How to compare commercial moving companies?

Moving your whole life from one place to the other is tough. It can be stressful, frustrating and overwhelming if you decide to do it by yourself. But, it doesn’t have to be this way! If you hire a reliable moving company, your move will be over as fast as counting to three. Sounds good? So, hiring a moving company could help. But, when it comes to picking the best moving company, you’ll need to make the decision slowly and carefully. In order to have a successful relocation and avoid any moving scam, learn how to find and compare commercial moving companies.

Narrow down your choices

If you want to compare commercial moving companies, you’ll need to narrow down your choices. This is because comparing five or ten companies takes a lot of time. And most of us don’t have the time and the will to spend that much time on comparing something. So, in order to be efficient, make a list of top three moving companies and learn how to compare them.

Get your laptop ready to compare commercial moving companies

Living in the 21st century gives us a chance to check a lot of different information online. We can do it fast while sitting in our favorite chair. Step one to comparing moving companies is to look them up online. This is the easiest task, but be focused when you’re googling your top three moving companies. You’ll need to do two types of researches.

Cup of coffee next to the laptop.
If you want to compare commercial moving companies know that almost all information can be found online. Make some coffee and find them.

Look at the moving company’s website and check their info

Always search for the company’s website or profile on a popular social media networks. Almost every business can be found online. Thus, you’ll probably find your top three moving companies, too. For example, type in interstate movers Tampa and see if you can find them online. Look at the provided pieces of information and check them. Make sure that the address and phone numbers are valid. If any of your top three choices don’t have a working phone or their address is missing, disregard them.

Read ratings and reviews of other customers

While you’re still online, look for the customers’ opinions. Reading reviews of the people who have already used the service in which you are interested can be helpful. This way you’ll know if something went wrong during the move, or if anything went missing. This is a great way for you to avoid moving scams!

Close up of a hand giving a 5 star rating.
Trust other people’s ratings and reviews. It will help you in avoiding moving scams.

Ask for a license number

Now, let’s learn how to protect yourself from moving frauds. Every moving company needs to have a license. If they don’t have one, know that they aren’t operating legally. The information about the license can be easily found just by checking their license number online. Every moving company that has a legal business will have a USDOT number. So, if a moving company claims they have a license, make sure to ask them to give you their license number. Having a license means these companies will also have some kind of insurance, too. The conclusion is to stay away from moving companies that don’t have a license.

Woman working on a laptop.
Every licensed moving company has a USDOT number. Check it up online.

Find out if there are any other additional services…

If you have a piano in your home, or a pool table, you’ll need help with your move. Thus, you’ll need to ask for additional moving services. Keep in mind that not all of the moving companies have these services. Also, they can differ from one company to the other. So, in order to find a moving company that suits your needs, inform yourself about additional services. They can include:

  • Packing
  • Unpacking
  • Dealing with heavy and bulky furniture
  • Moving fragile items safely
  • Pool table moving
  • Piano moving, and so on.

And don’t forget about hidden fees

Keep in mind that these additional services are usually not free. When choosing your number one moving company, ask about hidden fees. Make sure you know the exact cost of your move if you don’t want to be surprised once you see the bill. If you are preparing for a long distance move in Florida, you’ll need to find Miami long distance moving companies, but be careful. Your moving price will change according to the distance of your move. Make sure you do the calculation of the distance by yourself and compare it to the one that is calculated by your movers.

Close up of a hand with a credit card.
Watch out for hidden fees! If you don’t prepare yourself for possible hidden fees, you’ll end up paying more than planned for your move.

Ask for an estimate

Last but not least when you want to compare commercial moving companies is to ask for an estimate, and then compare them. Once you have an estimate in your hands you’ll know how much will your interstate move cost. There are two types of estimates:

  • A binding estimate,
  • and a non-binding estimate.

Always go with the company that is willing to give you a binding estimate. With the binding estimate, you’ll know the exact price of your move, and all of the fees will be included in it. This is not the case with the non-binding estimate. Also, don’t settle with estimates that are made through a phone. Ask for an in-house estimator that will stop by your home.

Watch out for the possible red flags

Learning how to compare commercial moving companies isn’t hard. But what is hard is to recognize possible red flags. Recognizing red flags will keep you away from moving frauds and will give you a chance to find true professionals that will keep your belongings safe. If you notice anything strange about some moving company, don’t hire them. Always trust your gut. Sometimes you’ll be wrong, but sometimes you’ll be right. The chances are 50-50. But you know what they say – better safe than sorry!

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