How to plan your storage budget

Renting a storage unit is not cheap. Depending on the facility and the size of your unit, your monthly fee could be up to a couple of hundred dollars.  Luckily, there are many ways that you can save money on renting storage. But first, you need to plan your storage budget well. After you are clear with your financial abilities, you can pack your belongings, and call your long distance movers Nashville TN to take them to your storage facility. If you are still not sure how to plan your storage budget and save money on renting a unit, read the following lines and find out.

Before you plan your storage budget ask yourself these questions

When you are preparing to rent a storage unit, you need to ask yourself several questions. Then, depending on the answers you give, you can start to plan your storage budget. Here are things to think about before renting a storage unit.

  • Why do you want to rent a storage unit? This is the first question to ask yourself before you plan your storage budget.
  • What items do you plan to keep in your unit?
  • How will you transport your items? Are you doing it with your own vehicle? Or you will be hiring long distance movers Savannah for the job?
  • For how long are you going to need a storage unit?
  • How big storage unit do you need?
  • How often are you going to need access to the unit?
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You can plan your storage budget properly after you are certain about everything

Why do you need a storage unit? This is the first thing to think about when you want to plan your storage budget

There are many reasons why you would need a storage unit. When you are moving, you might need to store your items in a unit while your new home is ready. Or maybe you are moving to a smaller home, and you have a lot of items that you do not want to throw away.  On the other hand, you might be remodeling your home and you need a place to store your belongings. Some people even use storage units for their business or hobby activities.

To be able to plan your storage budget properly, you need to know why you are renting it. While you are doing your calculations, make sure that calculate all other expenses that you might have. You do not want to spend all you got on a top climate-controlled storage unit and to realize later that you do not have enough for your home remodeling, for example.

If you need to plan a smaller storage budget, get rid of your excess items

Next, you need to determine which items you are going to store. Of course, the more items you need to store the bigger the storage unit TN you will need. The bigger storage unit you need to rent, the more money it will cost you. This means that if you want to lower your storage unit price, you need to get rid of as many items as you can. On the other hand, maybe money is not an issue. However, if you think about the effort that you will need to invest in preparing your items for storage and packing them you will agree that decluttering is a good idea.

Vintage toy train
Before you plan your storage budget, remove items that you do not need.

How to get rid of your excess items?

The good thing about removing your excess items is that it can be very beneficial to your budget. Not only that you will be able to rent a smaller unit, but if you manage to sell your stuff you could even earn a few bucks along the way. Of course, a garage sale is the best way to sell your items and make a good profit. But for that, you will need to have a lot of stuff. If you only have a few items to sell, you can always do it online. Alternately, if you are moving, donating your stuff could help you to get some tax relieves.

Do not forget about transportation

When you are planning your storage budget, besides the money that you will need to invest in renting a unit, you also need to think about transferring your stuff. Of course, this depends on the size of your storage inventory, do you own a large enough vehicle, location of the storage facility, and so on.  If you cannot do it on your own, you will probably need to hire a moving company to help you out.

Plan your storage budget for the upcoming period

When you are renting a storage unit, one thing would be useful to know in advance. That is for how long you are planning to rent that unit. If you are sure that you will be there for the next couple of years, you can get a better deal if you make a long term commitment. Therefore, if you want to go cheaper, decide how long you are going to be there and rent accordingly.

Pack tightly so you could rent a smaller unit

Naturally, the size of the storage unit is one of the deciding factors when it comes to pricing. If you already removed items that you really do not need, you will need to make an effort into packing and arranging the rest of your stuff so they can take up less space while they are in the unit. This means that when you plan your storage budget, you need to think about packing supplies as well. Maybe you will also hire packing services TN to help you out. Count on that too.

Loaded storage unit
If you do not pack your items properly you will need to rent a much bigger unit.

Find storage that is further away from town

Finally, when you want to plan your storage budget properly, think about how often you will need access to your belongings. Renting a storage unit close to a city center is much more expensive than when you are dealing with storage facilities outside of urban areas. If you know that you will not be visiting your stuff on a regular basis, do not rent close to urban areas.

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