How to let go of sentimental clutter when moving

Even if you’ve never heard the term “sentimental clutter” before, you probably have one in your home. Just find items that you have given sentimental value to, but which you don’t need or use. Of all the habits that make people cling to clutter, emotional attachment to gifts, mementos, and items is one of the hardest and most difficult to overcome. But as difficult as it is to let go of sentimental clutter when moving with long distance movers Columbia SC, you don’t have to keep all the greeting cards, paper drink umbrellas, and bridesmaid dresses that you accumulate throughout your life.

Here are 10 ways to let go of sentimental clutter when moving

Determine what is worth keeping

When evaluating an item, ask yourself: what exactly am I sentimental about? Most likely, the point is not in the object itself, but in its association with a person, place, or time. You will retain this memory without a physical object to remind you. However, if you really love the object itself, then it is not clutter.

Don’t let gifts become a burden

Many people hold on to gifts because they think the giver will be expecting to see them when they visit. In reality, the giver may not expect this — and even if he does, the expectation is unfair. The gift is yours to do whatever you want with it.

Get rid of the guilt

People often keep items not out of love or nostalgia, but out of guilt. And feeling guilty is a completely useless emotion. Don’t give in to guilt while evaluating sentimental clutter. You may feel bad about a situation or relationship, but you won’t fix it by keeping your great-uncle’s terrible lamp.

Woman feeling guilty
When trying to let go of sentimental clutter when moving, guilt is the last thing you need

Save virtual memory

When it comes to documents or photographs, scan and save them. Of course, carefully back up them, not pack them in boxes. You can also virtually save 3D objects. You won’t need all of your kids ‘old toys if you have pictures of them playing. And you can take pictures of your grandparents’ furniture to remember what it looks like without physically storing chairs and tables that you will never use.

Donate important items

If you received a collection of documents and photographs after a relative’s death, you may feel obligated to treat it with special respect, even if you don’t want to. Depending on who this person was, when and where he lived, the collection may be of value to an archive or a local history museum. Don’t just dump the clutter on an unsuspecting organization, but research to see if they welcome such items. And if they don’t need it, you can try to recycle the item if possible.

Remake, repurpose, rework

To maintain a bond with an unusable item, create something new that retains its sentimental value. A stone from an obsolete ring can be turned into a strap that suits you best. And a board from a dresser that can’t fit in your apartment can be turned into a floating shelf.

Christmas decoration
Small figurines can always be transformed in cute Christmas decoration

We hope these ideas will help you let go of sentimental clutter when moving your home. The fewer items you have, the less time you will need to move with one of the cross country moving companies. Truth be told, when you focus on the memories emanating from those items and letting go of the items themselves, you leave room for growth. You leave room for other sentimental things, and better yet, you live in the present, not the past.

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