How to move to Hawaii from the mainland?

Many people from all around the globe dream of visiting Hawaii at least once, but it’s also a great moving destination. Different things make Hawaii a great location to move to, but it also comes with some challenges. It poses a much greater challenge to move your items across the ocean as a truck won’t be sufficient. In most cases, this means that you won’t be able to move to Hawaii from the mainland just by yourself and without professional help. That’s why you should look for a company in advance and try to find some of the Best Cross Country Movers out there. While it can be hard to find the perfect match, we can help you narrow down your options to best suit your budget and your other needs.

How to prepare for a move to Hawaii from the mainland?

a view after a move to hawaii from the mainland
Many people feel like they’re on a permanent holiday after a move to Hawaii from the mainland.

Moving to Hawaii won’t be anything like a regular cross country move. While you can bring hand luggage with you, the rest of your items need to be shipped across the ocean. A logistical challenge like this means you’re going to need professional assistance. You should make sure you only get the best cross country movers in Hawaii, which are not easy to find just by yourself. Make sure you contact professionals who can help you identify what kind of service suits you best. They will help you find the best company for your move.


After your items reach Hawaii, interstate movers in Honolulu will take it from there. The city is Hawaii’s capital and the main hub for all transit and transport. Both your plane and the ship carrying your items will arrive here. However, if you didn’t plan to settle in the capital, you’ll need some more help. As Hawaii is constituted of many islands, transporting your items to your doorstep will take professional equipment.


While Honolulu is one of the most popular locations to move to in Hawaii, it may not fit everyone. Lack of physical space and scarcity of real estate impact the price of buying or renting a home. As the prices are much higher than the national average, many people decide to move further away from the capital. You won’t find cheap homes in Hawaii, but some spots are more affordable than others. For instance, Hilo may be a great alternative to Honolulu. Unlike the archipelago’s capital, Hilo features more nature instead of urban districts. You can find waterfalls and beautiful beaches in your vicinity which is why many people come here. If your mind is set on this place, we can help you find some of the best Hilo interstate movers.

East Honolulu

hawaii beach and palm trees
There is plenty of natural beauty to enjoy in Hawaii, and beaches are only some of them.

Another great place to move to in Hawaii is East Honolulu. While you won’t find a place without a beautiful beach nearby, East Honolulu is also popular for other things. Many people enjoy hiking and spending time outdoors here, making it a great spot for those who want to get away from urban areas. If you think this is the place to start your next chapter, some of the East Honolulu cross country movers under our scope might help you out. Note that being further away from the capital also means moving your items from the harbour to your doorstep.


This place has a great mixture of natural beauty and commercial zones. Kailua is set on the shore in the Kailua Bay with a long beautiful beach along its coast. The more urban part of Kailua is set more inland on the sides of Kailua Road where you can find commercial zones. The population numbers varied in the past decade, but they’ve seen a rise in the recent period. You shouldn’t attempt to move here without the help of cross country movers in Kailua. They will make sure everything reaches your doorstep without any delays.

What to expect after a move to Hawaii from the mainland?

Life in Hawaii can be dreamlike but it may not be for everyone. The cost of living, for example, is much higher than the national average. However, different places offer different opportunities and you might find something that just fits you well enough. While the limited real estate reflects in their high price, you won’t find such beautiful nature anywhere else in the US. That’s why many people consider it alright to downsize when moving to Hawaii because of everything else they get in turn.

Another thing that impacts high prices in Hawaii is a heavy touristic focus. Many people dream of visiting at least once, and the prices follow the demand. There’s also a good side to this, as there are many great places where you can taste local or international cuisine. The intense market keeps dining places of top quality which you’ll appreciate when having a night out with family or friends.

food truck by the road on hawaii
You can enjoy local cuisine in Hawaii, but there’s no lack of international places either.

Finally, amenities in Hawaii are what makes life here feel like a permanent holiday. You can hike inland or enjoy some of the amazing beaches along some of the many Hawaiian islands.

Education opportunities after a move to Hawaii from the mainland

Contrary to the popular belief, Hawaii has all the important residential facilities and institutions for healthcare and education. However, Hawaii doesn’t rank very well on the national rankings when it comes to the educational system. That’s why moving here with kids might need some rethinking. While the Aloha State doesn’t excel in education as a whole, that doesn’t mean that there aren’t good opportunities here. The public education system ranks poorly, but some private schools and colleges offer a decent education. That doesn’t mean you should call off your move to Hawaii from the mainland, but just make sure you pick the place that fits every member of your family.

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