How to Move Large and Heavy Items

You can find at least one heavy and oversized item in every house. When you are moving, there is always a question if you can move large and heavy items to your new home. If this is the case, you must be ready to put in a lot of effort. Not being a trained professional mover increases the risk of injury while lifting large goods. To prevent injury, heavy things must be lifted carefully. Best Cross Country Movers is here to provide some of the best recommendations to help you efficiently transport heavy items.

Consider hiring a moving company when moving

Hiring a moving company can be essential if you want to reduce the physical strain of moving. Although hiring movers is an added price, many individuals feel that it is well worth it to save stress on a moving day. With that being said, the best interstate moving companies Texas can help you move with ease. This, of course, works only if your move involves Texas. But even if you’re not moving in the Lone Star State, on our platform, you can find professionals from any state in the US. Another thing to keep in mind is that the relocation distance and preferred service level can impact the final cost. Choosing a certified and insured moving company can benefit you and your family.

A white moving company 's van close up shot.
The services of a moving company are based on the specifics of your move and your personal preferences.

Even though there are numerous advantages to hiring a professional moving company, some still choose to make a move themselves. Also, using the services of a moving company depends on your specific situation and personal preferences.

Moving large and heavy items

Proper planning and preparation can make the process much smoother and more manageable. Taking the time to assess the weight and size of the item, gather necessary equipment, and enlist the help of others can go a long way in ensuring a safe and successful move. Protecting the item and your surroundings and wearing appropriate clothing and footwear can help prevent injury or damage. Listed below are a few factors to consider:

  • Create an efficient plan
  • Have all the tools you’ll need
  • Keep the object and its surroundings safe
  • Put on proper clothes and footwear

Create an efficient plan

Moving heavy objects requires more than just physical strength. Move large and heavy items effortlessly and without hassle. Smartness is crucial for a DIY move, although physical strength is significant.  It is essential to develop a strategic plan. Evaluating the bulky objects that require relocation is crucial to achieving this task. For optimal weight distribution, placing heavier items toward the back and sides of the truck is recommended. This especially goes for long relocations, for example from Arkansas to the West Coast. If you are not sure if you can manage this, hiring cross country movers Arkansas would be the best option for you.

It is essential to measure the dimensions of doors, hallways, and stairways before moving any bulky items to ensure they can be safely transported through the passageways to and from the moving truck.

Have all the tools you’ll need

It is crucial to have appropriate moving materials when transporting bulky items to guarantee your and your belongings’ safety. Furniture trolleys are essential for effortless and efficient moving, reducing the burden on you or your movers. In addition, a variety of equipment and tools are available to help in the moving process, such as lifting straps, stair rollers, and plastic gliders. Consider using a rug, blanket, or thick sheet as a gliding surface to prevent floor damage while moving heavy items.

Moving company personnel with a trolley that helps to move large and heavy items.
When moving large items, it is important to have the necessary moving materials to ensure both your safety and the safety of the items you are transferring.

Keep the object and its surroundings safe

Even when you move extremely cautiously, incidents can happen that lead to you dropping the object you’re holding or slamming it into the wall. If you’re moving from, say, California and you’re afraid that this could happen, opt for cross country movers California and keep the surroundings and objects safe. Your item could suffer from damage, dents, and scratches. It is essential to have a protective cover for the items you are carrying. Protect your items with blankets, moving pads, or bubble wrap. Ensure the surface is securely fastened around the object and will not slide during transportation.

Put on proper clothes and footwear

It’s important to remember that proper clothing and footwear are crucial to ensuring safety and comfort when moving. Opt for clothes that allow for ease of movement and won’t get caught on anything, and choose sturdy, closed-toe shoes with good traction to avoid slips and falls. Too tight or restrictive clothing can limit mobility, while loose clothing may become caught or entangled during the move. Wearing comfortable and flexible clothing can make moving around and lifting objects easier, while supportive shoes can provide the necessary grip and traction to prevent slips and fall.

Usual lifting issues

Despite everyone’s best intentions, accidents involving heavy lifting are surprisingly prevalent. The following are the most prevalent lifting issues:

  • Using your back to lift
  • Carrying a hefty object over your head
  • Lifting anything that is overly big
  • Carrying something when you’re exhausted or wounded to do so safely
  • Using just part of your hand
A couple lifting large white sofa.
Heavy-lifting incidents often occur despite everyone’s best efforts to safely move large and heavy items.

The proper way to carry heavier items up and down the stairs

During a DIY move, always keep your belongings safe. It’s not a good idea to carry oversized items up and down the stairs without help. This requires a minimum of two workers. You can get creative by using a couple of wooden planks and laying them on the steps while covering them with a blanket.

A dolly can help transport large items up and down the stairs. Ensure the person at the dolly’s base can hold it in place so the load doesn’t slip off. Dollies specifically built to go up and down stairs are also available.

Consider these recommendations and move large and heavy items more easily

If you plan and get the right help, you can avoid many headaches and mishaps. Whether you choose to rope in some pals or splurge on professional movers, safety should be your number one priority. Find out how to move large and heavy items. Remember, moving heavy stuff isn’t just about muscles – it’s about technique too.

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