and organize barbecue parties.

Moreover, taxes are lower than in other major cities, which is a big plus. So if this sounds appealing to you just contact one of the best cross country movers Idaho Falls has to offer and come here to start a new chapter of your life. Another great thing about Idaho Falls is that you are closer to nature. There are many state parks and national forests that you can explore nearby. Just hop in your car and in two hours you will be in Yellowstone. Furthermore, if you are a fan of fishing and hunting you will enjoy it here. This is the number one hobby of many people in the city. This is truly a paradise for people that love nature.

a vineyard
Nampa has a very rich and fertile soil, so there are many vineyards in the wineries that you can enjoy visiting.

Why you should move to Nampa?

Even though the population in Nampa is around 100.000 it still has a small city feel. This is mainly because of the lifestyle. Here taking time to enjoy life is important.  You can say that there is a healthy work/life balance in Nampa. This is ultimately what people want, time to enjoy the money they made by working hard. Moreover, there are many job opportunities in Nampa. The manufacturing industry is booming, and there are more and more tech-related business opportunities. Furthermore, just like in any other city in Idaho, here you will be able to enjoy nature and outdoor activities. No matter your age you will find an activity that you will like to do. On the weekends you can go camping and hiking with your family and friends.

Nampa has more than 24 parks and some amazing golf courses. You can go fishing on the Snake River, spend a day by Lake Lowell or Givens Hot Springs. You will easily find something fun to do and stay active. If you are a wine lover then Nampa is the place to be. The soil is fertile and rich so there are many vineyards and wineries that make excellent wine. Another interesting fact about Nampa is that people are very welcoming. After you move here with interstate movers Nampa you will easily make a lot of friends. If you need any kind of help, people from Nampa will be there for you to give you a helping hand.

Idaho Falls vs Nampa –What is your choice?

So what do you say, Idaho Falls vs Nampa? Which one would you choose? As you can see both places have a lot to offer no matter your age and the reason for moving. As long as you do thorough research on both of these places you will make the right decision. Once you decide which one is the most appealing to you, make sure to call one of the best cross country moving companies Idaho has to offer and book a move with them. They will be able to move you swiftly and stress-free, so you will be able to settle fast into your new community. Just remember, no matter how great both of these places are you will need some time to adjust. Just take your time and enjoy the perks of living in a place where nature is everywhere around you.

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