How to transport a car to another state

When you think about moving, you probably imagine packing up your house and unpacking it somewhere else. That is the right way to look at it, because most of your belongings are inside the house. But, what about your car? You cannot load the vehicle into the moving truck together with your refrigerator or your coach. Nor you can box it and ship to your new home address. Of course, there are plenty of ways to transport a car to another state. Firstly, you can drive it yourself or even ask a friend or family member to do it. Then, you can hire a professional driver to drive it for you. Also, you can load it to a car transport truck. Whatever means of transportation you choose for your car, be sure to prepare it for the interstate move. Ensure that your vehicle has a safe but affordable interstate trip.

How to move your car to another state? You can drive the car yourself.

You have an upcoming interstate relocation, and you are thinking about how to prepare. Firstly, you should find a reliable moving company through Best Cross Country Movers and get them to plan and execute this move for you. Even though professional movers will know what to do, you might be wondering how to transport a car to another state? Well, the most obvious solution is to drive it yourself. That is also the cheapest solution, even if you must fly back for your car. It could potentially be a long and exhausting trip, be aware. If you save some time and energy by hiring professional movers to transport your other stuff, you could use it to have this interstate trip in your car. You can take a family member with you or your pet if flying to the new location is not an option.

two people loading boxes into a car
The cheapest option is to drive the car yourself. You can pack some of your personal stuff in the truck or take along your pet

There’s another way to transport a vehicle cross country. Could you attach it to the moving truck?

Finding a suitable moving company is easier if you know what you are looking for. You can take advantage of our vast database of reliable moving companies and choose the option that best resonates with your needs. One of your requirements might be attaching a tow dolly to the moving truck to transport your car. If you think about it, it can be a safe and affordable option. Make sure you discuss this with your movers as they have experience and will know best how to do it. You will need special equipment for vehicle towing. It is available for rent and suitable for long-distance tows. If you opt for this type of transport, you will need to prepare your car for an interstate haul. Some vehicles are not predisposed for this type of towing, so make sure you have some back-up options if this doesn’t work.

moving trucks on the road
One of the best options to transport a vehicle is on a car transporter. Another option is to attach it to a moving truck

Wondering if there is some other method to transport a car to another state? Hire professionals.

If you don’t want to risk anything, hire professionals to drive or transport your car to the new location. Hiring a professional driver will most likely be the more expensive option of the two. Consider that, depending on the distance, an experienced driver will have to spend the night somewhere and rest. So, you will have to cover the costs of accommodation, food, and beverage. On the other hand, loading your car to a car transporter might be a cheaper option. Car transporters are large trucks with multiple vehicles. Think of it as shared transportation. The prices depend on the car type, the distance, the route, and the number of cars. If you don’t know much about this service, you can always contact your residential movers and ask for assistance or a recommendation. As professionals in the business, they will be able to provide you with the necessary information.

How much does it cost to transport a car to another state?

One of the essential criteria for moving your car to your new address is the cost. When you look at all the options, calculate your interstate moving cost. This will help you decide on how to transport the vehicle and stay within the moving budget. Usually, hiring a car transporter is one of the best options, even cost-wise. There are certain factors you should consider when getting a quote for the transport of your car:

  • The size of your car, including weight
  • Type of your car meaning model of the vehicle
  • Distance between your current location and your future address
  • Type of transportation you choose

Choose an open-air or a closed carrier. Your choice will affect the price. If you own a luxury car, the price will be higher. Indeed, your vehicle’s size and weight will play a significant role in getting a transport quote. So will the transportation distance.

luxury car transported on a tow dolly
Transporting luxury cars can cost more as potential damage coverage depends on the car value

 Is there something you should do to prepare your car for an interstate move?

Whether you choose to hire a professional driver or a car transporter to move your car cross country, be sure to prepare it:

  1. Remove all valuables, devices, documents, and personal items from the car. It is best if the vehicle is empty.
  2. Photograph your car. Document any scratch marks or dents, noting all the current damage if there’s any. This step is essential if there are complications upon arrival and you notice some recent damage to your vehicle.
  3. Fuel your car and check the tires.

Check your car insurance and find more about what insurance transport companies use. If the transport company has some unique conditions or terms of the contract, make sure they tell you in advance. Good preparation is essential as your car is one of your most valued possessions, and you want to take good care of it. 

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