How to transport piano across the country

If you are moving, and have a piano at home, you will have to move it along. For this job, you have two options. You can DIY, or you can get valuable assistance from Best Cross Country Movers. There are a few types of pianos. Each of them demands different packing. And also, they have to be moved in different ways. Also, when you have to transport piano across the country, proper packing is not the only thing you should care about. The moving truck has to be well maintained. And your piano has to be properly fastened inside the truck. So, it will not slide on curves, or at sudden braking. Such slides could be fatal to your valuable instrument.

You can transport piano across the country – un upright piano with a chair, a vase, and flowers.
Upright pianos are easier for transportation.

Pianos are heavy, so never try to move them alone

Basically, there are two types of pianos. They are the upright and the grand pianos. However, both types are heavy. So, even just moving it to another room, you should enlist some help. And, even for such a seemingly easy task, you will need some basic equipment. At least, you should place a blanket underneath, in case you intend to pull it. Otherwise, you will have your floor scratched.

Also, you should know some basics about pianos. The weight in the piano is not evenly distributed. This is true for both types of pianos. So, even when pushing or pulling it on the flat surface, they can lose their balance. And simple moving might turn into a disaster.

Hiring professionals to transport piano across the country

Moving pianos by yourself comes with a lot of risks. Not only that you can make a mistake that will cause you financial loss. It can also be dangerous to let your friends deal with such a task. Not understanding pianos, they can simply misjudge situations. And they can easily get hurt.

The average household movers are also not the proper help. They are skilled in transporting various household items. However, pianos are specific. And to transport them safely across the country, you need movers who are specialized in piano moving.

Piano owners generally don’t know much about their instruments

As a piano owner, you will know how to take care of your instrument. This means you will know about its tuning. And how to keep the right temperature and humidity in the piano room. But, it is unlikely that, as an average owner, you know the piano construction. However, that is very important for successful moving and transportation.

Usually, transporting an upright piano, you will not need to disassemble it. However, to properly pack and transport the grand piano, you must know all its parts. In order to prepare it for cross-country transportation, the mover will have to disassemble it. And to assemble it again at your new home. That’s why the assistance of the best cross-country moving companies in Mississippi is so important.

A broken piano on the street.
If not handled carefully, a piano can break easily.

The equipment needed for moving and transporting pianos

Are you are still convinced that you can DIY? If so, you will undertake risks. But, at least, you can  get the right equipment and tools:

  • Lifting straps
  • Dollies
  • Hand trucks
  • Moving carts
  • Heavy-duty gloves
  • Steel-toe boots

Assuming that you will know how to use these tools, we still recommend that you be careful. Bottom line, you might be successful in moving the upright pianos. They are lighter. And you will not need to disassemble them. You can be fine wrapping them properly. You will also have to load and unload them on the rental truck. And to fasten them properly. However, we are of opinion that carrying such a delicate and massive object, you should purchase the moving insurance. At least, in case of an accident, you will be reimbursed.

Loading and transporting grand piano cross country on your own

As we already mentioned, grand pianos are specific. In order to pack them, you must disassemble them. Especially when you are transporting them across the country. In case you know the piano parts, fine. You will be able to disassemble and pack them. You will also know how to assemble them after transportation. However, if you were not doing it before, trying to move your piano across the country is very risky.

On the other hand, qualified movers, such as cross country movers Wisconsin, are trained to use the specialized moving equipment. They know how to safely remove parts of the grand piano and wrap them. And they can guarantee the safe transportation of your piano.

The short guide on disassembling and moving a grand piano

If moving the grand piano on your own, you will also have to take care of your home. You have to move pieces carefully, so you will prevent damaging the walls, doors, etc. And the part of the piano you are carrying. Also, make sure to have enough help, as some parts will still be very heavy, even after disassembling. And make sure that all your helpers have proper protective equipment.

Also, make sure that you have the basic tools for packing, moving, and loading, such as:

  • wraps padding
  • security straps
  • piano dollies
  • Cranes, etc.
Man is disassembling the grand piano.
It is necessary to disassemble the grand piano for safe transportation.

The steps of disassembling the grand piano

When preparing your grand piano for transportation across the country, here are some steps to follow:

  • Lower and fasten the top lid
  • Put a floor mat or large blanket under the piano body
  • Loosen and remove each of the piano legs (while doing so, your friends would keep the piano body. Once you complete moving the legs, they have to carefully lower the body on the floor mat)
  • Carefully wrap all the piano parts with appropriate wrapping materials
  • Place a large wooden board and at least one dolly underneath the piano body
  • Strap the body to the wooden board for security
  • Lift slowly the board with the fastened piano body

So prepared piano parts, and especially the body as the largest and heaviest part, you have to carry to the moving truck. When doing so, take care of corners, narrow doorways, and staircases. If the task looks too hard, consider hiring the help of the interstate moving companies Indiana.

Loading the piano parts onto the moving truck for cross country transportation

After successfully reaching the moving truck, you will have to load all the parts. Use all the tools and equipment you have at your disposal. The usual loading procedure is as follows:

  • Use stair ramps or large pieces of sturdy plywood to climb with the load into the moving truck
  • Use the strips, that you were using for pulling, to fasten the piano pieces inside the truck

All the described steps might look very easy. But don’t be fooled. Moving the piano takes a lot of strength and effort.

When transporting your piano, do it safely

Pianos are nice and very expensive instruments. You will be sad if the piano break during the transportation. But, with proper insurance, your material damage will be reimbursed. However, when you transport piano across the country, take care of the safety of people. Make sure that all you helpers know what to do. People tend to remove some heavy parts of protective clothes. So, keep an eye on your helpers and don’t allow them to do so. Whether transporting your piano on your own, or with the help of specialized movers, we hope your piano is in your new home. And we hope that our advice helped you a bit in this endeavor.

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